Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! It’s me, Emily. Yep. The red-haired, British girl in the cool top. There’s me, waving!


So, what exactly are we celebrating today? The awesome fireworks, delicious food, or great weather? Nope! Americans across the nation are celebrating their independence from Great Britain. Which, as a matter of fact, is where I’m from! So why am I writing this post?


My sisters thought it would be cool if we had a Fourth of July post from a British girl’s perspective. I wasn’t sure, but they managed to talk me into it. Anyways, here goes!


I hope I’m not being disloyal to my birth country or anything, but we were being a tad bit unfair to the colonists. After all, we were charging them way too much for their tea, stamps, and whatnot, especially when they still considered themselves British citizens. No taxation without representation, right? But it’s all behind us now, and Britain and America are allies! BFFs. Best chums. Loyal mates. Whatever you want to call it.


And I have six awesome American sisters! We’re having an epic party today. The neighbors have even called to complain about us keeping our voices down. Later tonight, we’re going to see some fireworks!


What are you lot doing for the Fourth of July? Tell us below in the comments! (And whose outfit do you like the most? We’re having a friendly 🙂 competition.)


Happy Fourth!


Emily & AGs in Alaska


5 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. My Molly likes your Molly’s outfit – because she has one just like it, and loves it! It makes her feel special and she likes to make noise with the tap shoes.


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