Twelve Days of Christmas, Day #12: Surprise! (A Photostory) + Giveaway Winner


It’s Christmas! Finally! December 25th, 2017.

I hope you all are having a very merry Christmas. Please, chat away in the comments. Tell me what you got, what you’re having for dinner, how your family celebrated, traditions, etc.

And now, onto the epic Christmas photostory I promised you! (Apologies in advance for any blurry/dark pictures!)


“Can we open presents now?” Lindsey begs.



“Why not?” Crystal replies. “It is Christmas, after all.”


“I think this one is for you, Lindsey,” Molly says, handing Lindsey a bright red bag.


Lindsey unwraps the present.


The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict!” she squeals. “Thank you thank you thank you!!!”


“This one is yours, Grace,” Morgan says sweetly, holding up a brown box tied with a bright red bow.


Grace opens the box. “Earrings!”



“This one is for you, Morgan,” Emily tells her sister softly.


“Aw, a chew toy for Chocolate Chip! He’ll love it – thank you!” Morgan exclaims.


“Now, here’s your present, Em,” Morgan says, handing Emily a Santa Claus bag.


Emily pulls out the wrapping paper.


“Oh, a music book!”


“Thank you, everybody.”


“Hey, Crystal, here’s yours,” Molly tells Crystal, holding up her present.


“Oh, for me?” Crystal asks. “Thank you.”


“Eek! A fairy costume! Hold on, let me go put it on!” Crystal shrieks.


She returns a few minutes later wearing the glitzy costume.


“McKenna, this one is yours,” Lindsey says.


McKenna opens the box excitedly. “A FITBIT!!!!”


“It fits perfectly!” McKenna exclaims. “You guys are da best!”


“Here, Molly,” Grace says, holding up an owl bag. “I think this one is yours.”


Molly pulls out the tissue paper, practically smothering herself.


“SAT Secrets! It’s just what I wanted!” Molly exclaims. “Thank you so much!”


Lindsey snorts ungracefully.


Emily elbows her. “Lindsey.”

All of a sudden, the doorbell rings.


“Hey, who’s going to get that?” McKenna asks. “We’re all in our pajamas.”


“I’ll get it,” Crystal answers. “I’m the only one not in my PJs.”


“Um, Crystal, maybe you shouldn’t-”


Crystal ingores her and jets up the stairs in her fairy costume.




“Oh, my apologies,” Crystal says, sliding her fairy mask on top of her head.


“Is this the American Girls in Alaska family?” the girl asks in a Southern accent.


Crystal nods. “Yes, it is. I’m Crystal.”


“Hey, who’s this?” Grace asks, bounding up the stairs.


“I have no idea,” Crystal replies.


“I’m Tessa,” the girl says in a Southern accent.


“Hey, I’m Grace,” Grace introduces herself.


Molly suddenly appears out of nowhere. “Hello. I’m Molly. Sorry we’re all in our pajamas.”


“It’s fine,” Tessa says. “It’s nice to meet you.”


“Hey, who’re you?” Lindsey asks rudely.


“Lindsey, be nice,” Morgan chides, appearing behind Lindsey. “Hi, I’m Morgan, and this is Lindsey.”


“Are you our new sister?” McKenna asks. “Hi, I’m McKenna.”


“And this is Emily,” Morgan says, prodding Emily forward.


“Why don’t you come downstairs?” Crystal asks Tessa.


“Alright,” Tessa agrees.


Back downstairs, Morgan says, “We’re so sorry, Tessa. We don’t have a present for you.”


“Yes, you do,” Tessa tells her. “You’re my new family. And that’s the best thing I could ask for.”


-End of Photostory-


I GOT A NEW DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa Elizabeth is a customized Truly Me #24 doll who I bought off of Ebay. I purchased a wig from Beautifully Custom, the Cocoa Caramel Swirl wig. Isn’t it gorgeous????

Anyway, I love Tessa sooooo much, and I hope you’ll all welcome her into the American Girls in Alaska family.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .

The giveaway winner!
















































Congratulations, Kaylyn!

I will be contacting you shortly to get your shipping address.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

If you would like to enter another giveaway of mine, never fear, because I will be doing one shortly. I am thinking about doing one for my 100th post, which is very soon.

A big thank you to AG Doll Dreams for her amazing Fitbit tutorial and to Micah @ Mixiepixie7 on YouTube for her mini book tutorial. Go check out AG Doll Dreams blog here and, if you’re allowed to, check out Micah’s channel on YouTube.

Okay, everyone! That is all for now! I will be back later today with The Christmas Tag, which I was nominated for. But until then . . .


AGs in Alaska


The Double Craft Tag!

Hi everybody! Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World Blog was super sweet and tagged me for The Craft Tag she created! If you’ve never heard of Kaylyn, go check her blog out. It is super cool. Now, here’s the thing. Kaylyn also tagged Avaroo2003, who tagged Natalie, who tagged me! So . . . I get to do this tag TWICE!!! 🙂

Here are the rules for the tag:

1. Answer all of the questions.

2. Create 5 or more new questions.

3. Tag however many people you want.

Kaylyn is asking these questions:

1. What crafts do you enjoy doing the most?

2. Have you made AG doll clothes?

3. What is your favorite craft that you have done so far?

4. Have you ever gotten a craft kit?

5. What is your favorite craft kit that you have ever gotten?

6. What is a craft you could never do?

7. What is your dream craft project?

Here are my answers:

  1. I enjoy crafts that already have pieces ready to be assembled. I am not very good at crafting, so this is helpful for me.
  2. I have made AG doll clothes before, yes. Check out this post if you want to see an example.
  3. My favorite craft I have ever done would probably have to be the letters spelling out my name that hang in my room. I did each one differently. One is covered in buttons, one in glitter, one in stickers, one in washi tape, and one in 3-D butterflies.
  4. Yes.
  5. I got a craft kit for making a cute wooden owl that you cover in scrapbooking paper and then glue eyeballs and a nose on. I have two of them.
  6. A craft I could never do . . . anything involving a Cricut. Waaaay too complicated.
  7. Hmm. Oh, I know! I have a corkboard for my bedroom that I really want to cover in fabric and then string stretchy ribbon across so I can slip in pictures. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

Natalie is asking these questions:

  1. What is your favorite craft to do?
  2. Knitting or sewing?
  3. Painting or sculpting?
  4. Favorite kind of paint?
  5. Favorite type of fabric (felt, cotton, knits)?
  6. How often do you craft?

Here are my answers:

  1. Crafts with ready-to-go pieces.
  2. Sewing.
  3. Painting.
  4. Acrylic.
  5. Minky.
  6. Not a whole lot. When I see something I really, really want to make, I’ll do it.

Here are the questions I’m asking:

  1. Are you good at crafting?
  2. Do you ever get frustrated when crafting?
  3. What type of crafting do you enjoy the most?
  4. Do you know how to use a sewing machine?
  5. Have you ever used a latchhook kit?
  6. Are you good at whipping up crafts out of thin air, or do you need specific instructions?
  7. Have you sewed doll clothes before?
  8. Have you ever sewed a stuffed animal?

I am nominating:

Madison @ Delightful World of Dolls

Emmie @ Pheonix American Girl World

The AG Homeschooler @ AG’s Wondrous World

Thanks again, Kaylyn, for nominating me! Everyone have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

Oh, and one more quick thing: I have received over 100 likes on my blog!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 This makes me so happy – thank you to everyone who supports my blogging efforts! You are amazing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

-AGs in Alaska-