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How Much Does AGs in Alaska’s Brother Know About AG?

This post is going to be amazingly awesomely hilarious!!!


It’s featuring my brother! My two-years-younger, adventurous, trouble-making brother.

This post was inspired by Sam and Loren and Micah (on YouTube). Thanks, guys!

Here we go!!!!

Me: Okay, so, um . . . how many dolls do I have?

Brother: 9.

Me: No, I don’t have nine dolls.

Brother: Okay.

Me: You need to guess again.

Brother: 10.

Me: No.

Brother: 11.

Me: No!

Brother: 8.

Me: Yes! Okay, who was my first doll?

Brother: Crystal.

Me: And who was my most recent doll?

Brother: Tessa.

Me: Ye- wow, you got it right.

Brother: I named her.

Me: You did not name her!

Brother: It was my idea.

Me: It was not your idea. It was your idea to name her after someone from the Michael Vey books. You wanted me to name her Tara!

Brother: And then I said, “How about Tessa?” And you said, “I like Tessa. That works.”

Me: *dramatic pause* That is not what I said. Okay, whatever. Uh, moving on . . . So, what do you think about the new Girl of The Year?

Brother: I don’t know.

Me: You don’t know? What do you think about a doll who likes science?

Brother: That’s . . . awesome.

Me: Do you like science?

Brother: *blah blah blah blah blah ridiculous nonsense I will not write here*

Me: *yells brother’s name here* I can’t put that on my blog! Okay, come up with appropriate responses to these questions. Okay . . . how long have I been doing blogging?

Brother: Two years.

Me: No, my doll blog.

Brother: Okay, one year.

Me: No, less time than that.

Brother: Like, eight months?

Me: No.

Brother: Six?

Me: Yes, six months! Do you read my blog?

Brother: I scroll through it to support you.

Me: Oh, to support me. That’s sweet of you. (Note the sarcasm here.) Which one of my dolls likes gymnastics?

Brother: McKenna.

Me: Okay, um . . .

Brother: The only reasons I know these questions people is because she’s constantly blabbering about them.

Me: *Another dramatic pause* Seriously?

Brother: Yeah.

Me: *loud sigh* Okay, hey, hey, you get back here. I’m not done. Let me think. Um, which doll of mine is the one who has red hair?

Brother: Morgan.

Me: Nooooo, her hair is brown!

Brother: Um, it is . . .  I don’t know.

Me: It’s Emily. Okay, how many times have we been to the AG Store Los Angeles?

Brother: Four times.

Me: Four times? That’s close.

Brother: Five?

Me: No.

Brother: Three?

Me: Yes, three. Let’s see . . . how many of my dolls have their ears pierced?

Brother: Three?

Me: No.

Brother: I don’t know.

Me: Four. Okay, now I’m going to move onto some questions about . . . like, American Girl in general. Who is the current girl of the year? (This was back in 2017.) Not the one that’s about to come out, the current one.

Brother: It is . . . I know it . . . um, um, Lea.

Me: No, that was last year.

Brother: I don’t know.

Me: It’s Gabriela. Let’s see . . . you won’t know that . . .

Brother: No, tell me.

Me: Okay, fine. What was the original American Girl name?

Brother: You told me this one time.

Me: I did?

Brother: Yeah.

Me: You won’t remember. Okay, let’s see . . .

Brother: What was it called????

Me: Pleasant Company. I’ll be right back . . .

Brother: The what now?

Me: Pleasant Company. (Runs to room, returns with AG magazine). Okay, so what is this one called? (Points to doll.)

Brother: That is . . . the one from 1924, or something. Molly.

Me: That’s not Molly, Molly’s from the 40s, and no, this is Samantha, she’s from, like, 1904 or something.

Brother: See, I was on the right track. That was the one I was thinking of.

Me: How old was I when I got Crystal – wait, I can’t put that on my blog.

Brother: Why?

Me: They can’t know how old I am! Yet – maybe later. In the future. Okay, just look at this picture, not the words. Which doll is this?

Brother: The one who likes basketball. Jessie.

Me: No – wait, Jessie? Her name is Julie! That’s pretty close. Yeah, she does like basketball.

Brother: She wanted to be president. In the movie. (He’s talking about the short film AG made about Julie, if you haven’t seen it, it’s on their website.)

Me: Do I have this doll?

Brother: Yeah, you have Kit, but its name is Lindsey.

Me: Yes. But it’s not an “it,” its a “she.” What year was Grace Girl of The Year?

Brother: It was three years ago . . . wait . . . it’s 2017 this year, right?

Me: Yes.

Brother: But it’s going to be 2018 in a few days, right?

Me: No, in like 11 hours.

Brother: Okay, so three years ago it was . . .  2015!

Me: Now, is there anything you would like to tell my wonderful league of followers about dolls, or yourself?

Brother: (pause)

Me: Hello? We have dead air here!

Brother: (Says something I shall not write here.)

Me: Okay, we’re done here. Say bye.

Brother: (Says another thing I shall not write here.)

So . . . that went differently than I expected. But I hope you enjoyed it anyway! See you guys on Thursday!

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Happy Birthday, Kaylyn!

Hi everyone! So many of you know this already, but today is Kaylyn’s birthday!

Cheers, confetti!


Okay, never mind.

Kaylyn is the amazing blogger behind Kaylyn’s Random World, one of my favorite blogs in the world. Kaylyn has two amazing dolls, Izzy and Gracelyn, that you can meet by checking out her blog here. Today is Kaylyn’s eleventh birthday!


AGs in Alaska

Travels With Grace #2: Washington

Quick note: Yes, I am aware that these pictures are of awful quality. I took them with an iPad in a room with terrible lighting. Why was I not using my camera? Um, I may have forgotten to, uh, bring the cord for the charger . . .

And yes, I know I am supposed to post this on a Thursday, but last night I realized I had nothing scheduled for today, so . . . here we go with Travels With Grace #2!


Hey there, everybody! It’s your pal Grace here. We made it safely to Washington and now I am at my aunt and uncle’s house! But the best part is that you get to MEET MY COUSINS TODAY!!!!


Meet my cousin Lea! Lea is super sweet and likes to adventure in the outdoors. She’s very brave and likes to experience new things!


This is my cousin Grace! (Yes, we have the same name. Don’t get us confused.) Grace and I get along perfectly. (Maybe BECAUSE we have the same name . . .) She’s not as outgoing as Lea, so make sure to give her a warm welcome to my travel blog in the comments!


Last but not least, here is Cara! Cara is the youngest of all my cousins, and she is really fun to hang out with. Cara has a lot of style (don’t you just love her necklace???) and is super excited to spend time with me this week!

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be back next Thursday or Monday with Part #3. This part will be AWESOME, I promise!!!

AGs in Alaska: Okay, I’m taking over now.

Grace: *sigh* Fine.

AGs in Alaska: Hey, guys! This part of Grace’s adventures would have been a lot cooler than this because I had asked my cousins about their dolls’ favorite foods, colors, books, animals, etc., but when my mom got her new iPad I forgot to send the page with all that information to the computer, so it got lost in the vast world of Where Lost Things Go When You Don’t Email Them To Yourself. So I kind of had to just make it up. The part about Lea liking adventures is true, though, I do remember that.

I may try to get ahold of my cousins this week and ask them about their dolls again and put that stuff in my next post. We’ll see. I hope you guys are all having a good time getting back to school (if you are going back to school today, or if you’re already back). Talk to you on Thursday!

AGs in Alaska


happy blogaversary to you… {Giveaway}

Emmie is celebrating her 1-year blogaversary! She is giving away a guest post, and you should totally enter!!!

This Site Has Moved!

AnThe lights dim until they’re dark enough to be off, the only light coming form the candles. The cake spells out HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY AGW in cursive letters. The blog’s owner, EmeraldPhoenix, AKA Emmie, leans forward to blow out the candles, a wish forming in her brain–

And then I blow out the candles for her and eat all the cake and yada yada yada.

Maryellen here. As you can tell, today is just another day to pretty much everyone, but to AGW its the one-year-blogaversary, and all that stuff–

HEY! GIVE ME THE COMPUTER ELLIE–You’re just gonna get all sentimental about stu–NO I’M NOT!!!




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The most popular day and…

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I Have No Idea What To Name This Post

So, I don’t know what to call this post, but I have a few short announcements about my giveaway.

For any of you who missed it, I am giving away this doll dress:


Several of you have entered and completed all of these:

  • You must be following my blog.
  • You must be 18 or older OR have a parent’s permission to enter the giveaway.
  • You must live in North America.
  • You must actually want to own this dress, and are not entering just to win something.
  • You must reblog this on your blog.
  • You must enter by Sunday, December 24th (Christmas Eve). I will randomly select and announce the winner on Monday, December 25th (Christmas Day).
  • If you are not yet following my blog, make sure you click “confirm subscription” in your email after you click the follow button, or it won’t count.
  • If you win, I will send you an email asking for your home address/P.O. Box.

However, a few of you have reblogged my post, but have not commented saying you are going to enter, and some of you have entered, but haven’t reblogged the post. These are the key steps in entering the giveaway:

  • You must be following my blog.
  • You must reblog this on your blog.
  • You must comment on the original post here to tell me you are entering.

If you reblog my post but don’t tell me you are entering, I cannot count it as your entry. The same goes for those who tell me you are entering, but don’t reblog the post. (You can also write your own post about the giveaway if you don’t want to reblog it.)

Thank you, everyone!

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Giveaway at Delightful World of Dolls!

Hi everyone! Guess what? Madison at Delightful World of Dolls is having an incredible giveaway! She is giving away a . . .


This is an INCREDIBLE giveaway, as purchasing one of these dolls costs $200. But if you win, you get the doll and everything she comes with for FREE!


Click on the picture above to learn more about the giveaway!

Thank you Madison!

-AGs in Alaska-


Hey guys. Right now, I’m really not happy with myself. I accidentally published a post that was supposed to be scheduled for the 12th. Instead, it published immediately, so I have a random Saturday post on my blog.

It was an accident, I promise!!!!!!!!!

-AGs in Alaska-