Photos Not Showing Up?

Hey guys . . . a lot of you mentioned in my last post that you’re unable to see pictures that I’m posting on my American Girl blog (this one). I was using Google Photos to host my pictures, as I ran out of storage space, but for some reason they won’t show up once I publish the post. However, people have left comments saying things like “great pictures,” so I know that some of you can see them!

I contacted someone asking about a good photo hosting website, but until I hear back from them, my AG blog might be down for a while. This is super disappointing, as it’s summer and I have a lot more time (and motivation!) to blog.

I could really use some help from you guys, though . . . please click the links below to visit my last three posts, and then leave a comment down below telling me which posts, if any, you can see pictures in. (Note that the Emily flower photoshoot will probably have one picture you can see, that was the last picture I had storage space to upload.)

I really, really appreciate it, guys! I’m kind of stressed out about this right now, but I’m trying to fix it ASAP. I am blogging on my personal blog,, so you can go over there to see posts from me in the meantime.

Also, if you use a photo hosting website that works for you, I would loveeeeeeeee any suggestions!

The links:

Thank you so, so, so much, blogging friends!

AGs in Alaska