Patriotic Photography – A Collab With Chachel @ Wild Sketch

Patriotic Photography

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Today is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons – food, family, fun, freedom – and photography!

That’s why I’m teaming up with Chachel from her awesome art blog, Wild Sketch! Chachel, also known as Rachel, does amazing DIY tutorials, shows her beautiful artwork, and posts pictures of her adorable cat, Gosha. Go follow her lovely blog right now!

It’s actually kind of funny. My first photoshoot was a 4th of July photoshoot I did last year, and here I am with another one. Kind of sentimental, when you think about it!

Chachel and I decided that for our collab, we would take patriotic pictures for the 4th. I dressed up my dolls in red white and blue outfits and took them into the backyard for a patriotic photoshoot. Here you go!














Happy Independence Day! And make sure to check out Chachel’s blog here!

Which picture did you like the most? What are you having for dinner today? Does your town do fireworks? Are you going to check out Chachel’s blog? Let’s chat in the comments!

AGs in Alaska


20 thoughts on “Patriotic Photography – A Collab With Chachel @ Wild Sketch

  1. I love the last photo especially. Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday, (first is Christmas obviously) we will hopefully be doing fireworks later, but there’s a pretty heavy burn ban, so we’ll see. Some of our friends are going to set off their fireworks at the mall parking lot because they don’t want to catch anything on fire-and it’s conveniently located next to Freddy’s. Mmmm ice cream. We will be going to our Pastors house for the Fourth of July party. The guys at church make the best barbecue you’ve ever tasted it’s amazing. (Seriously, best barbecue ever, and that’s saying something since we live in Texas!) My dad always makes his famous Fourth of July strawberry shortcake, which might just be the same recipe that is on the outside of the bisque box, but it’s really fun to make and super delicious. Happy Fourth of July y’all!!

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  2. I love you photos!!! My favorite is the last one, where they’re all together!! I had such a fun time taking photos and collab-ing with you!!!!!!

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