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Thoughts on Z

As you doll lovers might have heard, there’s a new doll on the American Girl horizon – Z Yang. And I’m here to tell you exactly. What. I. Think.

About her:

Z is a contemporary character who loves stopmotions and filmmaking. I think this is really cool, especially since AG doll stopmotions are more popular than ever right now. AG even released a series of videos a while back that were stopmotions – about Z teaching you how to make a stopmotion! It was really cool and informative. Z’s full name is Suzanne Yang.



Z has a very unique appearance. I love that she’s Asian, especially since AG doesn’t have any other contemporary Asian characters. Z’s eyes are a pretty brown and she has pigtails in her meet outfit. Her hair is dark brown. She also has an adorable beauty mark on her cheek!


The meet outfit Z comes in is really cool – totally something I would wear. The shirt is purple and has a camera on it, with the word “smile.” She has on a gray skirt, much like McKenna’s (Girl Of The Year 2012) in her school outfit. Her leggings are indigo and she has gold sparkly shoes.


Z’s accessories include orange glasses, an orange scarf, a white jean jacket, and a purple and orange hat with some pins in the corner.


Z’s collection is SUPER cute. She has filming accessories, two really sweet and unique addition outfits, an awesome desk set, a scooter, and a dalmatian named Popcorn! Her meet outfit is also available for girls. No pajamas (yet), unfortunately.



Z’s book is called The Real Z by Jen Calonita, and I hear her next book is soon to be released.



I like everything about Z! She’s a really fun doll, probably one of the most unique ones in AG history.

I’m thinking of doing an opinions on Gabriella McBride next. What do you think?

-AGs in Alaska-