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Hey guys, just a quick post. AKJaguar tagged me for The Cute Critters Tag! Thank you so much, AKJaguar!

Here are the rules:

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Here are the questions:

Do you have a pet? Do I have a pet? That’s like asking a zoo if it has animals. And no, I do not have a pet. I have pets. And lots of them. Seriously. There are the dogs, Chewy and Archie, the bunnies, Moe, Penelope, and Molly, and our flock of chickens. Not to mention the aquarium full of fish my brother is getting soon.

How did you get your pet? What breed is it? Okay, we’ll start with Chewy. I got him for my eighth birthday, a few months early. He is a Black Lab/German Shepard mix. Archie was a dog we adopted from a shelter back in California after our female dog died. He is a Black Lab/Basset Hound/Dachshund mix. I earned Moe by keeping my room clean for a month. But then we moved (twice) and I didn’t adopt him until a couple years later. Penelope is Moe’s mother. Her previous owner, Moe’s breeder, developed a rabbit allergy and had to rehome Penny. Our other female rabbit, Molly, was a rabbit we adopted off of FaceBook when her owners said she would wind up at the pet shelter if no one took her. The funny thing is, she looks like Penelope’s twin sister! They share a cage, too. Penny is like a mom to Molly, since we adopted Molly as a baby. The chickens we have were hand-raised since they were two days old. The next year we hatched another flock from eggs! Some of them didn’t make it, though. 😦 We gave those away, since they were roosters. And then we got more two-day old ones. They all live in our backyard.

If you don’t have a pet, what is your dream pet? Well, I have pets, but I have always wanted a fox!

What is your favorite animal and why? I love foxes, they are so beautiful and majestic! My others favorites are bunnies (obviously for their extreme fluffiness) and dogs (for their loyal companionship, and playful nature).

Share a funny story that happened to you/pet/or with an animal you saw. Okay, I feel like I have shared this before, but this happened a few years ago at a birthday party. It was a tea party with lots of guests, so there was a ton of food. My mom made mini chocolate Bundt cakes, and we had taffy and jelly beans, too. Immediately after the party, I had a three-hour long piano recital (I wasn’t playing the whole time, though – everybody’s ears would have started bleeding or something. 🙂 and we left the whole mess in the backyard. Well, apparently Archie had been left out for the ENTIRE piano recital. He ate all of the leftover CHOCOLATE Bundt cakes, taffy, and jelly beans – not to mention mini sandwiches and other treats! He went PSYCHO and was running laps around the house all night. It was hilarious, but he survived!

Share a funny joke about animals. Okay . . . where do animals go when their tails fall off? THE RETAIL STORE!!! (No, I did not make up that lame joke.)

This has been fun!

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And that about wraps this up! Thanks again, AKJaguar! I’ll see y’all in my next post.

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