Heritage Doll Fashion’s Drawstring Dress + Who Wore it Best?

Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! How was your week? Mine was great! I’m super excited to be posting today because I get to showcase this dress. And what better way to do that then a Who Wore it Best? competition?

In case you don’t know, Who Wore it Best? is where you put the same outfit on a few different models, and you get to vote on who you think looks best in the outfit. It’s going to be extra fun because I made the dress that Morgan, McKenna, and Emily will be modeling. It’s a Heritage Doll Fashion pattern that is free on this website. It’s super simple to use for someone who has never sewed clothes before. My mom helped me and it was a breeze. If you want to try your hand at sewing doll clothes, I recommend this pattern.

Now it’s time for the pictures!


Please comment below on what doll you think looks best in the dress by September 4. BTW, Emily is at the top, Morgan is in the middle, and McKenna is at the bottom.

See you soon!

-AGs in Alaska-


The Liebster Award, Version #2

Okay . . .

You may recall this this post back in July. It was when I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the awe-som-e Rebekah from Stuffie Adventures. It was really sweet of her, and now I’m being nominated again by Avaroo2003 from Ava’s Pokemon Blog! Thanks so much, Ava! You probably remember this post, when I did a promotion for her blog. Check it out if you like Pokémon! Ava is amazing! 🙂

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

  1. Recognize the blogger that nominated you
  2. Answer all the questions that the blogger asked you on your website
  3. Nominate 5 – 11 other bloggers and tell them that you nominated them
  4. And create 11 new questions for your nominees!

Ava is asking these questions:

  1. Do you like Pokémon? If so, which one is your favorite? (For those with Pokémon blogs, you are excused from the first half of this question)
  2. What do you do in your spare time?
  3. Do you play any instruments?
  4. If you could visit any country with every expense paid, which one would it be?
  5. Why do you blog?
  6. Why did you start blogging?
  7. Will you ever stop blogging?
  8. If you had to eat one food only, for one entire month, what would the food be?
  9. Do you like math?
  10. Do you like art?
  11. Who will you nominate?

Here are my answers:

  1. Yes, I like Pokémon. My favorite is Ninetails.
  2. In my spare time, I read, write, and blog. And watch YouTube, much to my mother’s dismay.
  3. I play the piano (and I love singing, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it).
  4. France. Francefrancefrancefrancefrance. More specifically, Paris! I already speak French.
  5. I blog because I want to. Just kidding. I blog to share my AG ideas with other doll lovers!
  6. I started blogging for a journalism assignment. This is actually not my first blog, but I finished my last blog and missed blogging so I started a new one.
  7. Probably, when I go to college.
  8. French toast. Although that is a combination of foods . . . in not French toast, then watermelon.
  9. No. I HATE math.
  10. No, not really. It’s a frustrating subject for me as I am not naturally gifted in art and everything I drew looks weird.
  11. I will nominate . . .

These people!

Dolly sisters @ agdollysisters.blogspot.com

Mya @ aglane123.wordpress.com

June and Ginny @ smalltownamericangirlz.blogspot.com

My @ amongthedolls.com

Sara @ thesparkledollies.wordpress.com

Here are questions I have for them:

  1. Do you like camping?
  2. Have you ever been ziplining?
  3. Are you afraid of dogs?
  4. Pancakes or French toast?
  5. Do you speak a foreign language?
  6. Have you ever visited Alaska?
  7. How many dolls do you have?
  8. What doll would you like to have?
  9. Do you like Gabriella McBride (GOTY 2017)?
  10. What is your favorite book?

That’s all for now! See ya later!

-AGs in Alaska-

Happy Birthday, Molly!!!

Hey everyone! It’s Crystal, Lindsey, McKenna, Morgan, Emily, and Grace! We’re here with a very special happy-birthday post for our sister, Molly, who’s turning twelve.

(Crystal) That’s right! In fact, we composed a very special birthday song in her honor. Hit it, everyone!

Molly, Molly, Olly Molly

Happy birthday to you

Molly, Molly, gosh and golly

Happy birthday to you

Molly, Molly, tra-lah-lah-ly

Happy birthday to you!

(Grace) Happy birthday, Molly!

(Lindsey) We love you so much!

(McKenna) We can’t wait to see what this year brings for you!

(All) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂Parmesan Cheese

Less Posting? What?

Hey guys, this is just my post to let you know that I’m going to be posting less. For multiple reasons, actually.

  1. I’m pretty sure you guys are getting tired of me, and I’ve only been blogging for three months.
  2. School is starting, and I’m going to be very busy.
  3. Blogging is taking up a lot of time.
  4. My mom gets mad when I’m on the computer a lot, so I need to spend more time doing other things.

So yeah. Here is my posting schedule:

New newPost

This is excepting special occasions, like doll birthdays, holidays, and breaking news. For example, Molly’s birthday is on Friday and there will be a post, even though it’s not on a Monday or a Thursday.

So you’ll be seeing a lot less of me! Probably a relief, though . . .

-AGs in Alaska-

Stuffie Adventure’s #DollyPhotoFunia Challenge

Hey everybody! The cool stuffies over at Stuffie Adventures (www.stuffieadventures.wordpress.com) have this awesome new challenge. Here it is:

  • Go to PhotoFunia and choose up to 20 effects, putting in pictures of your doll(s).
  • Download these pictures and put them in a post, just like we did!
  • Include the Dolly PhotoFunia logo and the hashtag #DollyPhotoFunia
  • When you’re done, publish the post and comment below giving us a link so we can check it out! We’ll update this post and put your blog name and the link to your post, in a list with other people’s challenge entries. 🙂
  • Your deadline is August 25.

PhotoFunia is AWESOME! I was kind of confused at first, but it’s kind of like Snapchat (I don’t do Snapchat, BTW) because you use filters with your own pictures. I’m entering, and here are my pictures!


Grace by Leonardo da Vinci. Just kidding!


I LOVE this one!!!


Grace is a movie star.


Just a doll on a playing card . . . nothing to see here . . . 🙂

PhotoFunia Crystal Warhol

PhotoFunia Crystal City Centre

PhotoFunia Crystal Vladimir Putin

PhotoFunia Grace Art on the Brick Wall

Um . . .

PhotoFunia Crystal Weather

Crystal! Get OUT of the rain!!!

PhotoFunia Crystal Heart Locket


PhotoFunia Keep Calm and Love American Girls

SO true. 🙂

PhotoFunia is soooo awesome – but addictive. So proceed with caution.

If you want to do this, go right ahead! But please follow the rules above. Also, the pictures do not have to be doll-themed. You can use other pictures if you want.

HAVE FUN!!! (I don’t know what is with me today. I have commented on other people’s blogs a lot with all caps. Sorry!)

-AGs in Alaska-

Thoughts on Nanea

Last spring, American Girl divulged that they would be released several dolls this year. That was when Tenney, Logan, Felicity (yay!), and Z came out. They also said that in the fall they would be releasing Nanea (nah-NAY-ah) Mitchell. And when I checked the AG website last night, Nanea was on the front page. And now I’m going to share with you my opinions about her.

About her:

Nanea is growing up in the 1940’s, same as Molly, one of AG’s retired characters. However, Nanea is Hawaiian (hello, Kanani) and is there when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. I think it’s great that AG is giving a different World War II perspective, but I feel like Nanea is a copy of Kanani. 😦 Nanea is kind-hearted and likes to help those in need.


Nanea has big hazel eyes, wavy brown hair, and tanned skin. She’s a very cute doll, cuter than Kanani, actually.


Nanea arrives in an orangey-red blouse with an island graphic. She wears white sailor shorts with blue buttons on the sides and sandals with crisscross straps. She also comes with a faux Hawaiian flower clip in her hair. I don’t care for her outfit, but that’s just me.


Nanea’s accessories include a speckled-blue shell necklace, a cloth handbag, an envelope and letter from her friend, faux money, a fabric ID pouch she made herself, and a government-issued ID card. I think her accessories are cute and very fitting for her time period.


Nanea’s collection is very Hawaiian-flower themed. She has a school outfit, PJs (yay! Z has no PJs, if you will remember), an ADORABLE dog named Mele, a pet set for Mele, a bed with a Hawaiian flower quilt, Nanea’s family market set, a hula outfit, hula implements, a holoku dress, her school lunch, her swimsuit, and her island fishing set. Since I’m not much into flowers or Hawaiian-print anything, I don’t like her outfits very much, but her dog and lunch set and SO CUTE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Nanea has three books, Growing Up with Aloha, Hula for the Home Front, and Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea. I haven’t read them but I will for sure.


People can purchase $1, $5, and $10 dollar donations for the American Red Cross. Additionally, there is a Nanea mini doll. I think AG could have picked a better organization to donate to, as only a small percentage of every dollar donated to the Red Cross actually gets used for helping others in need. The Red Cross will tell you that they use 91% of every dollar donated towards helping others, but that’s not true at all. It’s more like 17%. The Red Cross just happens to be a very well-known organization, and I’m sure that’s why AG picked it. The Salvation Army is a much, much, much better place to donate money too. However, that’s just my opinion, and if you want to donate, go right ahead.

Also, sorry that there are no pictures of Nanea in this post! The American Girl website isn’t working and you can only see recommended items and items from Nanea’s page, but when you click on the individual items, it doesn’t show a picture. 😦 When they get it working, I’ll add in pictures.

-AGs in Alaska-

The Great Solar Eclipse Photostory

It’s August 21, 2017. An ordinary Monday, but then again, not really. Today is the day that the first total solar eclipse from coast-to-coast in the United States since 1979 will be happening. And the next one is in just seven years, which is very soon, considering total solar eclipses are usually far apart.

Lindsey and I are going to be viewing the eclipse from our neighborhood park. We won’t be able to see the entire eclipse, since we’re in Alaska, but we’ll be able to see part of it. The moon will come in from the right, cover the right side, then cover the bottom, and then  sink before covering the left side. Like this:

canvas 2

And with our special glasses, we’ll be able to look directly at the sun! But not for more than a minute at a time – we have to rest our eyes so they don’t get damaged.


In addition to loving animals, I’m also interested in the solar system and eclipses and the stars and things like that. This is a big day for me.

“The eclipse should be starting any minute now,” Lindsey tells me. “I guess we can put our glasses on.”


I slip mine over my glasses and look up at the sun. The moon isn’t covering it yet, so it just looks like a bright, round ball up in the sky. I avert my eyes so they don’t get hurt. I don’t want to spend too much time looking up at the sun when the eclipse isn’t even happening here yet.


A couple minutes later, Lindsey and I look back up. I gasp.


I can see the edge of the moon covering the sun!

“Wow!” Lindsey shrieks. That’s awesome!

IMG_2662 2

Chocolate Chip barks up at the sky. Lindsey and I grin at each other and laugh.

IMG_2663 2

IMG_2664 2

After resting our eyes again, we look back up. Even more of the moon is covering the sun, making the sun look like the moon at night, like roles were reversed.

“That is so cool,” I say. I’ll never forget this day, or the amazing eclipse. Seven years from now, I’ll look up at the next total eclipse and remember this one.


Half an hour goes by, with Lindsey and I periodically checking the sun. It’s now at its peak for Alaska. The right side is almost completely covered.

Another hour later, I sigh regretfully as the moon slips under the sun, revealing the glowing ball of bright gas. “It’s over.”


“Yeah, but don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened,” Lindsey reminds me, quoting Dr. Seuss. “And you were smiling a lot.”


This makes me grin. Lindsey and I start packing up our stuff.

IMG_2669 2

“Hey, Lindsey,” I say. “Do you want to watch the next eclipse with me?”


Lindsey laughs. “It’s not for seven years!”

IMG_2671 2

“I know,” I say. “But do you?”

IMG_2672 2

Lindsey doesn’t hesitate. “Of course.”


And we head for home.

IMG_2675 2

How did you guys like that photostory? Unfortunately, it’s not as cool as I would like it to be, because a) I took the pictures with my mom’s iPad, b) it was raining,  c) I felt very pressured for time because I didn’t want to get the iPad very wet, and d) the dolls are wet in the pictures. So there you have it. I promise my next photostory will be better.

However, I’m glad my first one could be about such a memorable day. Did you guys watch the eclipse? If so, what was it like for you? It was too rainy here to see it, so we watched it on TV.

-AGs in Alaska-

Morgan’s Guide to Viewing the 8/21/17 Total Solar Eclipse

Hi, everybody! It’s me, Morgan. I bet y’all are excited for tomorrow, huh?


What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the total solar eclipse, sillies! It’s starting in 14 hours, after all! So I’m here to present you with Morgan’s Guide to Viewing the 8/21/17 Total Solar Eclipse.


  • Wear your official eclipse viewing glasses
  • Take breaks ever minute or so from looking at the sun
  • Use a special solar filter on your camera when taking pictures of the eclipse
  • Inspect all solar filters
  • Look away from the sun when taking your glasses off.


  • Use homemade eclipse viewing glasses or any sunglasses (even very dark ones) as they are not enough to protect your eyes
  • Stare directly at the sun with no glasses. Many people will go blind tomorrow from looking at the sun with no glasses. 😦 😦 😦
  • Look at the eclipse directly with no special glasses unless you are in the path of totality (where the moon will completely cover the sun) and the eclipse is at its peak.

That’s all I have for now! A cool new post is coming out tomorrow!

And BTW, AGs in Alaska is not responsible for any damage caused to you because of tips found on this blog. All information is from eclipse2017.nasa.gov.

If you want to learn more about eclipses, read Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass. It’s a fictional book, but has a lot of great information about eclipses. In fact, in the back of the book (published in 2009), it talked about the next total eclipse occurring on 8/21/17. I read Every Soul a Star a few years ago and thought it was cool that an eclipse was coming up – and now Lindsey and I have plans to go watch it tomorrow!


Looking for an AWESOME blog?

Hi everybody! My friend Ava over at Ava’s Pokémon Blog just posted that she has received 448 views this year and she wants to make it to 1,000. She asked in her post that we should spread the word, so Ava, I hope you don’t mind that I’m doing that here on my blog.

Here’s a bit about her blog:

  • It’s AWESOME!
  • It’s all about Pokémon, so if you like Pokémon, it’s the perfect blog for you.
  • The blog is about the ongoing adventures of some Pokémon characters.
  • Ava’s been working super hard on her blog for over two years, and she definitely deserves hundreds of subscribers, so go check it out!

That’s all for now, but a new post is coming out soon!

How many of you have started school yet? I’m starting on Monday.

-AGs in Alaska-


Name That Doll Results

Last week, I asked you guys to name this doll right here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.00.42 AM

Unlike my last Name That Doll contest, this doll is a Create Your Own instead of a TrulyMe. Also, instead of voting on pre-selected options, you got to come up with your own names.

Here’s the winner!

It’s Avaroo2003, with Melody! Congrats!

The second-place winner is Rebcake, with Lexie!

And our third-place winner is Dianne, with Jillian!

Thanks to everyone for their amazing name suggestions! Now, I have a question for you about future Name That Doll contests. Should I use Create Your Own dolls, or original TrulyMe’s?

-AGs in Alaska-