The Dog – Wait, No – Bunny Blog: Mischief


Morgan: Why hello there, peoples of the universe! It’s Morgan here with a VERY special edition of The Dog Blog – this time featuring not a dog, but a bunny! Everyone, please welcome Mischief, Tessa’s rabbit. We’re making AGIA history here, folks!

Mischief: Hello, everybody. *twitch twitch*

Morgan: So, Mischief, you’ve quite new to the family, huh?

Mischief: That’s right. I’ve been here for a couple weeks now.

Morgan: And have you liked it here so far?

Mischief: Yes, everybody is so friendly. The girls – well, most of the girls – are gentle and always handle me with respect.

Morgan: You said most of the girls? Which girls aren’t gentle with you?

Mischief: Well, I don’t want to name names, but . . . *cough* Lindsey *cough cough*

Morgan: I see . . . I’ll have to talk with her about that . . . moving on . . . I thought you would be able to bring some new ideas to the table, since most of the animals I interview are dogs. Now, I love dogs, but all they want to do is play fetch. What activities do you most enjoy?

Mischief: Cuddling is great! Tessa is so nice about giving me lots of pets and attention. I also like it when she lets me out of my cage so I can run around. It’s so nice to stretch my legs and do binkies.

Morgan: Binkies? What are those?

Mischief: Here, take a look . . .


Credit: Gfycat


Mischief: They’re great for releasing pent-up energy after being in a cage.

Morgan: So to you, is your cage a jail cell, or a home?

Mischief: Definitely a home. Sometimes, I’ll hop right back into my cage because I’m not in the mood to play – I’d rather relax in my house. Besides, Tessa keeps it so clean, why would I not want to be inside?

Morgan: Right? Now, Mischief, we got a lot of comments on our post about your great escape. Can you tell us what led you to jump out of your cage and attempt to run into the road?


Mischief: What can I say? Freedom . . . not that I don’t love this family, though. I just saw some yummy dandelions, and I just had to go.

Morgan: *chuckles* I get it. What about your favorite foods – do you have any of those?

Mischief: Oh, all sorts of veggies. Carrots are my favorite, of course, but those are so high in sugar, so I only get them once a week. Instead, Tessa feeds me celery, dandelions, and bell peppers.

Morgan: Is all you eat vegetables?

Mischief: Oh, no. Timothy hay is extremely important for roughage in bunny diets. In fact, 80% of a bunny diet should be hay. 10% is veggies, and the last 10% is hay-based food pellets.


Morgan: Fascinating! One last question: are you friends with Moe, AGs in Alaska’s rabbit?

Mischief: We’ve hung out a few times, and let me just say that that rabbit has . . . a lot of personality. I’m sure we’ll get to be good friends, though.

Morgan: I sure hope so. Thank you so much, Mischief, for joining me today!

Mischief: Thanks for having me. I’m very excited to be a part of this family.

Morgan: That’s all for now, folks! Let us know in the comments which pet you would like to see featured next!


Disclaimer: AGs in Alaska is not responsible for your rabbits nutrition – the bunny diet above is what she feeds her bunnies. Please take your veterinarian’s advice in choosing what to feed your own rabbit. 


The Dog Blog: Grace

Morgan: Welcome to today’s edition of The Dog Blog! It’s Morgan here with the lovely Grace, Lindsey’s Bassett Hound!

Grace: Hello, everybody.

Morgan: Grace, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What are your favorite activities?

Grace: Hmm . . . well, since I’m a Basset Hound, I have a real talent for sniffing things out. Lindsey and I play this game where she hides something from me and I have to sniff it out for her. I have the best nose in the family. Other than that, I like to go for walks and sit by Lindsey while she’s writing an interesting story. She always reads them aloud to me. If I don’t like something, I scratch at her pantlegs. She says I’m her best editor, in fact!

Morgan: I know you’re very close to Lindsey, but what about any other dogs in the family?

Grace: I really enjoy playing with Yank and Bennett. Those two are high-energy. They really get me moving on days when I feel like just napping.

Morgan: Oh? And is that often?

Grace: Yes. Every day, in fact.

Morgan: I see. Now, what about your favorite type of treat?

Grace: Well, unlike most dogs, I am a vegetarian. I love lettuce and carrots. My main meals consist of peas, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and some chunks of watermelon for dessert. I absolutely detest meat. Eating other animals, while I am an animal myself? Horrendous!

Morgan: Does Lindsey buy you the organic variety of vegetables?

Graec: Absolutely. It’s healthier, you know.

Morgan: Of course. Is Lindsey a good owner to you?

Grace: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Morgan: Um, Grace? Are you awake?

Grace: What?!?! Squirrel!!!

Morgan: Er, it’s just me, Grace.

Grace: Oh dear, I’m terribly sorry. What were you saying?

Morgan: I was asking you if you think Lindsey is a good owner.

Grace: Oh, of course. Yes, she is. If I could write book like her – unfortunately, I don’t have opposable thumbs – I would dedicate it to her. She’s a very talented one. Always getting into mischief, though. I have to be here to keep her out of trouble. The house would probaby not be standing if it weren’t for me.

Morgan: Hehe. I see. One last question, Grace. What would you say your best and worst personality traits are?

Grace: Hmm . . . well, my best one would probably be my loyalty to Lindsey. The worst one? I’ve been called boring before. Possibly because of my tendency to nap at improper times.

Morgan: Thank you so much for joining us, Grace. Have a nice day, everyone!

Grace: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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The Dog Blog: Bonbon

Bonbon the French bulldog

Morgan: Welcome back to the Dog Blog, everybody! Today I will be interviewing Bonbon, who is Grace’s French bulldog. We’re thrilled to have you here, Bonbon!

Bonbon: Bonjour, Morgan. I am very, how you say, thrilled to be here, too.

Morgan: I’m sure all of our readers would like to know a bit more about you, Bonbon. Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Bonbon: My main passion eez making Grace feel loved, but I also like to support her culinary efforts. I sit by her in zee kitchen while she bakes, and I sample her pastries when they come out of zee oven. Plus, I am zee mascot of her baking business! It eez a lot of work for one dog, but I manage.

Morgan: Now, Bonbon, is it true that you are fluent in both French and English?

Bonbon: Zat eez true indeed, mademoiselle.

Morgan: Does that make it tricky to communicate with your owner, Grace?

Bonbon: Non, not at all. Grace and I both understand another language – the language zat comes when a dog and her owner share a special bond.

Morgan: That is so sweet, Bonbon. You seem to truly love Grace. How would you describe her?

Bonbon: Ah, my Grace eez a wonderful owner. We are zee best of friends. Grace walks me and plays fetch with me toujours. She never forgets to feed me and brush my silky locks of fur.

Morgan: Do you have a good friend in the family other than Grace?

Bonbon: Well, I wouldn’t call us friends, but I’ve always admired Coconut. Zat dog really knows how to live zee chic life.

Morgan: I see. Is there a special activity you enjoy doing with Grace?

Bonbon: Zat would have to be our daily walks to zee dog park. I have many friends there. Grace understands that I need to socialize with those who are of zee same species as me. I also enjoy baking with her in zee kitchen.

Morgan: She doesn’t let you sample any of her chocolate pastries, does she?

Bonbon: Non, non. Grace is too good of an owner to let me eat anything chocolate. Not only is it bad for moi, it is entirely too fattening. I must maintain a slim figure. I am Grace’s mascot, after all. I’m a public figure!

Morgan: Thank you so much, Bonbon. That’s all the time we have today, folks. Check back soon for another edition of the Dog Blog!


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The Dog Blog: Coconut

Morgan: Hi, everybody! I know, I know, it took me FOREVER to get back to you with a new dog blog interview. I sure I was really missed. Anywho, I’m back! This time around, I’m interviewing Coconut, who is Crystal’s West Highland terrier. Welcome to the show, Coconut!

Coconut: Hello, Morgan.

Morgan: I just love that Scottish accent, Coconut. It’s very dignified.

Coconut: Thank you, Morgan. I do so like to think so.

Morgan: Coconut, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about you. Can you tell us about yourself?

Coconut: Well, I was adopted by Crystal on Christmas six years ago, and I’ve been living the good life ever since. Frequent trips to the groomers, gourmet dog food, a cozy spot on the couch . . . I have it all.

Morgan: Is there an activity you really enjoy doing?

Coconut: I enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice with Crystal on the television. It’s a long-time favorite of ours.

Morgan: Can you describe yourself to our readers in a couple of words?

Coconut: Those would have to be “foodie” and “dignified.” I love gourmet dog food, especially if it’s barbecue chicken flavored. Oh, and feel free to send me Milkbones. I also like to think of myself as dignified because instead of playing rough-and-tumble games with Chocolate Chip and Cooper, I sit on the couch and watch the world go by. It’s much more fitting for a dog like me . . . plus, my hair is simply impossible for Crystal to comb out after rolling around in the dirt.

Morgan: Speaking of Chocolate Chip and Cooper, they’re the best of friends . . . oops, I wasn’t supposed to let that slip. Anyways, do you have a good canine friend in the AGIA family?

Coconut: Not particularly. My only real friend is Crystal. She appreciates my true need for love and a grooming brush.

Morgan: Crystal is the oldest girl in the AGIA family, and you’re the oldest dog, correct?

Coconut: That is accurate, Morgan.

Morgan: Is that a big responsibility? Do you like being the oldest?

Coconut: It doesn’t really matter to me, since the other dogs and I never really socialize unless we’re going for a walk together. But being the oldest does have it’s perks – I can bark at Yank and Bennett to get off the couch.

Morgan: A hierarchy, eh? Now, Coconut, you’ve mentioned that you enjoy going to the groomer’s. Does your fur require lots of work?

Coconut: It does indeed, Morgan. To keep it looking the way it does now, I have to visit Princella Paws, my groomer, at least once a week.

Morgan: Once a week? Sounds luxurious. Do you consider yourself spoiled?

Coconut: Spoiled? Of course not. I’m appreciated, like I should be. Crystal is very lucky to have me as her pet.

Morgan: One last question for you, Coconut. How do you feel about Crystal? Is she a good owner?

Coconut: She’s an excellent owner. She understands my unique and individual needs . . . well, she sometimes buys the cheap food instead of the gourmet, but I give her grace and overlook that. Everybody makes mistakes. Except for me, of course.

Morgan: Er, okay. Thank you for joining me today, Coconut. That’s all for the Dog Blog, folks. See you next time!


The Dog Blog: Chocolate Chip

Morgan: Hey, everybody! What’s up? It’s Morgan here on the Dog Blog. The Dog Blog is a brand-new thing here on American Girls in Alaska. It’s where I interview the AGIA (new acronym for American Girls in Alaska) family dogs. I’m pleased to announce that the very first dog I’ll be interviewing is my own one. Please welcome . . . Chocolate Chip!

Chocolate Chip: Hi, friends!

Morgan: Chocolate Chip – or Chocolate, if I may call you that – how does it feel to be the very first dog interviewed on American Girls in Alaska?

Chocolate Chip: It’s an honor. I’m very pleased that I was selected.

Morgan: Chocolate Chip, lots of our readers here might not know much about you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Chocolate Chip: Of course, Morgan. My main love is helping my human friends – I’m trained as a service dog, as you can tell by the vest I wear. When I’m not helping, I like to play fetch in the backyard – for a yummy chicken-flavored treat, of course.

Morgan: Of course. Now, Chocolate, I promise I’ll keep this totally confidential from all the other dogs, but is there a particular friend you have in the AGIA family?

Chocolate Chip: If I had to pick, it would be Cooper, McKenna’s dog. All of the other dogs are so small, so I can’t play rough-and-tumble games without somebody – and it’s never me, of course – getting hurt. Cooper likes the same things I do: fetch, treats, and going for walks. We’re best buds.

Morgan: If you had to choose between walks and fetch, which one would it be?

Chocolate Chip: Fetch, of course. We Labrador Retrievers love running toward that flying green tennis ball, picking it up in our mouths, and racing back to our owners to be rewarded with a pat on the head, a “Good Boy!” and another chance to chase the ball.

Morgan: Now, Chocolate Chip, I know that this may be a strange question, but how would you describe your owner?

Chocolate Chip: You’re really fun to play with, and I love that you love me and all the other dogs so much. I really appreciate all the time you spent training me to be a service dog. But you do sometimes skimp on the treats.

Morgan: Now, Chocolate Chip . . .

(Chocolate Chip licks Morgan’s face)

Morgan: Okay, okay. Good boy. I love you too. That’s all we have for you today, folks. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Dog Blog.