About AGs in Alaska

Hi, everyone! In the interest of privacy, I’m not going to put my name on this blog for now, but you can call me “AGs in Alaska.”

Besides dolls, I am interested in:

  • Photography (I am taking a professional photography class in October, which I am super excited for!)
  • Writing (I am currently working on my second novel)
  • Petsitting/babysitting (I have been a neighborhood petsitter since I was in fourth grade)
  • Reading (see below)
  • Foreign language study (I am billiterate in French and am on my second year of ASL, plus I’m considering starting Spanish next year)
  • Travel (my family is going to Europe next summer so I can use all of my French! And ya know, do touristy things and such)
  • Winter sports (I both ski – skate and downhill – and ice skate)
  • Music (I have played piano since first grade and I am dabbling in guitar, plus listening to all of my favorite Christian artists)

My favorites:

Artist: Grace VanderWaal, Danny Gokey, Riley Clemmons

Book: Keeper of the Lost Cities Series #sokeefe

Animal: Dogs and bunnies

Color: Purple

Food: Thai noodle dishes

And that’s pretty much it.

Head over to my About the Blog page to learn more about my blog and why I started it.

Yours truly,

AGs in Alaska