My 50th Post – Q&A!

Hello, lovely readers! Today is a very, very special occassion. This is my 50th post!

(cheers, confetti, balloons, chocolate)

Before we get to the exciting part of this post, I want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to all of my fabulous readers and subscribers. I probably wouldn’t still be blogging if it weren’t for you. You guys are amazing!!! You have no idea what it means to me to read your sweet comments and know that you are supporting my blogging efforts.

And now for the announcement!

For my 50th post, I’m doing a Q&A! 🙂 🙂 🙂

This wasn’t my original idea. My original idea was a lot more complicated, and with NaNoWriMo and scheduling my posts, I didn’t have the time to do what I wanted to – so I’m saving that for later. Maybe for my 50 subscribers post – so if you haven’t subscribed to my blog already (and you feel that my  blog is subscription-worthy), please do so.

Now, here are the rules for the Q&A:

  • You can ask as many questions as you want.
  • The questions must not be creepy, inappropriate, or personal (i.e., my name or address).
  • You only have until November 8th to ask me questions. I will be answering your queries on my Monday, November 9th post.

Now, I did not publish a post on Monday because if I had, this would be my 51st post, instead of my 50th. That’s why.

Okay, that’s all! Please question away! I can’t wait to see what questions you come up with.

And once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

-AGs in Alaska-



American Girl Major Sale – Today Only!

Hi everybody! I know it’s not a Monday or a Thursday, but this is important information. I just learned from The AG Homeschooler that American Girl is having a HUGE sale – 15 dollars for select outfits, and 7 dollars for select accessories! I just bought Grace’s earrings for half their original price. So hop on over to their website ( to check out some cool stuff!

Big thanks to The AG Homeschooler for letting me know! Just thought I’d help her spread the word!

-AGs in Alaska-

20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!


Oh my gosh, you guys, I just checked my email inbox and found out that two people subscribed to my blog today . . . sending me to 20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!

I am seriously super happy right now. Y’all are so nice to subscribe and read my blog, even though I am an inexperienced AG blogger. To celebrate, I made of list of why I love blogging and my blog friends!

My List of Why I Love AG Blogging

  • The AGBC (American Girl Blogger/Blogging Community) is INCREDIBLE. People are so nice in the comments and have nominated me for awards and oh my goodness, I was not expecting that AT ALL. In fact, my mom warned me that people may be mean in the comments. That has NOT happened (yet). Everyone is so friendly and wonderful!
  • I can post whatever AG ideas I want to and you guys don’t call me crazy. Again, y’all are so sweet!
  • Blogging is just simply . . . fun!!! Tags and nominations and chatting in the comments are the funnest (yes, that is a word) things about blogging.
  • I just realized this is a very short list, because I can’t put into words how blogging makes me feel!
  • So just thank you sooooo much!

On Thursday, I have a very cool post coming up, so stay tuned!

By the way, I’m sure some of you are wondering why my blog doesn’t have pictures in every post, like a lot of AG doll blogs do. That’s because I don’t currently have a camera to use. This is disappointing for me, because I love photography, but I’m hoping to get a camera I can use soon.

Thanks again for 20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

-AGs in Alaska-

Create Your Own Released + Name That Doll!

Hi! My last post was about Create Your Own dolls, American Girl’s new type of doll. They’re a lot like TrulyMe dolls, except you can customize the doll exactly the way you want her, from eye color to hair color to skin tone and even face shape!

Create Your Own were released yesterday and I went online to the American Girl doll website and created my own doll. This is what she looks like:



Isn’t she cute? I’m not actually going to be getting her, considering I already have a doll (Crystal) who looks almost exactly like me already, and I cannot justify the $200 price of buying a Create Your Own. But I l-o-v-e the idea!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Are any of you guys going to be getting Create Your Own dolls?

I decided that this doll needs a name – and what better way to do that than a Name That Doll contest?

This time, you guys get to come up with your own names instead of voting. Post your name ideas in the description, and on August 16th I’ll pick the name I like best. Winner gets bragging rights! So what are you still waiting for? I want ideas!!!

-AGs in Alaska-

Breaking News!!!

Okay, well I don’t really know if this is breaking news, but I just found out the COOLEST THING EVER when I was on the AG website.

Coming soon, YOU can create your own, completely personalized doll! I mean completely customized! Take a look:

They’re called Create Your Own dolls. I love this idea so much!!! In addition to creating your own doll, you can also make your own outfit for the doll, plus you get a Create Your Own tee-shirt, personalized keepsake doll box, and a 6-month subscription to the AG magazine!

Plus, it ships free. Probably not including Alaska and Hawaii.

I have a theory about why American Girl is doing this. I watched a YouTube video where a girl called AG and asked what they thought about customizing AG dolls (not like the Create Your Owns, but buying wigs and changing their eyes and stuff), and they said the dolls aren’t meant to be customized. That’s probably also the reason the dolls come with zip ties, not strings, so you can’t take their heads off to customize. Now they’re offering dolls you can make to look just like you, and charging nearly a hundred dollars more than the regular TrulyMe dolls.

Anyway, I love these dolls so much! Now girls who don’t have a TrulyMe who looks just like them can finally have their own! Way to go, American Girl!!!!

What do YOU guys think of Create Your Own dolls? Are you going to get one? Tell me in the comments below!

-AGs in Alaska-