The Valentine’s Day Tag + The All You Tag

Hey, I’m back!!!

(audience screams) Noooooooooooo!!!!

Sam from Dolls ‘N’ Cupcakes tagged me for her brand-new tag! I love this idea! Rules are:

1. Link the 1st post (This one)


2. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post.


3. Answer the 10 original questions and then answer the 4 questions the person who tagged you made (I will write the 10 questions everyone tagged will answer, then the person who tagged you will come up with 4 more questions for the people they tagged to answer.)

Here are her questions (they are would-you-rathers).

1. WYR Get a lot of Valentines Day cards for people you don’t know very well or only 1 card from you crush/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?

One card! (I don’t have a boyfriend though . . .)

2. WYR host a Valentine’s Day party or be a guest at one?

A host, definitely. I love having parties at my house.

3. WYR receive only chocolate or only teddy bears for Valentines Day?


4. WYR spend Valentine’s day with friends or family?

Probably friends, because my family doesn’t do much for Valentine’s Day. Except then I would miss out on our tradition of going to the bookstore on Valentine’s Day . . . so, IDK!!!

5. WYR Recive a romantic card or a funny one?

Uh . . . both?

6. WYR Write a Valentines day poem to read aloud to your whole school/coworkers or have a Valentine’s Day poster you made displaying everywhere in your work place/school.

A poster. I don’t like sharing my poetry that much.

7. WYR make hand make cards for your friends or buy them?

I am terrible at art, so buy them.

8. WYR receive 100 chocolates or stuffed animals?

Definitely chocolate!

9. WYR get anything, I repeat, ANYTHING that you pick out for Valentine’s Day or a surprise gift?

Anything, of course!

10. WYR give cards to only boys or girls?

Girls. I don’t know any boys who I would consider giving a card to. 🙂

Here are the questions for YOU GUYS!!!!

WYR eat only chocolate or only cheesecake on Valentine’s Day?

WYR dress in pink or dress in red for Valentine’s Day?

WYR you rather go on a date or hang out with your friends on Valentine’s Day?

WYR cook a meal for your family on Valentine’s Day or go out to eat at a fancy restaurant?

Rule #4. Tag 9-14 people.





The AG Homeschooler


all-American Girl


Twintastic AG

Okay, that’s all for the V-Day tag!

Next, I was tagged for the All You Tag by Kaylyn! Thank you so much!

Rules are:

Thank the person who tagged you.

Answer the questions. They will always be the same.

Tag 5-10 people.

The questions are:

Do you like school?
Yep, I love school!

What is your favorite subject?
I really enjoy English, Russian, and ASL. My favorite is probably ASL or English.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
It would be great is people would set aside their differences and accept that no two people are going to agree on EVERYTHING. And that’s a good thing! People are offended so easily, and if everyone would just see that, there would be a lot less fighting.

What are some of your favorite memories?
Hmm. My first one is when I got to fly first class on Alaska Airlines. It was amazing. They served us a three-course meal! The second one is at the beach when we lived in California. We put on life jackets and just bobbed up and down in the waves. It was super fun. My last favorite memory is going to the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood and getting our picture taken with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Name one or two embarrassing moments:
Oh boy. Well, once, my friends were over and we were bouncing on my trampoline (in California). We were singing super loudly and all of a sudden, my dad came out of the garage! Since it was right next to where our trampoline was, he had heard our obnoxious singing the whole time. We were super embarrassed.

I tag:

Mary E.

Emma (Dazzling Dollies)

The Blog Dolly



Anyone else who wants to do either of these tags in completely welcome to!

I will be doing a Monday post and a Wednesday post next week, since Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday and not a Thursday. See you guys next week!

AGs in Alaska


18 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Tag + The All You Tag

  1. Very interesting. A lot of people used to give me a rough time when I’d wear pink for Valentine’s day – at the time I did not think I looked good in red, so didn’t have much in my wardrobe. I think either is fine.

    Definitely prefer chocolate to cheesecake. 🙂

    Great tag answers!

    Liked by 1 person

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