The First Snow (A Photoshoot)

Sooooooooooooooooooooo . . .

It snowed!

Actually, it’s still snowing as I write this (Saturday). And I’m hoping by Monday (the day this is supposed to publish), there will be even more snow!

Because I can still see you, evil leaves. Autumn is no more, and the clouds shed their frozen tears upon the Alaskan landscape! Mwaa ha ha!!!!!!

Wow, I just realized how dramatic that sounded.

Fall to winter here is really weird. It’s like, leaves, leaves, leaves one day, and the next, it’s twenty degrees and it feels like Christmas!

Like I said. Weird.

Anyway, I really, really wanted it to snow by Monday (which, by the time you read this, is today), because when I planned out ALL of my October and November posts, I told the weatherman that he needed to predict snow by the twenty-third.

Actually, I just screamed at

Just kidding. I didn’t do that, either. I’m not a crazy person.

By six o’clock, I realized that it was getting dark and I needed to go take pictures before the snow melted. Because it does that. A couple years ago, it snowed in September, melted, and then didn’t snow until exactly one month later.


I got Morgan all ready to go outside for a photoshoot. I was actually inspired by Loren to do a snow photoshoot. You should really check her blog out, if you haven’t already. She’s actually the one who inspired me to start my own blog.

Okay, this is the longest introduction I have done before a photoshoot, so let’s get on with it!

Presenting . . . The First Snow!




















Alright, guys! That’s it for today! But, never fear, I’ll be back on Thursday. Until then,ย au revoir!

Wait, wait, wait! I almost forgot!


Thank you so, so, so much for supporting me and my blog! The girls and I love you all. XOXO ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Has it snowed where you live?

Better question:ย doesย it snow where you live?

Are you excited for the holidays?

-AGs in Alaska-


28 thoughts on “The First Snow (A Photoshoot)

  1. IT SNOWED??????? Can I move to Alaska?? Here in Maryland, it just started being cool enough to wear coats. Morgan is so pretty! She’s #55, right? Beautiful pictures!!

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    1. And yes, I am excited for the holidays! I already started buying Christmas decorations for my dolls. (Because according to Walmart, the calendar goes September October, December)

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    2. The snow is pretty awesome, but it gets dark at 3 o’clock in the afternoon for months out of the year. It can get kind of depressing.

      Morgan: Thank you, Natalie! I am #55! AGs in Alaska likes me so much because she says I am very photogenic.

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      1. 3:00? Wow….you know, maybe I’ll stay on the east coast for a while, hehe.

        To Morgan; You are super photogenic! I can see why AG’s In Alaska likes you!

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  2. doesnโ€™t snow where I live…or if it does once every 20 years or so, everybody goes crazy. They let school and work out and everybody goes and takes pictures of it! We are happy it gets cold enough to put a sweater on!
    Your photo shoots have been interesting. How long does it take you to set one up?

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    1. Honestly, photoshoots are very simple, I just have to do the doll’s hair and outfit. What are hard are photostories, because I have to write the entire story, do the set, and do the hair and outfit of multiple dolls.


    1. Oh, quick question. I just entered your giveaway and I left three comments. Did you get them? I’m not sure if they went through. When I clicked the “comment” button, they disappeared. Is that supposed to happen?

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