I Have No Idea What To Name This Post

So, I don’t know what to call this post, but I have a few short announcements about my giveaway.

For any of you who missed it, I am giving away this doll dress:


Several of you have entered and completed all of these:

  • You must be following my blog.
  • You must be 18 or older OR have a parent’s permission to enter the giveaway.
  • You must live in North America.
  • You must actually want to own this dress, and are not entering just to win something.
  • You must reblog this on your blog.
  • You must enter by Sunday, December 24th (Christmas Eve). I will randomly select and announce the winner on Monday, December 25th (Christmas Day).
  • If you are not yet following my blog, make sure you click “confirm subscription” in your email after you click the follow button, or it won’t count.
  • If you win, I will send you an email asking for your home address/P.O. Box.

However, a few of you have reblogged my post, but have not commented saying you are going to enter, and some of you have entered, but haven’t reblogged the post. These are the key steps in entering the giveaway:

  • You must be following my blog.
  • You must reblog this on your blog.
  • You must comment on the original post here to tell me you are entering.

If you reblog my post but don’t tell me you are entering, I cannot count it as your entry. The same goes for those who tell me you are entering, but don’t reblog the post. (You can also write your own post about the giveaway if you don’t want to reblog it.)

Thank you, everyone!

AGs in Alaska


Twelve Days of Christmas, Day #7: Christmas is . . . Building Snowmen

Hello, people of the earth! Greetings! ‘Tis I, AGs in Alaska . . . with TDOC, Day #7! Today, Lindsey is building a snowman.

Quick question – do you guys have any ideas for other TDOC posts? I need two or three more ideas. TIA!

P.S. All of the lyrics are from the movie Frozen, and the song is written by Kristen Bell and Katie Lopez. 


Do you want to build a snowman?
Come on lets go and play


I never see you anymore
Come out the door


It’s like you’ve gone away…
We used to be best buddies


And now we’re not
I wish you would tell me why!


Do you want to build a snowman?
It doesn’t have to be a snowman


Go away
Okay, bye…


Do you want to build a snowman?


Is that snowman not the cutest thing ever?!?!?! And isn’t Lindsey adorable in her little outfit?!?!?!

I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas. Remember to enter my giveaway, guys! I am choosing the winner in just a few days. 🙂

See ya later!

AGs in Alaska

Countdown to Christmas: Five days!