Less Posting? What?

Hey guys, this is just my post to let you know that I’m going to be posting less. For multiple reasons, actually.

  1. I’m pretty sure you guys are getting tired of me, and I’ve only been blogging for three months.
  2. School is starting, and I’m going to be very busy.
  3. Blogging is taking up a lot of time.
  4. My mom gets mad when I’m on the computer a lot, so I need to spend more time doing other things.

So yeah. Here is my posting schedule:

New newPost

This is excepting special occasions, like doll birthdays, holidays, and breaking news. For example, Molly’s birthday is on Friday and there will be a post, even though it’s not on a Monday or a Thursday.

So you’ll be seeing a lot less of me! Probably a relief, though . . .

-AGs in Alaska-