Name That Doll Results

Last week, I asked you guys to name this doll right here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.00.42 AM

Unlike my last Name That Doll contest, this doll is a Create Your Own instead of a TrulyMe. Also, instead of voting on pre-selected options, you got to come up with your own names.

Here’s the winner!

It’s Avaroo2003, with Melody! Congrats!

The second-place winner is Rebcake, with Lexie!

And our third-place winner is Dianne, with Jillian!

Thanks to everyone for their amazing name suggestions! Now, I have a question for you about future Name That Doll contests. Should I use Create Your Own dolls, or original TrulyMe’s?

-AGs in Alaska-