My Opinion on New AG Items!


Molly: How does one taste the weekend, AGs in Alaska?

One who is suffering from schoolwork overload can taste it, Molly.

Molly: That’s not a real condition, you know.

For a twelve year old who is studying for her SATs, maybe not.

Molly: *sigh*

Okay . . . yeah, she’s gone. Back to business!

AG has released many new springtime items, and I am very excited to share with you what I think about them!


First up is Maryellen’s Airstream® Travel Trailer! My grandparents have an Airsteam®, and my grandma was the one to tell  about this new item. I think the colors are adorable, and I love how the outside is silver, just like a real Airstream®. Knowing AG you would think they would make it pink . . . but of course, it wouldn’t be a real Airstream® then, would it now?

The couch cushion fabric is super cute, and the floor is very retro 50’s. The little designs like the curtains and cooking accessories are perfect, but I wish the clock looked less plasticky. The minifridge and oven look like part of the Our Generation kitchen set, though. If you watch the video on the AG website, you can see that the table folds up and the couch folds down to save space/make a bed, which is exactly like a real camper. The awning also rolls down, which is perfect. The lights in the trailer work as well, which is awesome.

The trailer also comes with a button to make nine different camping sounds, which I think is hilarious.


Next up we have Maryellen’s Campfire Cooking Set. I have good and bad things to say about this product. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teakettle, plates, cup, and cooking pot. The pancake box looks very fitting for Maryellen’s time. However, the actual fire looks extremely cheap, as well as the food. Very plastic. I do like the holders for the pots and thingy that goes over the fire (it has a name, but I cannot think of it at the moment.)


This next set is Maryellen’s Hiking Accessories. The brochure and campground guide are super adorable, and according to the AG website that lunchbox/camera thing is a 1950’s falashlight? Okay . . . it apparently glows, again, according to the AG site. It does not look super well-made, like it could easily break. The satchel seems to be of nice quality, but I don’t particularly care for the way it looks. That’s just a personal preference, though.



Those are Maryellen’s new accessories, so now it’s Nanea’s turn. This first item is her shaved ice stand, obviously. I love the colors and THE AWNING IS ADORABLE. IT LOOKS SO REAL. The little chalkboard is a super cute touch and I also love the light on the side. The handle actually turns on the shaved ice machine, which is authentic to the 1940’s and is adorable. AND THE SCOOPER. THE SCOOPER IS AMAZING. I really like the syrup bottles too but the shaved ice looks ridiculously plasticky! The old AG quality is turning into something that looks like it’s from a cheaper brand. The cool thing about the cones is that AG dolls can hold them, though, so that’s neat.


Nanea’s Birthday Accessories are pretty cool. I freaked out when I saw the doll-sized Nancy Drew book. It’s my favorite thing about this set. The pineapple skirt for Nanea’ dog Mele is amazing. The purse is interesting but looks like something from the 40’s, so . . . okay. Apparently Nanea’s and her friends are called “The Three Kittens,” so that’s why there are cats on it. The Kodak™ camera looks very cool, except that you can see it’s plastic. I love the black-and-white photos of Nanea and Mele that go with it.


Not a whole lot to say about Nanea’s 1940’s radio, except that it looks incredibly plasticky. The cord looks real, though. Not a great product, in my opinion.



This one is Maryellen’s Vacation Playsuit! I think the fabric and the style are adorable, except for the problem that the outfit is entirely too immodest. If the skirt part went down to her knees, it would be fine. The sandals are super cute, and the gingham handkerchief goes great with Ellie’s hair.



Nanea’ Tropical Birthday Outfit is, needless to say, pineapple-y amazing. The sailor top is beautiful and the skirt is too much! It matches her eyes PERFECTLY. And the sandals are, again, amazing. I really love these new AG outfits. I’m not a huge fan on Nanea’s other outfits, but I really love this one.



Like Maryellen’s new outfit, Nanea’s Palaka Outfit is too immodest. It would make a cute one-piece, maybe with a belt or bow at the waist instead? Love the sandals and the flower, though.


There are a couple of new Truly Me outfits out too – this one is the Sunny Day Dress. I like the embroidery and cinched waist, as well as the sandals – but the headband doesn’t seem to really go with the outfit. I think it would be cute plain. It does match the sandals, though. I’m not really liking this outfit too much.


The Explore the Outdoors Outfit is pretty cute. I love the jacket, very cute and good color. The shirt and skirt are nice, too, cool designs and color (the shorts could stand to be a bit longer). The sandals are okay. I prefer the outdoorsy outfit the Create Your Own dolls come with better. I don’t think AG did a very good job with these new Truly Me outfits.



AHHHHHH A MOLLY MINI DOLL! Aside from the ridiculous cost of $24.99 for a teeny-tiny doll, she’s perfect. The outfit is adorable, and I assume this will be the one the 18-inch Molly will wear when she comes out. The glasses are perfect. She’s just so cute!!! Sorry, I’m a Molly fan, in case you couldn’t tell . . .

Okay, that’s all for my opinions!

What do you think of these new AG items? Which one is your favorite? Are you getting Molly when she returns to the AG collection? Do you like Maryellen’s or Nanea’s collection better? Let’s talk in the comments below!


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Thoughts on Nanea

Last spring, American Girl divulged that they would be released several dolls this year. That was when Tenney, Logan, Felicity (yay!), and Z came out. They also said that in the fall they would be releasing Nanea (nah-NAY-ah) Mitchell. And when I checked the AG website last night, Nanea was on the front page. And now I’m going to share with you my opinions about her.

About her:

Nanea is growing up in the 1940’s, same as Molly, one of AG’s retired characters. However, Nanea is Hawaiian (hello, Kanani) and is there when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. I think it’s great that AG is giving a different World War II perspective, but I feel like Nanea is a copy of Kanani. 😦 Nanea is kind-hearted and likes to help those in need.


Nanea has big hazel eyes, wavy brown hair, and tanned skin. She’s a very cute doll, cuter than Kanani, actually.


Nanea arrives in an orangey-red blouse with an island graphic. She wears white sailor shorts with blue buttons on the sides and sandals with crisscross straps. She also comes with a faux Hawaiian flower clip in her hair. I don’t care for her outfit, but that’s just me.


Nanea’s accessories include a speckled-blue shell necklace, a cloth handbag, an envelope and letter from her friend, faux money, a fabric ID pouch she made herself, and a government-issued ID card. I think her accessories are cute and very fitting for her time period.


Nanea’s collection is very Hawaiian-flower themed. She has a school outfit, PJs (yay! Z has no PJs, if you will remember), an ADORABLE dog named Mele, a pet set for Mele, a bed with a Hawaiian flower quilt, Nanea’s family market set, a hula outfit, hula implements, a holoku dress, her school lunch, her swimsuit, and her island fishing set. Since I’m not much into flowers or Hawaiian-print anything, I don’t like her outfits very much, but her dog and lunch set and SO CUTE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Nanea has three books, Growing Up with Aloha, Hula for the Home Front, and Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea. I haven’t read them but I will for sure.


People can purchase $1, $5, and $10 dollar donations for the American Red Cross. Additionally, there is a Nanea mini doll. I think AG could have picked a better organization to donate to, as only a small percentage of every dollar donated to the Red Cross actually gets used for helping others in need. The Red Cross will tell you that they use 91% of every dollar donated towards helping others, but that’s not true at all. It’s more like 17%. The Red Cross just happens to be a very well-known organization, and I’m sure that’s why AG picked it. The Salvation Army is a much, much, much better place to donate money too. However, that’s just my opinion, and if you want to donate, go right ahead.

Also, sorry that there are no pictures of Nanea in this post! The American Girl website isn’t working and you can only see recommended items and items from Nanea’s page, but when you click on the individual items, it doesn’t show a picture. 😦 When they get it working, I’ll add in pictures.

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