Thoughts on Gabriela

Okay, okay, I know. Gabriela will only be Girl of The Year for four more months! What’s with the late review?!?! HOWever, I could not let 2017 go by (hello, New Year’s!) without doing a GOTY thoughts post. Instead of earlier thoughts posts, this post will only have my opinions, instead of reviews on Gabriela’s entire collection. Without further ado, here’s what I think about ‘er!

Quick disclaimer: These are my opinions and my thoughts. I am not saying that everyone will agree, nor do I expect everyone to agree. Now, why am I putting a disclaimer is this particular thought post? Well, you’ll see.


Thoughts on Gabriela

Good things:

Gabriela McBride is a young girl growing up in modern times, just like all of the other GOTYs. (BTW, a GOTY is a Girl of The Year, in case you didn’t get the memo.) I love that she’s African-American, especially since other GOTYs haven’t ever been African-American. Her hair is amazing, super cute, and totally unique to her look.

And that’s about all for the good things.

Bad things:

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. AG has been running out of GOTY ideas. I totally don’t get it! AG is super creative with their contemporary and BeForever dolls, but when it comes to GOTY, they’re totally drawing blanks. Gabriela, to me, is a combination of McKenna (GOTY 2012), Saige (GOTY 2013), Isabelle (GOTY 2014), and Melody (BeForever from the ’60s). Why? Well, Gabriela likes to write poems, just like McKenna. She’s an artist, just like Saige. She likes to dance, just like Isabelle. And she likes to sing, just like Melody.

American Girl seriously needs to branch out. Can’t we have a doll who likes to write books or has a blog? One who is into STEM? Ooh, what about a GOTY who likes rollerblading? Really. I feel like AG is stuck in a never-ending cycle of artist. Dancer. Singer. There are SOOOOOOO many other ideas for GOTYs that American Girl could use. Sorry to be so negative, but it’s true! Besides, artist/dancer/singer is kind of a girly-girl stereotype. I mean, I love dancing and singing, but I like other things that aren’t so girly-girl too! I’m hoping GOTY 2018 will like something other than dancing, singing, or art.

I’m super sorry if those are things you are obsessed with. Like I said, I love dancing and singing (I suck at art), but re-al-ly? AG, it’s time to change it up a bit.

Gabriela’s hobbies aren’t the only things I don’t like about her. Her meet outfit just isn’t that cute (love the headband, though), and I don’t particularly care for her pajamas. There’s so much glitter in her outfits, which is totally Isabelle from 2014. The only thing of hers I actually like are her ottoman and her loft bed.

I was kind of disappointed that the GOTY for this year wasn’t very creatively done, and I’m hoping next year’s GOTY will be better. There are GOTY 2018 leaks all over the Internet, but most of them obviously aren’t true.

The picture of Gabriela is from

Thanks for reading!

-AGs in Alaska-


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Gabriela

  1. I was disappointed with the GOTY too. I liked hearing your opinion on the GOTY! I heard that the 2018 GOTY’s name is going to be Luciana Vega! The 2018 GOTY is supposed to study astronomy! I’m really excited about the GOTY 2018! I heard that after next year GOTY’s are going to end! Of course I don’t know if it’s true that they are going to end. Have a great day!

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  2. Hi AGsInAlaska! I love your blog! I totally agree with you about Gabriela. She’s just so…..meh. She’s not eye-catching or unique, her books bored me to tears, and her clothing is not especially nice, either. And about the chair, you can get almost exactly the same thing for $10 at Walmart from My Life As.
    However, I am SUPER excited for GOTY 2018! Her name IS definitely Luciana, and she IS definitely into STEM, especially space/rockets/astronomy.
    BTW, my favorite doll of yours is totally Lindsey. She’s so cute.

    Have a great day, and keep up your amazing blogging work!!


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    1. Hey Natalie! Thanks for following my blog! Wow, I didn’t know that I could get her chair at Walmart. Interesting. I am excited for Luciana to come out. Have a good day too!

      -AGs in Alaska-


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