The Custom Doll Tag!

Hey, everybody! Are y’all excited for Easter? I know I am! Plus, the next day I will release the very last part of The Trials of Tessa, so . . . yippee!

In the meantime, Jenna from An AG Life tagged me for her new tag, The Custom Doll Tag. Thank you so much, Jenna!


This is such a fun tag! Here are Jenna’s rules:

1. Thank the person that tagged you.

2. Give a description and photos of your dream doll. Such as name, hair, eye color, and etc.

3. Tag 3 new people to do this tag.

Lets get started! My dream doll:

Description: My dream doll would have the Mermaid Song wig from Beautifully Custom, as shown in the picture below. I would like her to have green eyes as well. Or maybe blue, but I do have a lot of blue-eyed dolls already. Maybe Mia’s face?

Interests: I feel like she would be into horses . . . or just animals in general, like Morgan.

Name: I think Bree . . . but that could change. I was going to call Tessa Bree at first.



So, what do you guys think of my dream custom. I kind of already have mine (Tessa), but this would be another. I have another dream custom idea in my mind as well . . . maybe later? I don’t think I’ll ever buy a new AG doll, just customize them!

I tag:

Madi (I know you won’t do this for a while)



If you guys can’t do it, it’s fine! Just let me know in the comments. See y’all on Sunday for my Easter photostory!

AGs in Alaska




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