Review of Travel Seat For Dolls

Hi, y’all. I know I’m posting twice in one day, but I’ve been meaning to do a review of the Travel Seat for a while now, and AG’s Wondrous World’s review of the Recces Ready Outfit prompted me to do so. Here’s the review!

American Girl Travel Seat for Dolls

I’m going to start out with the good things about this item.

First, the idea of having a travel seat for dolls that attaches to suitcase handles is fantastic! I have seen girls in airports with their beloved dolls strapped into travel seats, and I think it’s super cute.


Um . . . that’s the only good thing.

I own this product, and I have to say that’s it’s of terrible quality. I only used the seat once before the flaps that attach it to the suitcase ripped off of the back of the seat, making it completely unusable.

Also, the doll can easily fall out of the seat, which is super embarrassing when you’re boarding an airplane. But that never *Cough, cough* happened to me, of course.

So this is basically a warning to NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I’m very unimpressed with it, especially because it costs $30. And I used my own money to buy it.

Of course, if you’re looking to attract attention in an airport, having a doll riding on your car seat is a great way to get it. *Wink, wink* 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sorry for the negative review, but I feel it’s my duty to my fellow AG lovers to warn them about this AG item. Never have I seen such poor quality! I hope my next review will be better.

-AGs in Alaska-


Create Your Own Released + Name That Doll!

Hi! My last post was about Create Your Own dolls, American Girl’s new type of doll. They’re a lot like TrulyMe dolls, except you can customize the doll exactly the way you want her, from eye color to hair color to skin tone and even face shape!

Create Your Own were released yesterday and I went online to the American Girl doll website and created my own doll. This is what she looks like:



Isn’t she cute? I’m not actually going to be getting her, considering I already have a doll (Crystal) who looks almost exactly like me already, and I cannot justify the $200 price of buying a Create Your Own. But I l-o-v-e the idea!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Are any of you guys going to be getting Create Your Own dolls?

I decided that this doll needs a name – and what better way to do that than a Name That Doll contest?

This time, you guys get to come up with your own names instead of voting. Post your name ideas in the description, and on August 16th I’ll pick the name I like best. Winner gets bragging rights! So what are you still waiting for? I want ideas!!!

-AGs in Alaska-