The Dog Blog: Coconut

Morgan: Hi, everybody! I know, I know, it took me FOREVER to get back to you with a new dog blog interview. I sure I was really missed. Anywho, I’m back! This time around, I’m interviewing Coconut, who is Crystal’s West Highland terrier. Welcome to the show, Coconut!

Coconut: Hello, Morgan.

Morgan: I just love that Scottish accent, Coconut. It’s very dignified.

Coconut: Thank you, Morgan. I do so like to think so.

Morgan: Coconut, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about you. Can you tell us about yourself?

Coconut: Well, I was adopted by Crystal on Christmas six years ago, and I’ve been living the good life ever since. Frequent trips to the groomers, gourmet dog food, a cozy spot on the couch . . . I have it all.

Morgan: Is there an activity you really enjoy doing?

Coconut: I enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice with Crystal on the television. It’s a long-time favorite of ours.

Morgan: Can you describe yourself to our readers in a couple of words?

Coconut: Those would have to be “foodie” and “dignified.” I love gourmet dog food, especially if it’s barbecue chicken flavored. Oh, and feel free to send me Milkbones. I also like to think of myself as dignified because instead of playing rough-and-tumble games with Chocolate Chip and Cooper, I sit on the couch and watch the world go by. It’s much more fitting for a dog like me . . . plus, my hair is simply impossible for Crystal to comb out after rolling around in the dirt.

Morgan: Speaking of Chocolate Chip and Cooper, they’re the best of friends . . . oops, I wasn’t supposed to let that slip. Anyways, do you have a good canine friend in the AGIA family?

Coconut: Not particularly. My only real friend is Crystal. She appreciates my true need for love and a grooming brush.

Morgan: Crystal is the oldest girl in the AGIA family, and you’re the oldest dog, correct?

Coconut: That is accurate, Morgan.

Morgan: Is that a big responsibility? Do you like being the oldest?

Coconut: It doesn’t really matter to me, since the other dogs and I never really socialize unless we’re going for a walk together. But being the oldest does have it’s perks – I can bark at Yank and Bennett to get off the couch.

Morgan: A hierarchy, eh? Now, Coconut, you’ve mentioned that you enjoy going to the groomer’s. Does your fur require lots of work?

Coconut: It does indeed, Morgan. To keep it looking the way it does now, I have to visit Princella Paws, my groomer, at least once a week.

Morgan: Once a week? Sounds luxurious. Do you consider yourself spoiled?

Coconut: Spoiled? Of course not. I’m appreciated, like I should be. Crystal is very lucky to have me as her pet.

Morgan: One last question for you, Coconut. How do you feel about Crystal? Is she a good owner?

Coconut: She’s an excellent owner. She understands my unique and individual needs . . . well, she sometimes buys the cheap food instead of the gourmet, but I give her grace and overlook that. Everybody makes mistakes. Except for me, of course.

Morgan: Er, okay. Thank you for joining me today, Coconut. That’s all for the Dog Blog, folks. See you next time!



A Day in The Life: Crystal

Hey guys, it’s me, Crystal. I’m taking over “da blog” to share with you what a typical day looks like for me. I’m not very good with blog intros, so I’ll just get on with it.

7:00 AM: Brrrrring! I awake to the sound of my very annoying, very loud alarm clock that literally has you shaking when you wake up. It’s not a good feeling, but I’m stuck with that stupid clock. Grrrr.

7:45 AM: By this point, I’ve showered, selected a cute outfit, and done my hair and makeup. Oh, and I’ve yelled at Lindsey to get out the bathroom approximately 17 times. Sigh. #sisterproblems

8:00 AM: It’s off to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast. I typically like to have toast with raspberry jam, pancakes, or a fruit smoothie. What I don’t like to have? OATMEAL.

8:30 AM: It’s time to start school. I am homeschooled, so I do all my work in the office in my house. Fortunately, it has a door that locks, so I can have some privacy. I like to start out with my favorite subject, French. Grace helps me practice my French quite often, as she has been to Paris. I would love to go there someday with her. Grace and I get along quite nicely, because we have a lot of the same interests. Like France, French, and things made with sugar.

11:00 AM: I’ve been doing schoolwork for several hours now, so I take a quick lunch break and go for a walk. I take Morgan, Coconut, and Chocolate Chip with me. Morgan talks my ears off about dogs and agility training the whole time, but I don’t really mind. The leaves are bright orange and sticks crunch under my feet as we walk along. It’s very peaceful and nature-y.

12:00 PM: I get back to schoolwork. I only have a couple of hours before we leave the house for our afternoon activities, so I have to work quickly.

2:00 PM: Emily, Molly, McKenna and I head to gymnastics practice. McKenna is the only one who does gymnastics, but we like to watch her and her friends do their cool tricks. McKenna only falls off the beam once during the whole practice. She’s very pleased with herself, so I give her a big hug once she has washed the chalk off of her hands. I do NOT want to get THAT on my clothes.

4:30 PM: As the oldest in the family, it’s my responsibility to have dinner ready for everybody. Tonight I’m making a beef and veggie stir-fry. It’s all-natural and very healthy.  Plus it tastes good, so i’ts a win-win.

6:00 PM: Molly, who, believe it or not, is the second-maturest in the family (next to me of course, despite the fact that she’s also the second-youngest) helps me with the dishes. I wear rubber gloves so the hot water and dish soap won’t ruin my nails and skin.

8:00 PM: I take a bubble bath (again, I have to yell at Lindsey to just GET OUT) and read a fashion magazine.

9:00: I pull on my pajamas, brush my teeth, and climb into bed. It’s been a long day, and I have to get up tomorrow and do it all over again. Crystal, out.