Which Doll Are You Most Like?

I was writing a letter to my pen pal today and when I opened my pad of stationery, I found a quiz I came up with several months ago. It’s a quiz on which of my dolls are you most like. Since I had no ideas for a post, I decided to just put this quiz on my blog. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Your friends would describe you as:

a) social

b) nosy

c) athletic

d) sweet

e) shy

f) smart

g) creative

Your teacher assigns you a five-page paper on the topic of your choosing. Yours is about:

a) social media

b) how to get a book published

c) your favorite sport

d) your favorite animal

e) getting used to a new school

f) how to study

g) French pastries

At school, you are:

a) prom queen

b) newspaper editor

c) the girl who’s on, like, five sports teams

d) the nice girl

e) the new girl

f) valedictorian

g) the girl who makes the best treats in Home Ec.

The cutest boy in school asks you out to the dance. You:

a) squeal, “Yes!” and then text all of your friends

b) get the full scoop on the dance before deciding

c) agree. He’s as much of a sports nut as you – you’ll have plenty to talk about

d) sweetly say, “Sure.”

e) mumble, “Uh, I don’t know . . .” and then run to the bathroom

f) say that you’ll be too busy studying

g) say, “Of course.” There will be yummy treats at the dance, after all

Your parents announce that you’ll be moving out of the country. You:

a) burst into tears. All of your friends are here!

b) get excited. A new, interesting place to explore!

c) immediately compare that country’s sports to yours

d) say, “Okay, cool,” and then ask if your pet will be coming

e) dread the new school you’ll have to attend

f) ask about your new school

g) start learning the language

Your BFF got an F on her paper. You:

a) rally her friends to cheer her up

b) write her a funny poem

c) show her your awesome new sports move

d) offer to talk about it with her

e) Say, “Oh, I’m sorry,” and then leave

f) offer to help her study

g) bake her a delicious cupcake

Your dream pet is:

a) a puppy

b) chicken

c) hamster

d) anything – you love animals

e) cat

f) something quiet that won’t interrupt your study sessions

g) dog

Your dream vacay spot is:

a) you love your friends at home – why leave?

b) Jane Austen’s house

c) somewhere the Olympics were held

d) the Amazon

e) England

F) someplace with a lot of museums

g) France

Your favorite shoes are:

a) heels

b) sneakers

c) soccer cleats

d) ballet flats

e) sandals

f) something sensible

g) boots

Your favorite book is:

a) Pride and Prejudice – the greatest romance ever written

b) Murder on the Orient Express – you love a good mystery

c) Raising the Bar – you adore Gabby’s inspiring sports story

d) Dogs for Dummies – the perfect pet self-help book

e) First Lessons in Bach – so you can pratice your tunes

f) Your Guide to Pre-Calculus – the big test is next week, after all

g) The Ultimate Paris Travel Guide – for your trip to Europe next summer

If you got mostly A’s, you are:

Crystal! She is social, bubbly, popular, and friendly. Crystal can sometimes seem a bit shallow, but she loves her sisters above everything else.

If you got mostly B’s, you are:

Lindsey! She is curious, nosy, snoopy, and determined. Lindsey likes a good story and loves getting to the bottom of things.

If you got mostly C’s, you are:

McKenna! She is sporty and athletic. But don’t let that fool you . . . McKenna has a girly side, too.

If you got mostly D’s, you are:

Morgan! She is sweet, kind, and friendly. Morgan is a very soft-spoken girl who adores animals and will always stand up for them.

If you got mostly E’s, you are:

Emily! She is 100% shy. Emily sometimes gets so nervous about going to school, she feels like she’s going to faint. The only time she’s really comfortable is around her sisters.

If you got mostly F’s (not the grade, of course!), you are:

Molly! She is studious, serious, smart, self-controlled, and mature. Molly is two grades above most kids her age and wants to go to Harvard when she’s ready for college.

If you got mostly G’s, you are:

Grace! She is creative, spunky, and loves to learn and experience other cultures. Grace wants to travel the world when she grows up.

How did you guys do? I would love to hear what doll you are most like in the comments. In case you are wondering, I’m Grace, but I see a little bit of myself in all of my girls. Check out this page to learn more about the dolls.

Have a great weekend!

-AGs in Alaska-