The Dog Blog: Chocolate Chip

Morgan: Hey, everybody! What’s up? It’s Morgan here on the Dog Blog. The Dog Blog is a brand-new thing here on American Girls in Alaska. It’s where I interview the AGIA (new acronym for American Girls in Alaska) family dogs. I’m pleased to announce that the very first dog I’ll be interviewing is my own one. Please welcome . . . Chocolate Chip!

Chocolate Chip: Hi, friends!

Morgan: Chocolate Chip – or Chocolate, if I may call you that – how does it feel to be the very first dog interviewed on American Girls in Alaska?

Chocolate Chip: It’s an honor. I’m very pleased that I was selected.

Morgan: Chocolate Chip, lots of our readers here might not know much about you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Chocolate Chip: Of course, Morgan. My main love is helping my human friends – I’m trained as a service dog, as you can tell by the vest I wear. When I’m not helping, I like to play fetch in the backyard – for a yummy chicken-flavored treat, of course.

Morgan: Of course. Now, Chocolate, I promise I’ll keep this totally confidential from all the other dogs, but is there a particular friend you have in the AGIA family?

Chocolate Chip: If I had to pick, it would be Cooper, McKenna’s dog. All of the other dogs are so small, so I can’t play rough-and-tumble games without somebody – and it’s never me, of course – getting hurt. Cooper likes the same things I do: fetch, treats, and going for walks. We’re best buds.

Morgan: If you had to choose between walks and fetch, which one would it be?

Chocolate Chip: Fetch, of course. We Labrador Retrievers love running toward that flying green tennis ball, picking it up in our mouths, and racing back to our owners to be rewarded with a pat on the head, a “Good Boy!” and another chance to chase the ball.

Morgan: Now, Chocolate Chip, I know that this may be a strange question, but how would you describe your owner?

Chocolate Chip: You’re really fun to play with, and I love that you love me and all the other dogs so much. I really appreciate all the time you spent training me to be a service dog. But you do sometimes skimp on the treats.

Morgan: Now, Chocolate Chip . . .

(Chocolate Chip licks Morgan’s face)

Morgan: Okay, okay. Good boy. I love you too. That’s all we have for you today, folks. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Dog Blog.