Review of Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit

Hey guys! I’ve been promising this review for a while, and since Tenney is being retired, I thought this would be the perfect time to do it (so you can purchase this adorable outfit before it’s gone)!

(Pictures from American Girl)


This outfit is so precious, and when I saw it in Dallas I knew I should buy it. It looks like a country rockstar, Taylor Swift-esque sort of ensemble – if that makes any sense.


The shirt is BEAUTIFUL – maybe my favorite part of the entire outfit. My only complaint is that anything with Velcro sticks to this shirt, and when you unattach it, the lace will come apart a little in that spot. Make sure you always close the Velcro, because the shirt will stick to itself too. But other than that, it’s perfect. I love 3/4 sleeves like these, and like the ones on Grace’s baking outfit.


(There was no individual picture of the skirt). The skirt is beautiful, just like the shirt, and it also looks great with Grace’s baking outfit (I guess the outfits are similar?) because it’s the same color as the leggings from that set. I love the glitter on it. It’s a bit short, though, and it would be nice if it was about one or two inches longer.


The boots are VERY sparkly, as you can see. They seem sort of Our Generation and not AG, however, but that’s my only complaint about them. You would think that with this outfit, some nice, pink flats would be in order, but no. The cowgirl boots are awesome.


The headband is super cute – you can see the stitching on the stars, though, and it does look kind of cheaply made. But it does tie the outfit together, and it’s a great 4th-of-July accessory, too.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

I highly, highly recommend this outfit, and since they’re retiring all of Tenney’s collection (as well as Z’s and Gabriela’s) on 12/31/18, I suggest you buy it now if you want it. You can click here to do that. (No, this post is not sponsored.)

To see a photoshoot of Crystal in this outfit, click here.

Have a great rest of your week, guys! I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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Back-To-School According to Crystal


Hello, lovlies! It’s your favorite doll here to give you some amazing back-to-school advice. Whether you’re going into high school, middle school, or you’re still in elementary, read on to learn everything you need to know for tackling the upcoming school year. Why do I sound like a YouTube video?!?!


Tip #1: Approach school with a good attitude. Having a bad attitude, or being in a negative mindset, will definitely NOT help you. Imagine the best – all the new friends you’ll make, the new stuff you’ll learn, etc., instead.


Tip #2: Smile. Smile at everyone. The nice kids, the mean kids, the good teachers, the cranky teachers. Even smiling when nothing’s funny will dramatically improve your attitude! Try it. You’d be surprised.


Tip #3: Challenge yourself. Try a new club, take an advanced/Honors class (if you qualify, of course). Do a team sport, like tennis, XC running, or skiing. Or just challenge yourself to get A’s on your tests or meet a new person every day.


Tip #4: Power through your homework. Sometimes, you’ll feel really bogged down with homework – especially if you get something to do from EVERY. SINGLE. TEACHER. When you get home, eat a nourishing snack and take a 15-minute walk before tackling your homework. Every thirty minutes, take a five-minute break and do something productive – switch the laundry, speed-clean the coffee table, or make your bed. Then get right back to work.


Tip #5: Breathe. This tip is great when you’re taking a big test. Don’t freak out. Visualize yourself in your happy place, and take a few deep breaths. You’ve got this!

I hope my tips help you this year!

Are you excited for school? What is your favorite class? When do you start (if you haven’t already)?



Luci On The Deck (A Photoshoot)

Yay! Luci’s first photoshoot!

Luci is a gorgeous doll and her meet outfit is ADORABLE. Guys, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve had her for a MONTH already and I haven’t taken her out of her meet outfit.

Now, let’s get onto the photoshoot!
















I thought that the flowers on the deck coordinated with her dress so nicely. Flowers are super fun to photograph, don’t you agree?

You can see that Luci’s eyes have that downward tilt that is supposedly an AG glitch, but I think it gives her nice character.

Which picture is your favorite? Do you have Luciana? Do you like flower photography, too? What do you think of Luci’s eyes?

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Guess Who Showed Up // I So Do Love Weird Post Titles

You probably saw this coming.

I couldn’t resist.

She was just so cute, so sweet.

Perfect for my collection.

Guess who arrived a few weeks ago?



(The hands belong to ten of my friends, who were at my house when this miraculous, life-changing event occured.) Okay, there aren’t twenty hands in the picture, but I promise there were twenty hands there! Well, when you count mine, my mom’s, my friends’ moms’ . . . okay, that’s a lot of hands.

Never mind.


There she is!






She’s so cuteeeee!!!! (Yeah, my friends love Callie . . . you can see her in the background).


I treated myself to Luci’s pajamas as well, which are super adorable.

So we’re up to nine now.

You can go check out Luci’s profile on the Meet The Dolls page, which I’m not going to bother linking for you because that involves work. 🙂

Okay, fine, I’ll link it for you. HERE

Huge thanks to Jewel for answering all of my questions about Luciana. I really appreciate it, Jewel!

Expect to see an adorable photoshoot of Luci soon!

Bye for now. 🙂

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The Mary Show (Giveaway/Collab)

Check out AKJaguar’s awesome giveaway/collab!

Faye & Co.

img_1006Hello everybody! I’m Miss Mary, hostess of the Mary Show! This week there will be no showing of the Mary Show because *whispers* I have *yells* TWENTY-ONE FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Follows!

Congratulations on getting 20 total follows on Jaguar’s Blog!
Your current tally is 21.


Oh yikes. Now I told everybody that when I have twenty followers that they would appear in a guest showing of the Mary Show. I intend to deliver. So, if YOU would like to be featured next week, or the week after, comment below. If you would like an extra entry, reblog this post. OK? Good. Because I will email the candidate who won, and NO ONE will know until NEXT Saturday. 

As part of winning this GRAND adventure, you will also recieve an EXCLUSIVE ‘I Was a Guest on The Mary Show’ poster that I will not show here because someone will steal it. 


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A Day in the Life: Grace Adelaide

Hey, guys! It’s Grace here. Guess what – it’s my turn for ADITL post! Yippee! Continue reading to hear all about why I do on an average day. 🙂

9:00 AM: I know, I know, most of my sisters get up waaaaayyyyy earlier than I do, but let’s just say I need my beauty sleep. Hmm, maybe I’ve been spending too much time around Crystal . . .

10:00 AM: Baking time! My dream is to be a professional baker, working in a pâtisserie in Paris. (I may need to change my wake-up time for this to become a reality, however). For my first treat, I whip up a batch of vanilla éclairs. Lindsey jumps in and sneaks two right out from under my nose – and then shoves them in her mouth. Le sigh. 

12:00 PM: Part of my duty of being the master chef in this house is to make everyone lunch. However, feeding seven other girls is nearly impossible, since they ALL WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT. McKenna puts in a request for grilled cheese sandwiches, Crystal orders a Caprese salad, and Tessa wants pizza. I decide to make chicken noodle soup with sandwiches. Take it or leave it, as they say.

2:00 PM: I head to Tessa’s first ballet class with her. She’s really excited, since finding her something to do here in Alaska has proven to be very difficult. We’ve tried gymnastics, dog training, etc., etc., etc. I’m hoping this works out for her. I bring along rhubarb crumb bars as a post-lesson snack.

5:00 PM: Dinner time! I cook up some pad see ew, a delicious Thai dish. It’s my family’s absolute favorite. You guys should try it sometime! Bonbon gets underfoot in the kitchen as I spill a pan of water on her. Fortunately, it wasn’t boiling hot water . . . that would have been bad. Instead, the floor gets a thorough cleaning. While Molly is helping me clean it up, she spouts of random facts about how in Israel, the women clean their floors by dumping a pot of water on them, and then all the water flows into a drain on the floor. Which is sort of unhelpful.

7:00 PM: I take Bonbon for a walk, accompanied by Morgan, Chocolate Chip, and Cooper. Because of the Midnight Sun, we can still enjoy sunlight even in the evening hours. However, we’re losing five minutes of sunlight a day. 😦 Soon it’ll snow, and then we’ll have Halloween and . . . Christmas!

10:00 PM: I tuck myself in bed and page through a new cookbook. I’m considering going Paleo, but then I would have to give up real sugar. No can do for me. Good night, guys!


What On Earth Have I Been Doing?

Hey guys. I’ve been hearing some things about why I haven’t been blogging lately from some friends of mine, and yes. I know I have not been blogging lately. Here’s why.

  • My cousins have been here
  • My pen pal from Texas has been here
  • My grandparents have been here
  • It’s summer in Alaska, which is the ONLY time of year you can do all the stuff you’ve needed to do for the past nine months

I know this sounds like an excuse, and yes, I probably should’ve announced a hiatus. But I’m going to do my absolute best to blog more now.


BUT I am taking three classes at a public school this year, so with that, homework, and other classes, I think I may only be able to post only ONCE a week, or twice if possible.

I’m getting started right now – check out my new A Day In The Life post, featuring Grace!

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