Guess Who Showed Up // I So Do Love Weird Post Titles

You probably saw this coming.

I couldn’t resist.

She was just so cute, so sweet.

Perfect for my collection.

Guess who arrived a few weeks ago?



(The hands belong to ten of my friends, who were at my house when this miraculous, life-changing event occured.) Okay, there aren’t twenty hands in the picture, but I promise there were twenty hands there! Well, when you count mine, my mom’s, my friends’ moms’ . . . okay, that’s a lot of hands.

Never mind.


There she is!






She’s so cuteeeee!!!!Β (Yeah, my friends love Callie . . . you can see her in the background).


I treated myself to Luci’s pajamas as well, which are super adorable.

So we’re up to nine now.

You can go check out Luci’s profile on the Meet The Dolls page, which I’m not going to bother linking for you because that involves work. πŸ™‚

Okay, fine, I’ll link it for you. HERE

Huge thanks to JewelΒ for answering all of my questions about Luciana. I really appreciate it, Jewel!

Expect to see an adorable photoshoot of Luci soon!

Bye for now. πŸ™‚

AGs in Alaska


25 thoughts on “Guess Who Showed Up // I So Do Love Weird Post Titles

  1. I have Luciana and she’s amazing! Unfortunately, I might be returning her because I never use her because she looks different from my other dolls.

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  2. GIRL! You’re making me want Luciana and I’m so broke….Congratulations on a spectacular new doll! I can’t wait to see her profile!

    Liked by 1 person

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