The Dog Blog: Coconut

Morgan: Hi, everybody! I know, I know, it took me FOREVER to get back to you with a new dog blog interview. I sure I was really missed. Anywho, I’m back! This time around, I’m interviewing Coconut, who is Crystal’s West Highland terrier. Welcome to the show, Coconut!

Coconut: Hello, Morgan.

Morgan: I just love that Scottish accent, Coconut. It’s very dignified.

Coconut: Thank you, Morgan. I do so like to think so.

Morgan: Coconut, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about you. Can you tell us about yourself?

Coconut: Well, I was adopted by Crystal on Christmas six years ago, and I’ve been living the good life ever since. Frequent trips to the groomers, gourmet dog food, a cozy spot on the couch . . . I have it all.

Morgan: Is there an activity you really enjoy doing?

Coconut: I enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice with Crystal on the television. It’s a long-time favorite of ours.

Morgan: Can you describe yourself to our readers in a couple of words?

Coconut: Those would have to be “foodie” and “dignified.” I love gourmet dog food, especially if it’s barbecue chicken flavored. Oh, and feel free to send me Milkbones. I also like to think of myself as dignified because instead of playing rough-and-tumble games with Chocolate Chip and Cooper, I sit on the couch and watch the world go by. It’s much more fitting for a dog like me . . . plus, my hair is simply impossible for Crystal to comb out after rolling around in the dirt.

Morgan: Speaking of Chocolate Chip and Cooper, they’re the best of friends . . . oops, I wasn’t supposed to let that slip. Anyways, do you have a good canine friend in the AGIA family?

Coconut: Not particularly. My only real friend is Crystal. She appreciates my true need for love and a grooming brush.

Morgan: Crystal is the oldest girl in the AGIA family, and you’re the oldest dog, correct?

Coconut: That is accurate, Morgan.

Morgan: Is that a big responsibility? Do you like being the oldest?

Coconut: It doesn’t really matter to me, since the other dogs and I never really socialize unless we’re going for a walk together. But being the oldest does have it’s perks – I can bark at Yank and Bennett to get off the couch.

Morgan: A hierarchy, eh? Now, Coconut, you’ve mentioned that you enjoy going to the groomer’s. Does your fur require lots of work?

Coconut: It does indeed, Morgan. To keep it looking the way it does now, I have to visit Princella Paws, my groomer, at least once a week.

Morgan: Once a week? Sounds luxurious. Do you consider yourself spoiled?

Coconut: Spoiled? Of course not. I’m appreciated, like I should be. Crystal is very lucky to have me as her pet.

Morgan: One last question for you, Coconut. How do you feel about Crystal? Is she a good owner?

Coconut: She’s an excellent owner. She understands my unique and individual needs . . . well, she sometimes buys the cheap food instead of the gourmet, but I give her grace and overlook that. Everybody makes mistakes. Except for me, of course.

Morgan: Er, okay. Thank you for joining me today, Coconut. That’s all for the Dog Blog, folks. See you next time!



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