Name That Doll #3

Hi, everybody! I hope you’re having a great Monday.

Today I’m doing a Name That Doll competition. I haven’t done one of these for several months, and I decided it was finally time. The lovely doll below, TrulyMe #49, is the American Girl doll YOU will have a chance to help name.


The rules are simple: Pick from one of the five names and comment down below tell me which one it is. You have until Monday, December 4th, to do so. It’s kind of a long time, sorry. My posting schedule got all messed up. Again. 😦

The names you can pick from are :

  • Amari
  • Rachel
  • Marielle
  • Victoria
  • Alexandria

-AGs in Alaska-


39 thoughts on “Name That Doll #3

      1. LOL right? James isn’t so special anymore! :@
        But now with season 21, they’re (wait for it) REPLACING EDWARD AND HENRY. WITH TWO GIRLS. I’M SO MESSED UP ABOUT IT. Thomas will begin to break the fourth wall, gravity suddenly doesn’t exist, and neither does pleasing fans lol.

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