Review of TrulyMe #55

Happy Thursday! Wow, the weekend is almost in sight! I’m sure by now all of you have started school, and I hope that’s going well.

For today’s post, I’m doing a review on TrulyMe #55. I own this doll (I call her Morgan), and she is my absolute favorite AG doll ever (I think). I have almost no complaints whatsoever. If you’re looking into buying this doll, please read my review first. The picture is from the AG website (



This is what TrulyMe #55 looks like.

Hair: Love the hair. It’s gorgeous and silky-smooth – unless your #55 is several years old and her hair is totally frizzy by now. I’m considering shipping Morgan off to the AG doll hospital to get rewigged, since I really miss her lovely locks. When her hair is like new, the doll practically glows!

Eyes: Beautiful eyes. They’re a gorgeous hazel color with flecks of green.

Freckles: SOOOOO cute!!! TrulyMe #55 looks adorable with her cute freckles. I don’t even have to words for how sweet they are.

Skin: Her skin is fair, like a lot of AG dolls. Nothing much to say about it.

Outfit: I don’t actually own the current TrulyMe outfit, I own the pink butterfly shirt/gray skirt outfit from last year. This outfit looks pretty cute, though.

Overall: As you can probably guess, Morgan is my favorite doll out of my seven AGs. She’s great quality and truly beautiful. If you’re considering getting a TrulyMe, I strongly encourage you to get TrulyMe #55. You won’t regret it!!!

Sorry for the short post, guys. I think I’ll do a photostory next week, unless I come up with a better idea. I have a pretty good plan for what it’ll be about. I think you guys will really like it!

-AGs in Alaska-