A Day in The Life: McKenna

Yo, peeps! It’s me, The Fabulous and Amazing McKenna Marie, here with the very first (okay, fine, second. I still don’t see why Crystal got to go first) Day in The Life on American Girls in Alaska! Today you get the honor of sneaking a peek into what I do on a typical day. I promise, you’ll be more blown away at my awesomeness than ever. Without further ado, I present to you . . . me!

5:30 AM: As a serious athlete, I feel the need to wake up before everyone else and go for a jog. Coach Isabelle says I need to train on days I don’t go to gymnastics practice, which is only on Sundays, but I still jog every day. Morgan makes me carry pepper spray with me when I go, since the sun is just coming up.

6:00 AM: Time to take a shower. Crystal freaks out when I get home and I’m all sweaty, but what else is supposed to happen when you go jogging? I mean, duh! I love Crys and all, but that girl is such a diva.

6:30 AM: By this point I’m starving, so I make a pink fruit smoothie with vanilla protein powder. This is my absolute favorite breakfast – and bonus that it’s healthy!

7:00 AM: All the other girls in my family wake up and begin their daily business. This is when I feel superior over all of them, since I’ve been up for an hour and a half already.

8:00 AM: I start off school with English, which is my favorite subject. It used to be the hardest for me, since I struggled with “reading comprehension.” But now that I’ve been through tutoring with my friend Josie, it’s much easier. I’m currently reading A Little Princess by Francis Hodges Burnett. It’s one of my new favorite books.

12:00 PM: Crystal tells me it’s time to eat lunch. She and the girls are having leftover pizza, but that’s too caloric and will make my muscles weaker for practice today, so I go with a salad. Grace rolls her eyes at me, but whatever. She’s not a serious, Olympics-destined gymnast like me.

2:00 PM: Time for gymnastics practice! This is my absolute favorite time of the entire day. I get to be in my happy place with other gymnasts like me. Coach Isabelle and I are mainly working on my beam routine. I ace three aerials in a row without wobbling once. Coach tells me that at this rate, we can start round-off back handspring back tucks next week! At the end of practice, she hands me a letter saying that I’ve advanced to Level 6!!! I freak out and start cartwheeling all over the place.

4:00 PM: Crystal and Emily, who are the ones who usually take me to gymnastics, head home with me. Crystal has to cook dinner and Emily has to tutor Lindsey in math. Crystal insists that I help her with dinner, so I set aside my laptop, where I’ve been checking Ava’s Pokémon Blog for a new post. I’m told to go pick carrots from the garden in the back yard. While I’m outside, Morgan asks for my help in teaching Chocolate Chip a trick. I love dogs, so I oblige. Of course Crystal comes outside to yell at me for not bringing in the carrots, and then I get in trouble, and it’s all Morgan’s fault. I’m always getting in trouble for things that are not my fault. It’s one of the hardships of having six sisters.

6:00 PM: After dinner, Grace makes crème brûlée to celebrate my accomplishment in gymnastics and Lindsey tells me to pick out a movie. I choose Mean Girls. 

8:30 PM: The movie ends and Molly tells me I should go to bed soon. Even though she’s younger, I tend to listen to her most of the time. I go put my PJs on but then practice some gymnastics tricks in our mini gymnastics center downstairs. At one point, I fall off of the beam and start moaning, which attracts attention from my sisters. Crystal and Morgan carry me to bed, where they ice my ankle and bring me hot tea and sports magazines. Ah, this is the life. I should have twisted my ankle a long time ago.

9:30 PM: My sisters stop pampering me and go to bed, so I flick off my light and snuggle under the covers. I have to wake up in eight hours, after all! 🙂



27 thoughts on “A Day in The Life: McKenna

    1. Thanks, AGdolldreams! Seriously – have you considered this method of getting out of chores, shopping, school, etc? It’s much better than the oatmeal vomit trick. Crystal has NEVER been fooled by that one.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bethany: WOW! That’s awesome! I’ll have to try that one…
        Felicity: You don’t have to. You already have gotten out of plenty of chores using every excuse you can think of.

        Bethany: That’s the point! I need a new excuse, and this one is PERFECT!

        Felicity: Perfect except for the fact that I now know about it.

        Bethany: Yeah, whateve- OHHH NOOOO!!! Rats. Time for plan Z to the 3rd power… XDDDD


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  1. This is amazing, McKenna! I’m glad you like my blog enough to check for new posts. I’ll try to blog more often. 😉 Thanks for lighting up my day, and tell AGs in Alaksa that this has been a genius idea, and I absolutely love her blog, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sure will! Your blog is amazing – my favorite character is Jackie!


      P.S. I will be sure to tell AGs in Alaska that you like her blog! I’m her favorite doll!

      AGs in Alaska: McKenna, stop acting so rude. You know I love you all.

      McKenna: Are you SURE about that???

      AGs in Alaska: Yes.

      McKenna: Oh, fine. Bye, Avaroo2003!


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