The Dog – Wait, No – Bunny Blog: Mischief


Morgan: Why hello there, peoples of the universe! It’s Morgan here with a VERY special edition of The Dog Blog – this time featuring not a dog, but a bunny! Everyone, please welcome Mischief, Tessa’s rabbit. We’re making AGIA history here, folks!

Mischief: Hello, everybody. *twitch twitch*

Morgan: So, Mischief, you’ve quite new to the family, huh?

Mischief: That’s right. I’ve been here for a couple weeks now.

Morgan: And have you liked it here so far?

Mischief: Yes, everybody is so friendly. The girls – well, most of the girls – are gentle and always handle me with respect.

Morgan: You said most of the girls? Which girls aren’t gentle with you?

Mischief: Well, I don’t want to name names, but . . . *cough* Lindsey *cough cough*

Morgan: I see . . . I’ll have to talk with her about that . . . moving on . . . I thought you would be able to bring some new ideas to the table, since most of the animals I interview are dogs. Now, I love dogs, but all they want to do is play fetch. What activities do you most enjoy?

Mischief: Cuddling is great! Tessa is so nice about giving me lots of pets and attention. I also like it when she lets me out of my cage so I can run around. It’s so nice to stretch my legs and do binkies.

Morgan: Binkies? What are those?

Mischief: Here, take a look . . .


Credit: Gfycat


Mischief: They’re great for releasing pent-up energy after being in a cage.

Morgan: So to you, is your cage a jail cell, or a home?

Mischief: Definitely a home. Sometimes, I’ll hop right back into my cage because I’m not in the mood to play – I’d rather relax in my house. Besides, Tessa keeps it so clean, why would I not want to be inside?

Morgan: Right? Now, Mischief, we got a lot of comments on our post about your great escape. Can you tell us what led you to jump out of your cage and attempt to run into the road?


Mischief: What can I say? Freedom . . . not that I don’t love this family, though. I just saw some yummy dandelions, and I just had to go.

Morgan: *chuckles* I get it. What about your favorite foods – do you have any of those?

Mischief: Oh, all sorts of veggies. Carrots are my favorite, of course, but those are so high in sugar, so I only get them once a week. Instead, Tessa feeds me celery, dandelions, and bell peppers.

Morgan: Is all you eat vegetables?

Mischief: Oh, no. Timothy hay is extremely important for roughage in bunny diets. In fact, 80% of a bunny diet should be hay. 10% is veggies, and the last 10% is hay-based food pellets.


Morgan: Fascinating! One last question: are you friends with Moe, AGs in Alaska’s rabbit?

Mischief: We’ve hung out a few times, and let me just say that that rabbit has . . . a lot of personality. I’m sure we’ll get to be good friends, though.

Morgan: I sure hope so. Thank you so much, Mischief, for joining me today!

Mischief: Thanks for having me. I’m very excited to be a part of this family.

Morgan: That’s all for now, folks! Let us know in the comments which pet you would like to see featured next!


Disclaimer: AGs in Alaska is not responsible for your rabbits nutrition – the bunny diet above is what she feeds her bunnies. Please take your veterinarian’s advice in choosing what to feed your own rabbit. 


A Message From Moe

Hello everyone, it is I – Moe.

If you are wondering why AGs in Alaska has not posted AT ALL this week, I am here with the long-awaited answer.

Although it’s just dolls, people. Her blog should really be about ME. Come on. Wouldn’t that be, like, a thousand times better?

*Crystal starts blabbering* 

Okay, fine. The real reason AGs in Alaska hasn’t posted at all this week is because of a slow wifi connection where she is. Fortunately, she is returning tonight and will be back to posting tomorrow.

How did I even get this message?

The answer: a carrier pigeon. Not the most efficient way to send notes, of course. I much prefer texting. But whatevs.

Moe, signing off.


Bunny Bloopers

Hey, y’all! So, you know how pet photography is supposed to be super hard? Well . . . it is.

I present to you . . . Bunny Bloopers, from the post “Out of the Office!”





Hello . . . the camera is over here . . .



I ask my brother to get him a carrot. He comes back with this.















Here are some of the good ones that I have not posted yet!




So, as you can see, pet photography is very difficult. But . . . every once in a while you’ll end up with a picture like this:


And you realize it was totally worth it.

See y’all on Monday!

AGs in Alaska

P.S. Want to see more of Moe? Lucky for you, he’s going to be my fill-in starting next Thursday while I’m on vacation!

Out of the Office

Moe here, your friendly neighborhood rabbit. AGs in Alaska is out of the office today (something about preparing for a cross-country ski lesson and French tutoring and Part 2 of The Trials of Tessa), so she asked me to write a little blurb. The only problem is, she failed to give me adequate notice, so I have nothing doll-related to post about. So instead, I have decided to post pictures of my utter adorableness.

You’re welcome.

DSC_0881 (1)


Should I apologize that the carrot is in focus? Because I see no reason too. MMM, CARROTS.