Meet the Dolls

Meet the eight AG sisters!


Name: Crystal Jillian

Age: 14

Nickname: Crys

Type: Truly Me #23

Birthday: May 10th

Personality type: Entrepreneur (ESTP-T). 100% extraverted, bold, orginal, sociable. Crystal can be a bit sassy and snobbish sometimes, but when it comes down to it, she stands by her sisters.

Best friend: As the oldest, Crystal loves all of her sisters equally . . . but she is particularly close to Morgan and Tessa.

Interests: Clothes, dance, sewing

Interesting fact: Crystal has been to the AG Place Los Angeles!

Pet: Coconut the Westie

Favorite animal: Red fox

Favorite food: Oranges

Favorite color: Turquoise

Pet peeve: When people leave toilet paper on the floor in public bathrooms.




Name: Lindsey May (Originally a Kit doll, but I renamed her)

Age: 14

Nickname: None

Type: Historical character

Birthday: May 19th

Personality type: Commander (ENTJ-A). Energetic, strong-willed, confident, efficient, strategic.

Best friends: McKenna & Grace

Interests: Writing and journalism

Interesting fact: Lindsey is very good at eavesdropping, so watch what you say around her.

Pet: Grace the Basset Hound

Favorite animal: Dog

Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite color: Green

Pet peeve: Bad grammar! She can’t help but correct it.


Name: McKenna Marie

Age: 14

Nickname: Kenna, Mac

Type: GOTY 2012 (Retired)

Birthday: July 17th

Personality type: Debater (ENTP-A). Knowledgeable, quick thinker, original, energetic, charismatic. McKenna loves pranks and causing trouble.

Best friends: Grace & Lindsey

Interests: Gymnastics, poem writing

Interesting fact: McKenna has broken her ankle . . . twice!

Pet: Cooper the Labradoodle

Favorite animal: Hamster

Favorite food: Cherry pie

Favorite color: Sky blue

Pet peeve: Horrible haircuts from chain hair salons.


Name: Morgan Noel

Age: 13

Nickname: The Dog Whisperer

Type: Truly Me #55

Birthday: October 3rd

Personality type: Consul (ESFJ-T). Loyal, sensitive, warm, good at connecting with others. Morgan is the nicest girl in the entire family.

Best friend: Tessa

Interests: Animals, animals, animals

Interesting fact: Morgan once taught a dog how to do a backflip!

Pet: Chocolate Chip the Chocolate Labrador

Favorite animal: Anything, really. Even spiders.

Favorite food: Chocolate

Favorite color: Light pink

Pet peeve: People who are mean to animals! (Seriously. Don’t let Morgan’s pleasant demeanor fool you. She can be scary when the well being of an animal is threatened.)



Name: Emily Louise

Age: 13

Nickname: Em, Emmy

Type: Best friend (Retired)

Birthday: November 28th

Personality type: Defender (ISFJ-T). Observant, patient, hard-working, practical. Oh, and she’s VERY shy.

Best friend: Molly

Interests: Music. Especially flute and singing.

Interesting fact: Emily speaks French.

Pet: Yank the . . . well, no idea, actually. He’s a mutt.

Favorite food: Lasagna

Favorite color: White

Pet peeve: People who cough into their hand . . . and then go around touching stuff.



Name: Molly Elise

Age: 12

Nickname: Olly Molly, Mols

Type: Historical character (Retired)

Birthday: August 25th

Personality type: Logistician (ISTJ-A). Honest, dutiful, practical, VERY responsible. Molly is sometimes so serious, her sisters have to yank her SAT prep book out of her hands and force her to play a game!

Best friend: Emily

Interests: Tap dancing, hairstyling, watching movies

Interesting fact: Molly is anaphylactic to peanuts!

Pet: Bennett the . . . well, no idea, actually – he’s Yank’s brother.

Favorite food: Homemade bread

Favorite color: Silver

Pet peeve: People who talk during movies.



Name: Grace Adelaide

Age: 12

Nickname: Gracie, G

Type: GOTY 2015

Birthday: September 15th

Personality type: Commander (ENTJ-A). Energetic, strong-willed, confident, efficient, strategic. Grace can be a bit of a troublemaker and go with the flow . . . except when it has to do with business or a big project.

Best friends: Lindsey & McKenna

Interests: Baking, entrepreneurship

Interesting fact: Grace won a baking contest with her tarte tatin and croquembouche.

Pet: Bonbon the French Bulldog

Favorite food: Macarons (the French kind, NOT macaroons).

Favorite color: Red

Pet peeve: When people mix up macarons and macaroons. A French pastry baker’s worst nightmare!


Name: Tessa Elizabeth

Age: 14

Nickname: Tess

Type: Customized Truly Me #24

Birthday: February 18th

Personality type: Protagonist (ENFJ-T). Tolerant, reliable, natural leader, charismatic. Tessa is a sweetheart who loves her family. At school, she would be a cross between the popular girl and the nice girl. (Imagine Morgan and Crystal combined.)

Best friend: Morgan

Interests: Ice skating, art

Interesting fact: Tessa is from Daphne, Alabama! (Hence the southern accent.) When I got Tessa, my brother wanted me to name her after one of the characters in Michael Vey. Well, she kinda matched the description of Tesla/Tessa in Book #3, so I named her after that character.

Pet: Does not have one. (Yet.)

Favorite food: Beignets & Gumbo . . . especially made with shrimp 🙂

Favorite color: Purple

Pet peeve: When people say that popular girls are ALWAYS the mean girls.


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