20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!


Oh my gosh, you guys, I just checked my email inbox and found out that two people subscribed to my blog today . . . sending me to 20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!

I am seriously super happy right now. Y’all are so nice to subscribe and read my blog, even though I am an inexperienced AG blogger. To celebrate, I made of list of why I love blogging and my blog friends!

My List of Why I Love AG Blogging

  • The AGBC (American Girl Blogger/Blogging Community) is INCREDIBLE. People are so nice in the comments and have nominated me for awards and oh my goodness, I was not expecting that AT ALL. In fact, my mom warned me that people may be mean in the comments. That has NOT happened (yet). Everyone is so friendly and wonderful!
  • I can post whatever AG ideas I want to and you guys don’t call me crazy. Again, y’all are so sweet!
  • Blogging is just simply . . . fun!!! Tags and nominations and chatting in the comments are the funnest (yes, that is a word) things about blogging.
  • I just realized this is a very short list, because I can’t put into words how blogging makes me feel!
  • So just thank you sooooo much!

On Thursday, I have a very cool post coming up, so stay tuned!

By the way, I’m sure some of you are wondering why my blog doesn’t have pictures in every post, like a lot of AG doll blogs do. That’s because I don’t currently have a camera to use. This is disappointing for me, because I love photography, but I’m hoping to get a camera I can use soon.

Thanks again for 20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

-AGs in Alaska-