I Wish it Was Summer (A Photoshoot)

Snow. Ice. It’s melting, you guys.

As an Alaskan, this is a very big deal. There is heat to the sun, and actual patches of grass and cement with NO snow or ice on it!

*screams excitedly*

In honor of pre-breakup (the season between winter and breakup – breakup being the season between winter and spring in which snow melts, everything turns to mud, and the air constantly smells like dog pee), I decided to post some pictures of Molly I took back in September.







So I realized I’ve filled up 99.7% of my WordPress storage – any suggestions as to what I should do about that, guys?

Have a great Spring Break, if that’s next week for you like it is for me! (ONE MORE QUARTER, GUYS. ONE MORE QUARTER.)

AGs in Alaska


10 thoughts on “I Wish it Was Summer (A Photoshoot)

    1. Ugh you’re so lucky . . . we’re supposed to get more snow . . . spring is such a weird time here! But when the snow melts it’s SO beautiful and the May trees make the air smell delicious. 🙂

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      1. I hate it when it feels like spring is finally there and then it snows again! I’ve heard Alaska is super pretty when it warms up, I hope you’ll tell me all about it in your letters!

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  1. Our spring break starts as soon as school gets out today!! Yay!!

    Ps-don’t feel too bad Alaska, it hasn’t been very warm here lately. We actually had two days where it was a tiny bit below freezing! Now we’re back in the high 40s…

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    1. Okay… so I felt like I had to come back here and admit it has been in the high 60’s the past few days. The bluebonnets are out, and spring break has begun! Stock show season is over, and I’m excited for the neighborhood pool to open. 😜 Texas weather is really weird and up and down at this time of year though.

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