Lindsey’s Revenge, Part 1 (A Photoseries)

Lindsey’s Revenge is FINALLY here, guys!

This is a photoseries I have been planning/promising to do for the past year-ish, and it’s based on Lindsey’s Day in the Life post from last summer (link here). I highly recommend reading that post all the way through for a refresher, or you may be slightly confused as to what’s going on in this photoseries (which, by the way, is my first photoseries since The Trials of Tessa!)

One last thing before we begin – a few of you have mentioned that you’re having problems with my photos showing up. That’s because I’m using Google Photos to host my images instead of uploading to WordPress. To solve this problem, try reading the posts directly from my website instead of on your WP Reader.

And that’s enough of an intro for now. Onto the post!

A year of plotting, strategizing, and organizing my attack.

I can’t let them get away with this. But especially not her.

Crystal. My stuck-up, spoiled, bratty big sister. Maybe this will teach her that heels were never a good idea.

I sneak around the back fence, even though all eight of my sisters are away at a movie and don’t know what’s going on. With so many of them, it’s practically impossible to find a time when they’re all away at once.

This is the perfect spot.

I gather up some firewood from the stack behind the shed.

It takes a few tries, but I get a massive bonfire going in the fire pit.

I cackle with glee. Crystal will never see this coming.

I run inside and grab a pile of shoes from Crystal’s bedroom . . .

. . . and dump them in a pile next to the pit.

Let the shoe-burning begin.

I lean over and toss one in. “That’s for every time you’ve made fun of me for being a tomboy.”

I grab a boot. “And for all the gossiping behind my back.”

“For never letting me forget about getting dragged down to the police station.”

“Walking me home in the most ridiculous shoes on the planet.”

“And for just generally acting like the most perfect sister. Well, guess what, Crystal. You’re not.”

I keep going until every single shoe that belongs to Crystal – and probably even a few that don’t (she has way too many, how am I supposed to keep track?) are charred and burnt in a massive heap.

Feeling triumphant, I grab a stick and light it ablaze.

Crystal’s going to regret ever messing with me.

“Lindsey?” asks a voice from behind me. “What on earth is going-”

I drop the torch in surprise and watch in horror as flames shoot towards the house.

Note how this special type of fire has holes in the middle of the flames.

Well? How’d you guys like Part 1? Are you interested in seeing a Part 2? And who do you think surprised Lindsey?

And, most importantly . . . what is Crystal going to do when she finds out?

All this and more next week!

Ciao for niao.


The Trials of Tessa, Part 2

Ahh! Finally! Part 2! I am so sorry it took me this long to get the photostory together – especially because it took like 15 minutes to take the photos and I was kinda putting it off because I wasn’t sure what to do. I got a lot of requests for specific dolls you wanted Tessa to “shadow.” I decided Tessa would shadow Morgan for Part 2, but since Morgan is only into dogs I wasn’t sure how to make this work . . . please tell me what you think about Part 2 in the comments!


“Hey, Morgan,” I say, walking up to what looks like an obstacle course. Morgan and her Labrador retriever, Chocolate Chip, have been down here all afternoon. “What are y’all up to?”


“Chocolate Chip and I are doing agility training,” Morgan explains. “Would you like to help?”


“Uh . . . sure,” I say. I’m not a huge dog person – not that I would ever tell Morgan that – but it’s not like I have anything better to do.


“Great!” Morgan cheers. “Watch me.”


“Weave,” Morgan commands Chocolate Chip. He begins to weave in and out of the plastic cones.


“Good boy,” Morgan praises him.


“Balance,” she says next, as CC hops up on a beam.


“Jump,” Morgan instructs.


Chocolate Chip jumps up and over the beam.


“Good boy!” Morgan cheers. “Who’s a good doggie? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!” She pats CC on the head. “Do you want to have a turn leading him, Tessa?”


“I guess so,” I say, leading CC over to the cones. “Weave,” I tell him.


The dog just stands there, looking confused.


“You have to be more direct,” Morgan explains. “Try a firmer tone.”


“Weave,” I say a bit louder.


Chocolate Chip weaves through one cone and comes to a complete halt.


“You have to lead him. He won’t do it by himself yet,” Morgan informs me.


“Right,” I say. I lead Chocolate to the other side of the line of cones.


I stand behind the beam, trying to remember what the command was. “Uh . . . beam?”


“Balance,” Morgan corrects me gently.


Chocolate Chip, hearing the voice of his usual handler, hops up onto the beam and walks across.


I stand behind the jump, confindent I can do this the right way. “Jump,” I say in a strong voice.


“Um, Tessa, you might want to-”




The Trials of Tessa, Part 1


“I wonder when I’ll adjust to this new family, Cooper,” I say to McKenna’s Labradoodle. We’re sitting on the heart, bored. Cooper, because he hasn’t gone for a walk today. Me, because I have no idea what to do to entertain myself in this new house with my new family.


“Hey, Tessa!” McKenna calls, materializing next to me in that creepy way she does. “What are you up to?”


“Nothing much,” I tell her. “Just hanging out with Cooper.”


“Ohhhhhh,” McKenna sighs. “I see. You’re bored, you have no idea how to fit in with your new family, and you think we have nothing in common.”


“How did you know?” I ask, shocked. Can McKenna read minds in addition to appearing out of nowhere?


“Trust me, I’ve been through this with four other sisters. You would think I would understand the signs by now,” she explains.


“Oh,” I say. “So . . . they went through this too?”


“Absolutely. And the best way to cure it is to do something fun together. Hey, I’m about to head to the gymnastics center for open gym time. Wanna tag along? I have a gazillion extra leotards that would probably fit you,” McKenna offers.


I ponder this for a few minutes before nodding my head. “Sure. It’s worth a shot.”

It’s not like there’s anything else I can do.


“Watch and learn, sis,” McKenna says forty-five minutes later. We’re at Shooting Star gymnastics, and my sports-obsessed sister is about to show me a few moves on the bar that I’ll (hopefully) be able to do.


McKenna flips herself upside down, her legs reaching the bar.


In one swift motion, she’s on top of the bar. “That was pullover,” she explains. “The most basic bar move. Wanna try?”


That was basic? I think, as I step up to the bar. I replay what McKenna did in my head, hoping I can do the same thing.


A few seconds later, I’m on the ground.


“Um, maybe bars isn’t your thing so much,” McKenna says. “Why don’t we move on?”


We step over to the beam, where McKenna hops up and positions herself. “Watch this. It should be simpler for you.”


McKenna flicks her arm out and I step back. With just the right amount of sass, she begins to walk down the length of the beam.


A few minutes later, McKenna hops off. “Why don’t you try now,” she says. “Gymnastics have to look confident, and walking on the beam is the best way to practice that.”


I hop up, McKenna watching from behind. “Go for it, Tess.”


It doesn’t go quite as McKenna’s did. My legs begin to wobble instantly.


I fall off the beam, crashing into McKenna. “Owwwww,” we moan in unison.


“Ya know, Kenna? Maybe gymnastics isn’t my thing at all.” I say.

From behind me, McKenna says, “Yeah. Maybe not.”

-End of Photostory-

Did you guys enjoy the beginning of an informal little photoseries? I think it’ll be around three or four parts, once each week. Kind of illustrating Tessa’s journey in becoming a part of her new family. Sound good? Is there a specific sister you think Tessa should follow around in the next few parts? Just leave me a comment down below!

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