Review of Luciana’s Flight Suit

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend. Whilst I was writing my review of Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit, I realized how much I love writing reviews. I recently purchased Luciana’s Flight Suit for a project I am doing and decided to do a review on it.

You can buy the outfit here.

All pictures from American Girl.


The outfit is adorable, needless to say. It is a one-piece blue jumpsuit that zips all the way up to her neck. As you can probably imagine, the suit is a bit difficult to get on the doll. It took me a couple of minutes to put it on her. It is tight, which makes the doll unable to sit up straight in the jumpsuit.


This outfit is made of high-quality material, which I was extremely pleased with. I was a bit nervous when I opened it for fear of finding and outfit made with cheap fabric, but I was actually very happy. The shoes are ADORABLE and very simple, so they will go well with other outfits.


The jumpsuit has several patches on it. There is a “Space Camp” patch, a “Space & Rocket Center” patch, and a patch that has Luciana’s name on it. The patches are not made of . . . whatever real patches are made of. Thread? Anyway, they are more like iron-on stickers, minus the smooth sticker feel.


On the right arm, there is a “Mars” sticker and a “NASA” sticker. On the left arm there is an American flag patch (not shown).

Overall, I give this outfit a 4/5. My only complains are that it is difficult to get on the doll, and she can’t sit down in it. Other than that, I was impressed by the high quality of material that AG chose for this outfit. I highly recommend it if you like NASA-related things. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

AGs in Alaska


Review of TrulyMe #55

Happy Thursday! Wow, the weekend is almost in sight! I’m sure by now all of you have started school, and I hope that’s going well.

For today’s post, I’m doing a review on TrulyMe #55. I own this doll (I call her Morgan), and she is my absolute favorite AG doll ever (I think). I have almost no complaints whatsoever. If you’re looking into buying this doll, please read my review first. The picture is from the AG website (



This is what TrulyMe #55 looks like.

Hair: Love the hair. It’s gorgeous and silky-smooth – unless your #55 is several years old and her hair is totally frizzy by now. I’m considering shipping Morgan off to the AG doll hospital to get rewigged, since I really miss her lovely locks. When her hair is like new, the doll practically glows!

Eyes: Beautiful eyes. They’re a gorgeous hazel color with flecks of green.

Freckles: SOOOOO cute!!! TrulyMe #55 looks adorable with her cute freckles. I don’t even have to words for how sweet they are.

Skin: Her skin is fair, like a lot of AG dolls. Nothing much to say about it.

Outfit: I don’t actually own the current TrulyMe outfit, I own the pink butterfly shirt/gray skirt outfit from last year. This outfit looks pretty cute, though.

Overall: As you can probably guess, Morgan is my favorite doll out of my seven AGs. She’s great quality and truly beautiful. If you’re considering getting a TrulyMe, I strongly encourage you to get TrulyMe #55. You won’t regret it!!!

Sorry for the short post, guys. I think I’ll do a photostory next week, unless I come up with a better idea. I have a pretty good plan for what it’ll be about. I think you guys will really like it!

-AGs in Alaska-

Review of Travel Seat For Dolls

Hi, y’all. I know I’m posting twice in one day, but I’ve been meaning to do a review of the Travel Seat for a while now, and AG’s Wondrous World’s review of the Recces Ready Outfit prompted me to do so. Here’s the review!

American Girl Travel Seat for Dolls

I’m going to start out with the good things about this item.

First, the idea of having a travel seat for dolls that attaches to suitcase handles is fantastic! I have seen girls in airports with their beloved dolls strapped into travel seats, and I think it’s super cute.


Um . . . that’s the only good thing.

I own this product, and I have to say that’s it’s of terrible quality. I only used the seat once before the flaps that attach it to the suitcase ripped off of the back of the seat, making it completely unusable.

Also, the doll can easily fall out of the seat, which is super embarrassing when you’re boarding an airplane. But that never *Cough, cough* happened to me, of course.

So this is basically a warning to NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I’m very unimpressed with it, especially because it costs $30. And I used my own money to buy it.

Of course, if you’re looking to attract attention in an airport, having a doll riding on your car seat is a great way to get it. *Wink, wink* 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sorry for the negative review, but I feel it’s my duty to my fellow AG lovers to warn them about this AG item. Never have I seen such poor quality! I hope my next review will be better.

-AGs in Alaska-