Alone (A Photoshoot)


Sometimes it’s nice to be alone

Just the wind, breath, and heartbeats


In the middle of a crazy life

It’s nice to be alone


Just me, all alone

It’s . . . calm


Just sitting here

Not having to do anything


The noise around me

Is my noise


Alone, all alone

The wind rustles the grass, the leaves, the flowers

And me


Standing alone

Not always a bad thing


Me, myself, and I

Not always a bad thing


Just me

All alone

Hey guys, I hope you liked that photoshoot. I wrote all the words to go with it hoping they won’t sound stupid. Also, Grace’s dress was a really quick DIY I did a while back (around the time I took the pictures – they aren’t new either.) Are any of you interested in a tutorial?

-AGs in Alaska-


16 thoughts on “Alone (A Photoshoot)

  1. Great photos! I just followed your blog! I also have an AG doll blog! I mostly post about my AG dolls, but I also post about photography and more! It would be awesome if you could follow my blog! I’m working on reaching 60 followers!

    ~Bella (

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  2. I just now realized that I am having a problem following all blogs on WordPress. 😊 I’m currently trying to fix this problem, but I will be sure to follow your blog as soon as I figure this out!

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