A Day in The Life: Emily

Um, hello, everyone. I hope you’re having a nice, uh, day. (Crystal, what am I supposed to say??? Oh, alright.) Crystal says I’m supposed to tell you about a typical day in the life of me, Emily Louise. My days are pretty much all the same, unless we’re going someplace interesting. Having an ordinary life is fine by me – I don’t like excitement. Anyway, let’s get started.

7:00 AM – I wake up at this time every single day. My alarm clock comes on playing soft, melodious symphony music. Yank jumps up and licks my face until I get out of bed, laughing. I take him for an early-morning walk. Each morning it’s slightly colder when we go through this routine.

8:00 AM – I pour myself some granola and milk. I generally have dried fruit granola. I like peanut butter granola the best, but we can’t have it in the house since Molly is anaphylactic to peanuts.

9:00 AM – It’s time for school. I do my school in my bedroom, since it’s my favorite room in the house. It has a lock on the door, so Lindsey can’t come in and beg me to do a jigsaw puzzle with her. I like jigsaw puzzles and all, but they really should be saved for after school is over.

12:00 PM: I take my first break at this point and have lunch. McKenna, Grace, and I bike over to Wendy’s to have burgers. We do this at least once a week. When anyone asks us why we aren’t in school, Grace usually comes up with a snarky comment, like “Why aren’t you?” (she has said this to adults before) or “I’ve never heard of school before. What’s that?”

2:30 PM: I finish up my schoolwork and head over to tap dancing lessons. Molly and I both take tap and we love it. We’re rehearsing for a Christmas show this week. I get stage fright like you wouldn’t believe, but once I’ve started dancing, I’m able to zone everyone out and just focus on the music and my dance steps.

4:00 PM: Molly and I get home and I tutor Lindsey in math. She’s really, really awful at it – a fact she refuses to admit. It’s quite irritating, actually. She just doesn’t like that a younger sibling is helping her with algebra.

5:00 PM: Time for dinner! Crystal made her family-famous meatloaf with home-grown shredded zucchini and also home-grown bite-sized potatoes on the side. For dessert, Grace serves us chocolate éclairs. That girl really knows how to bake.

6:00 PM: My whole family goes to see Wonder Woman at the movie theater. The bloke selling tickets asks us if we’re all sisters. When Morgan tells him yes, he says that he thought three sisters was three too many. I roll my eyes and follow the girls into the theater.

9:00 PM: We get back from the movie theater and get ready for bed. I read The Mysterious Benedict Society until my eyelids start to droop.

9:30 PM: I flick the light off, kiss Yank good night, and crawl under the covers. G’night!



The Big Birthday Bash (A Photostory)


Morgan, Grace, and I stroll briskly down the sidewalk. We’re on our way back from returning some books to the library. I would rather not be running errands today – it’s my birthday, and walking outside in Alaska in November isn’t the most fun thing to do. Especially not when you’re finally a teenager!


“Why’s it so cold?” Grace moans. “I want it to be summer again.”


“Well, it is the middle of winter,” Morgan points out. “Technically it’s still fall, though, but whatever.”


We walk up the street and turn the corner until finally we reach our home.


The three of us step inside the house. We’re greeted by a blast of warm air . . . and very dim lights.


All of a sudden, the lights flicker on and our sisters jump out of the shadows. “Happy birthdays!”


My sisters and I, jackets hanging half off of our arms, can barely process what just happened. Is this a . . . surprise party???


“Wait. Did you just say birthdays? As in more than one?” Grace asks, confused.


“We sure did,” Lindsey explains. “Today, we’re celebrating all of our fall birthday girls. You know – Emily’s birthday is November 28th, and she’s thirteen, Morgan’s birthday was October 3rd, and she’s thirteen, and Grace’s birthday was September 15th, and she’s twelve.”


Molly, Lindsey, and Crystal walk forward and place crowns on our heads.


Each crown is light pink and has our names spelled out on the fronts.

We’re lead down the hall into the next room, where a huge surprise greets us.


“Oh my goodness!” we gasp.


A huge sign proclaiming “Happy Birthday!” in giant lettering is taped to the wall underneath a table with a couple of presents on it.


“Do you like it?” Lindsey asks.


“I love it,” I tell her.


“We have presents for you guys to open,” Molly explains.


“And you’d better be quick about it too, or I may have to open them for you,” McKenna warns us.


Lindsey hands the first present to Morgan.


She pulls out a flowery green frog. “Aww! It’s so cute!!!” she exclaims. “Thanks, guys!”


“This one is for Grace,” Molly says, handing Grace something wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with a silver ribbon.


Underneath all the wrapping is a pretty throw pillow. “This’ll be perfect for my room!” Grace tells us. “This is so sweet of y’all. Thanks!”


“Just one more present,” Crystal informs us.


“Yes. Close your eyes, Emily,” Molly adds.


I happily oblige.


“Open,” Crystal commands.

Standing in front of me is my eldest sister holding a beautiful pair of bright white ice skates wrapped with a taffeta bow.


“Wow,” I breathe, after Crystal places the skates in my lap. “I’ve been wanting a pair of these – thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been the best birthday ever.”


“And I’m about to make it better,” Lindsey says. “Who wants cake?”

End of photostory!

I feel like a terrible doll mom – I completely forgot about Morgan’s birthday – October 3rd – and Grace’s birthday – September 15th. Fortunately, I remembered Emily’s and decided to do a three-in-one birthday post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Also, don’t forget to wish them happy birthday in the comments!

In case you were wondering why I’m doing a Tuesday post, it’s just in honor of the birthday girls. I will still be here on Thursday.

Bye for now!

-AGs in Alaska-



The Dog Blog: Bonbon

Bonbon the French bulldog

Morgan: Welcome back to the Dog Blog, everybody! Today I will be interviewing Bonbon, who is Grace’s French bulldog. We’re thrilled to have you here, Bonbon!

Bonbon: Bonjour, Morgan. I am very, how you say, thrilled to be here, too.

Morgan: I’m sure all of our readers would like to know a bit more about you, Bonbon. Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Bonbon: My main passion eez making Grace feel loved, but I also like to support her culinary efforts. I sit by her in zee kitchen while she bakes, and I sample her pastries when they come out of zee oven. Plus, I am zee mascot of her baking business! It eez a lot of work for one dog, but I manage.

Morgan: Now, Bonbon, is it true that you are fluent in both French and English?

Bonbon: Zat eez true indeed, mademoiselle.

Morgan: Does that make it tricky to communicate with your owner, Grace?

Bonbon: Non, not at all. Grace and I both understand another language – the language zat comes when a dog and her owner share a special bond.

Morgan: That is so sweet, Bonbon. You seem to truly love Grace. How would you describe her?

Bonbon: Ah, my Grace eez a wonderful owner. We are zee best of friends. Grace walks me and plays fetch with me toujours. She never forgets to feed me and brush my silky locks of fur.

Morgan: Do you have a good friend in the family other than Grace?

Bonbon: Well, I wouldn’t call us friends, but I’ve always admired Coconut. Zat dog really knows how to live zee chic life.

Morgan: I see. Is there a special activity you enjoy doing with Grace?

Bonbon: Zat would have to be our daily walks to zee dog park. I have many friends there. Grace understands that I need to socialize with those who are of zee same species as me. I also enjoy baking with her in zee kitchen.

Morgan: She doesn’t let you sample any of her chocolate pastries, does she?

Bonbon: Non, non. Grace is too good of an owner to let me eat anything chocolate. Not only is it bad for moi, it is entirely too fattening. I must maintain a slim figure. I am Grace’s mascot, after all. I’m a public figure!

Morgan: Thank you so much, Bonbon. That’s all the time we have today, folks. Check back soon for another edition of the Dog Blog!


A Note from AGs in Alaska: I have 40 followers! That you so much, peoples!

Grateful (A Photostory)

Happy Thanksgiving, lovely virtual friends! Today is a day of joy and celebration, of food, and, most importantly, thankfulness. Today I challenge YOU to list . . . hmm . . . twenty-three things you are grateful for, since it’s November 23rd. I know you have at least that many. Here’s my list:

  • Jesus!
  • My blog
  • A computer to write on
  • Essential oils that smell amazing
  • All of my friends I have from blogging
  • My dolls
  • My rabbits
  • My dogs
  • My chickens
  • My family
  • Living in the beautiful state of Alaska
  • I have a camera to take pictures of beautiful Alaska with
  • My house
  • My warm, cozy room
  • My warm, cozy clothes
  • Books
  • Delicious food
  • The outdoors
  • Pretty pictures of the outdoors
  • Cute clothes for my dolls
  • School
  • Friends
  • Orange-scented bath products

That last one was a little random. Sorry.

Now, let’s get on to the fun part of this post. I have for you my first-ever Thanksgiving photostory! And, at the end, a little bonus behind-the-scenes explanation of the making of the photostory.



“Thanks for dinner, Grace. It was delicious,” Morgan tells my younger sister.


“Oh, you’re welcome. It was my pleasure,” Grace responds.


“I have an idea,” Molly begins. “Why don’t we go around the table and say what we’re grateful for and why? For example, I’m grateful for my education because I’ll be able to get into a good college. Now McKenna can go.”


“Oh!” McKenna exclaims, looking a bit surprised that Molly picked her to go next. “I’m grateful for my gymnastics coach and teammates. They inspire me and help me to work harder. Um . . . Emily.”


“Me?” Emily squeaks. “Well . . . I’m grateful for my piano and flute because . . . I love music. Morgan?”


“I’m grateful for Chocolate Chip and the other dogs,” Morgan tells us. “They make me so happy and bring me so much joy. Crystal.”


“I’m grateful for my beautiful clothes, because when I look good, I feel good,” Crystal says. “Grace?”


“I’m super-duper grateful for all of my baking supplies,” Grace says. “I love being able to surprise people with yummy treats. What about you, Lindsey?”


I look across the table at the shining faces of sweet Morgan, intelligent Molly, shy Emily, and fashionable Crystal.


I glance over to my left at spunky Grace and sporty McKenna.



“My sisters,” I finally say. “I’m grateful for my sisters.”


-End of phostory-

I hope y’all enjoyed that photostory. And now, onto the behind-the-scenes of Grateful (A Photostory)!


First, I placed two chairs across from each other in our hallway downstairs.



I placed benches on either side of the chairs.


Next, I placed books on the chairs.


I then took this yet-to-be-set-up chicken ramp . . .


And set it on top of the books.


Voilà! The perfect Thanksgiving table setup! Since the set took up the entire hallway, it was a bit difficult to get back and forth to either side, but I managed by squeezing behind the narrow gap between the dolls and the wall and climbing on the benches. Of course, that mussed up their hairstyles a bit, but it wasn’t too terrible.

My original photostory idea was to have them eating and then praying and then sharing what they were grateful for, but I could not make doll food, so I had the photostory take place after dinner.

I want to know how your Thanksgiving went. What did you have for dinner? What are you grateful for? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food and/or tradition?

Happy Thanksgiving!

-AGs in Alaska

Morgan Goes Camping (A Photostory)

“Come on, Chocolate Chip. Let’s go for a walk.”

Chocolate Chip barks in agreement. We set off down the dirt path.

Chocolate Chip and I are camping this weekend.

Suddenly, Chocolate darts off down the path. “Chocolate! Get back here right now!”

Chocolate ignores me.

He races up to the base of a tree. “Whatdya see, boy?”


“Is there a squirrel up there?” I ask him.


Suddenly, Chocolate takes off down the path. I race to catch up with him.


He leads me to the base of a ginormous tree.


I sit down. Chocolate Chip tries to jump up on my lap. I look up at the tree. It’s perfect for climbing.


“I’m going to climb this tree!” I tell Chocolate.


I grip the base of the tree tightly. One, two, three!


I hoist myself up onto the branch above the base. Whoa!


I glance around for the next branch to climb up on.


I clamber upwards, not daring to look down.


Suddenly, I lose my footing on the branch. “Ahhhhh! Chocolate, heeeeeeelp!”


I tumble down onto the ground. “Owwwwwww.” Chocolate Chip comes over to sniff me and make sure I’m all right.


I stand up, checking for broken bones. I appear to be all right. “Let’s get back to camp, boy.”


Chocolate and I set off down the path. I’m not going to try tree-climbing again any time soon!


Did ya like it? Huh? Huh? HUH?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

This is my last post with pictures I took using an iPad. I actually took these pictures back in late August, so there was no snow on the ground. Did you catch that?

There’s someone else who caught something in blog that shouldn’t have been there . . . Dimond, from worldofagdolls.blogspot.com! In my last photostory, Crystal’s hair was braided when she “woke up,” but not when she woke up for real. That’s because I did not plan those pictures very well. Anyway, congratulations, Dimond! Everyone, please check out her blog!

Also, kinda-sorta big announcement. I am leaving for vacation tomorrow morning (well, if 1 AM is morning). I will still be replying to comments and stuff, just not as often. I am so excited! Wish me luck!

-AGs in Alaska-

Crystal and The Clothing Catastrophe (A Photostory)


Brrring! I blink my eyes and fumble around for my alarm clock. Seven in the morning is waaaaaaay to early for me to function.


I head over to my closet and select a cute outfit.


I pick out a cute pink shirt, a gray skirt, and pink leggings. Perfect!


I can totally rock pink.


After completing my morning beauty routine, I head to the living room to check my email before breakfast.


“Morning, Crys!” Lindsey sings. I turn aroun and my mouth falls open.


Lindsey is wearing Molly’s horendous (in her opinion, beautiful) red-white-and-blue tap dancing skirt as a strapless, sleeveless top, and Molly’s dress skirt on the bottom.


“Lindsey,” I gasp. “What are you WEARING???”


“Oh, this old thing?” Lindsey replies. “I’m glad you like it. It’s a double-decker skirt. I found it in the back of my closet.”


Lindsey leaves me spechless and wondering what else is in the back of her closet when she leaves to let her dog outside.


I return to my email, but I’m not left alone for long. McKenna and Emily tromp through the living room wearing . . .


Emily is decked out in pink pajama pants and a hot pink skirt. McKenna is sporting a beach towel wrapped around her with one of Grace’s Parisian scarves.


“Girls?” I say, trying to remain calm. “What are you wearing?”


“Oh, just some stylish outfits we rustled up. You’re not the only one with fashion sense in the family, Crystal.”


McKenna and Emily leave and I log onto Kaylyn’s World Blog to check out her new post. As I laugh at Izzy’s antics, Grace walks by me. DSC_0437

The color drains out of my face. “Grace?”




“I hope you’re going to change,” I say slowly.


Grace frowns. “Why would I?”


“Well, what you’re wearing is not exactly . . . fashionable,” I explain.


Grace has on an old dress of our grandma’s over Morgan’s riding pants . . . which are inside-out.


Grace looks as me like I’m crazy. “Sure it is.”


I close my eyes tightly, hoping Molly and Morgan enter wearing reasonable clothing.


No such luck. DSC_0447

Molly is wearing a Lady Gaga-style trash bag, and Morgan is wearing a dress that would be pretty – if it weren’t paired with yellow-and-green PJ pants.


“OH MY WORD,” I shriek. “WHAT ON EARTH ARE THOSE????????????”


Molly and Morgan turn on me. “Are you going to criticize our outfits, Crystal? Because if so, just put a sock in it. We’re tired of your fashion police attitude!” Molly exclaims.

“Yeah! What do you know about fahsion anyway?” Morgan accuses me.


I wake up panting. Oh my goodness. It was all a dream.


I get dressed and head for the living room. “Hey, Molly,” I say.


“Hey, Crystal.”


“Um, Molly,” I begin. “You aren’t planning on wearing a trash bag today, are you?”


Molly looks at me like I’m completely out of my mind. “Noooooo . . .”


“Thank goodness! You will never believe the dream I had last night.”

I hope everyone enjoyed that photostory! I’ve been planning it for a while. Also, sorry about some of the pictures. My camera kept taking them blurry, even though I thought they were clear when I checked. I’ll have to make sure it’s working properly.

There is one contradiction between two of the photos. If you can find it, consider yourself a Little Miss Molly. Nothing gets by her.

Have a great weekend!

-AGs in Alaska-



Name That Doll #3

Hi, everybody! I hope you’re having a great Monday.

Today I’m doing a Name That Doll competition. I haven’t done one of these for several months, and I decided it was finally time. The lovely doll below, TrulyMe #49, is the American Girl doll YOU will have a chance to help name.


The rules are simple: Pick from one of the five names and comment down below tell me which one it is. You have until Monday, December 4th, to do so. It’s kind of a long time, sorry. My posting schedule got all messed up. Again. 😦

The names you can pick from are :

  • Amari
  • Rachel
  • Marielle
  • Victoria
  • Alexandria

-AGs in Alaska-

50th Post Q&A Answers!

Hi, everyone! You guys asked some amazing questions last Thursday when I revealed that I had reached my 50th post. Today I will be answering all of your questions. And remember, even if you didn’t get the memo that I’m doing a Q&A, feel free to ask me questions in the comments, or you can contact me at americangirlsak@gmail.com or through my contact page. 🙂

Without further ado, to the questions!

The Blog Dolly’s Questions:

Q: What made you want to start blogging?

A: Well, I first started blogging way back in 2014. I had to start a blog for my journalism class as one of my assignments. That was the last journalism class I ever went to, because it was a few days before we moved back up to Alaska. (Notice how I said “back?”) Anyway, I stil started my blog, which was a fictional story about a girl who traveled to twelve countries in one year. It actually took me two and a half years to write, though. It is one of my biggest accomplishments. When that blog was finished, I still wanted to have a blog, so I debated over what kind of blog I should start. I was going to do a pet blog, but Loren from Happy House of AG inspired me to start a doll blog instead! It kind of reignited my love for AG dolls.

Q: Who was your first subscriber?

A: Avaroo2003!

Q: And what post did you get your first subscriber on (i.e. First post, second post, third post)?

A: My fifth post.

Emma – Dazzling Dollies’s Questions:

Q: What would your dream custom look like?

I would make her out of #24 with an English Toffee wig from Beautifully Custom.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging?

A: My best friend and other AG doll bloggers. You guys are amazing and I get so much inspiration from y’all!

Laura’s Questions:

Q: What is the first doll blog you ever read?

A: Happy House of AG.

Q: What is the best book you have ever read?

A: The first Land of Stories Book – The Wishing Spell.

Q: Do you like baseball or football better?

A: Actually, I think both of them are insanely boring to watch, but I enjoy playing baseball.

Q: Do you like pizza or ice cream better?

A: ICE CREAM!!! I LOVE ice cream. It is amazing!!! After a while, pizza just makes me sick.

Kaylyn’s Questions:

Q: What is your favorite outfit that you have dressed your AG dolls in?

A: The outfit Morgan is wearing here.

Q: What is your favorite outfit that you have sewn for your AG dolls?

A: This outfit.

Q: Have you ever gone to the AG store? (If you did describe it).

A: Yes, I have been to the AG Place in Los Angeles three times. It was AMAZING! The store is in this outdoor mall called The Grove, which you can find movie stars occassionally. (I was too young to know about any movie stars, but chances are there probably was one there when we went.) When you walk in, there’s a display of dolls and cute outfits, and further into the store is the hair salon, where you can get your doll’s hair done! Crystal had hers done in braids. Upstairs is practically a gallery of dolls; each one has a little “room” with their collection inside. There’s GOTY stuff up there too, and Bitty Baby. Here’s a picture of the first floor:


This is the only picture we have of the AG store that my face is not in. 😦

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

A: It’s a Nikon D5000.

Q: Have you ever read any AG books?

A: Yes, almost all of them.

Q: Are any of your AG dolls’ ears pierced?

A: Yes, Crystal, Morgan, and Grace all have pierced ears.

Q: What was your first AG doll that you ever got?

A: I got Crystal for my birthday quite a while ago. She was my first doll.

Q: Do you have an etsy shop?

A: Nope, no Etsy shop. I don’t even know how those things work. (Someone please help!)

Q: What are you wearing right now?

A: A blue REI shirt that’s super soft and is actually made for camping, but I’m wearing it because it’s November in Alaska, and while it’s not snowy yet, it’s COLD!!! Also, I’m wearing American Eagle jeans with a brown belt.

Q:  What did you eat for breakfast?

A: I haven’t had breakfast yet . . . I should go do that. I’m starving.

Q:What is your favorite color?

A: Purple. And then turquoise.

Q: If you had money to buy an AG doll which one would you get?

A: TrulyMe #24.

Q: What AG craft that you have made are you most proud of?

A: I made this really cool retro table out of scrapbooking paper and the cardboard tubes essential oils come in wrapped in paper. It kind of got destroyed when I did the pictures for an upcoming post. 😦

Emma’s Questions:

Q: What’s your favorite Bible verse?

A: 1 Corinthians 13:13. “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Q: What’s your favorite Bible story?

A: Um . . . I like Ruth’s story. Or at least the Veggie Tales version.

Q: What is the most exciting thing that ever happened to you?

A: Well, at the ripe old age of eight, my family moved from AK to the Lower 48. That didn’t last very long, and we moved back up here. In the meantime, my BFF moved to the other end of the Lower 48 as well, but the summer we moved back she came for a visit. Halfway through her visit, her parents told her she was moving back to Alaska! It was a surprise for both of us, and we were ecstatic!

Q: What’s​ your favorite holiday?

A: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Are you most like your mom or your dad?

A: I’m not super like either of them. If I really had to choose, it would be my mom, but I have a lot of interests she doesn’t have.

Q: What are your 3 most favorite hobbies?

A: Read. Write. Blog. Repeat.

AG Doll Dreams’ Questions:

Q: If you could buy any AG doll, current or retired, who would it be?

A: TrulyMe #24. She’s gorgeous.

Q: Who is your favorite AG pet?

A: I really like Bonbon and Chocolate Chip. But the dalmation is pretty cute too.

Q: What is your opinion on Logan?

A: I DO NOT LIKE that AG has a boy doll. I feel like the words American “Girl” doll have been compromised. I just doesn’t sit well with me. I think they should have stuck to girl dolls.

Chris’ Questions:

Q: Big dogs or little dogs?

A: Little dogs are easier to snuggle with, but big dogs generally don’t bark as much. At least, in my experience, they don’t.

Q: Beach or mountains for vacation?

A: Beach.

Sophia!! :)’s Questions:

Q: Beforever/Historical or GOTY?

A: This is a really hard question. I loved the GOTYs up until this year, so I’ll have to go with them. But Samantha is GORGEOUS.

Q: Limo or Race car?

A: Definitely limo!

Q: What is nurses run backwards?

A: Nurses run . . . oh, that’s funny! 🙂

Natalie’s Questions:

Q: Favorite AG Mini?

A: Tenney is pretty cute. Also Kit.

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?

A: French Vanilla all the way. Did you know that was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite flavor, too?

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your blog? (I.E. your design, your header, your posting schedule)

A: My favorite thing about the actual blog is the color scheme, but my favorite thing about having a blog is the comments. I LOVE your comments, guys. I get SUPER excited when I see them in my notifications bar and my email account. I smile every time I read them. 🙂

Bella’s Questions:

Q: What is your favorite YouTube channel?

A: For AGTube, that would be Mixiepixie7. For humans, that would be Studio C. (Who here likes Studio C???)

Q: How did you discover AG dolls?

A: The memories are foggy. I think my great-aunt got me a catalog and I found the website and played lots of games on it. 🙂

Q: What is the next doll that you want?

A: I would like #24. Or Tenney.

Q: Which Wellie Wisher is your favorite?

A: Willa is totally adorbs. 🙂

Q: Who is your favorite GOTY?

A: Grace, but McKenna is a close second.

Avaroo2003’s Questions:

Q: What is your favorite plant?

A: I like bleeding hearts. I know that’s a flower, sorry. But if you want me to name a plant plant, I like those cacti that have the bright red bulbs on top.

Q: Do you like dragonflies?

A: They’re pretty cool. I think they’re a bit frightening when they’re buzzing around your head, but they’re cool.

Q: If you could be any plant or animal, (other than a human being) what would you be?
A: I think it would be cool to be a dog. I wouldn’t have so much schoolwork – none, actually! 🙂
Q: What is your favorite planet?
A: Saturn. 🙂
Q: Do you have a favorite constellation? If so, which one?
A: I think the Gemini constellation is pretty cool. But I recently saw the Big Dipper while we were camping SUPER close because the stars were ridiculously bright, and I love that one too.

Okay, that’s all the questions! Thank you guys so, so much for helping me celebrate my 50th post!

-AGs in Alaska-

Headband Tutorial

Aloha, my friends. It is time for American Girls in Alaska’s first-ever craft tutorial!!!

This tutorial is, as you may have guessed from the title, how to make a headband for your doll. This is a super easy tutorial, all it requires is that you know how to operate a sewing machine or know how to hand-sew. It took me under ten minutes to make the headband, so you can see how easy it is.

Without further ado, to the tutorial!IMG_2832

Step 1: Choose your fabric. I have this pretty purple fabric that is 32 inches by 2 inches.


Step 2: Fold one side of the fabric to the middle and pin it. This is Side A.


Step 3: Fold the other side to the middle so that they meet. This is Side B. (This is not a very accurate photo. Also, sorry that the tablecloth is stained, we tie-dyed on it.)


Step 4: Fold Side A over Side B and pin, if necessary.


Step 5: Using a straight stitch, sew the fabric as close to the edge as you can. Sew all the way down the folded fabric.


Step 6: Fold the end over 1-2 inches and sew across.

Step 7: Repeat on opposite end.


You now have an adorable headband!


These photos are very blurry, I took them post-fixing the camera.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Send pictures to americangirlsak@gmail.com if you do this tutorial!

-AGs in Alaska-

Giveaway at Delightful World of Dolls!

Hi everyone! Guess what? Madison at Delightful World of Dolls is having an incredible giveaway! She is giving away a . . .


This is an INCREDIBLE giveaway, as purchasing one of these dolls costs $200. But if you win, you get the doll and everything she comes with for FREE!


Click on the picture above to learn more about the giveaway!

Thank you Madison!

-AGs in Alaska-