50 Followers Alaska Q&A Answers + Alaskan Stereotypes & Bonus Facts!

Hope’s questions:

Is it cold there? (Well duh but I want to see what they say). Lindsey: It is very cold here, indeed. But I don’t really mind! I like adventuring outside when it is in the single digits.
Do you like living there? Morgan: We love it up here in Alaska. It’s so different from everywhere else, plus when we tell people in the Lower 48 that we live in Alaska, they always love it!
Are you used to the snow, or is it still special? Tessa: Actually, it doesn’t snow here as much as people think – it’s generally just cold. We can go weeks in the winter without getting any snow. So when it does snow, it’s always a delight. 

Kaylyn’s questions:

What is it like living in Alaska? Crystal: It is pretty much just like anywhere else (minus the Gucci boutiques.) There is also a lot of nature and open spaces here, which is cool for the rest of my family, but you know, heels are really not designed for hiking.
Do you have to hunt your own food like some Alaskans do on TV? Grace: Oh gosh, no. Our family does like to hunt, but there are grocery stores everywhere. 
Why do you live in Alaska? Emily: AGs in Alaska’s dad works up here. Also, we’ve been here ever since AGs in Alaska was born, minus a few years.
 Is it fun to live in Alaska? Molly: It’s a lot of fun to live in Alaska. There are a lot of unique opportunities to do cool things here! 
Have you ever had food from a lake/sea in Alaska? (I hope that makes sense. XD) Grace: Many, many times. AGs in Alaska’s dad and brother really enjoy fishing.
Is it hard living in Alaska? Lindsey: Sometimes. It is difficult to travel and it can kind of feel secluded – not because we’re lacking people or anything, which we aren’t, but because we’re cut of from the “Outside,” as it’s called.
Can you shop a lot where you live? Crystal: YES!!!!!! There are stores everywhere. Honestly, there are so many stereotypes about Alaska: No, people do not live in igloos, yes, there is electricity, no, polar bears do not roam down the streets. Where we live in Alaska it is just like everywhere else – shops, grocery stores, museums, even our neighborhoods look EXACTLY LIKE neighborhoods in the Lower 48. Like, if I didn’t tell you we lived in Alaska and showed you a picture of our house, it could literally be anywhere.
What do you like about Alaska? Molly: We like the amazing blue sky! It is super clear here because there is less pollution.
To you, what’s a highlight about living in Alaska? Tessa: Wildlife and nature opportunities. We camp a lot!
Do you live in a log cabin in Alaska? Morgan: No. Most people with log cabins use them only as vacation homes for the weekends and in the summer. 

Madison’s question:

What’s the weather like? McKenna: Winter: Cold and sometimes snowy. Also very icy. We can sometimes get “chinooks,” where it warms up and melts in the middle of the winter/right before spring. A few days later, it’s back to normal cold temperatures. Spring: Wet and rainy. Summer: Mostly rainy, some sun. Fall: Chilly and windy. We also like to joke that Alaska, like all states with snow, has a fifth season: breakup. That’s right before spring (generally in April) when the snow melts. Late October-March is winter, April-May is spring, June-August is summer, and September-Mid-October is fall. You may have heard about the Midnight Sun. That is when, in the summer, the sun is up until about 2 AM. In the winter, we get sun from about 10-6.

Ava’s questions:

Which one of you enjoy living in Alaska the most? Lindsey: ME ME ME! McKenna: No, it’s me!!! Lindsey: NO, ME!!!! McKenna: Fine. *sigh* Lindsey: Yeah, it’s me.
Do any of you wish you lived some where else? Crystal: I wish we lived in a place where I could wear heels year-round.
Emily, have you ever seen a moose? Emily: How funny! We just saw one today!

Bella’s questions:

How do you like living in Alaska? Tessa: It is fun! Very unique. Lots of nature, animals, interesting weather . . . 
How is the weather in Alaska during this time of year? McKenna: It’s cold with occassional snow and not very many hours of sun.
Best thing about living in Alaska? Grace: How special it is! We have cool places to hike, camp, fish, and hunt!
Worst thing about living in Alaska? Crystal: Only three months of heels!!!!!! *sob*
Have you always lived in Alaska? Emily: Almost. We lived in the Lower 48 for a few years.
Worst thing about being a blogger in Alaska? AGs in Alaska: Honestly, there really is nothing bad about it. 
Best thing about being a blogger in Alaska? AGs in Alaska: People find it very interesting where I live!
How do you live with no AG store in Alaska? (there isn’t an AG store there, is there?) Morgan: It’s tragic. We have to order online and pay ridiculous amounts of money (like $20) for shipping.
Since you live in Alaska, have you ever been to an AG store? Molly: Yes, AGs in Alaska has been to the one in Los Angeles three times.

Common Alaskan Stereotypes:

Do you have a pet polar bear? I’m sorry, since when has it been a good idea to OWN A WILD BEAR?!?!?!?!?!

Do you ride a dogsled to school? Generally only people who participate in the Iditarod (a famous Alaskan sled dog race in February/March ride dogsleds). 

Do you even feel cold? Just because we live in a cold climate does not mean we are immune to freezing temperatures. People who live in New England are not immune to cold, and they get more snow than we do. 

Can you see Russia from Alaska? Well, Russia and Alaska are seperated by the Bering Strait. In the middle is Big Diomede, which belongs to Russian, and Little Diomede, which belongs to the US. On a clear day, you can see Russia from Little Diomede. But that’s about it.

Why is it so cold in Alaska if you’re right by Hawaii and Mexico? Ahem. 


Well, whadya know? A correctly drawn map!!! (Picture from Google.)

Hardly anyone lives in Alaska. This is a picture of downtown Anchorage, the most populated city in Alaska at over 300,000 residents (total number for AK is just over 700,000.) (Picture from Wiki.)


With all those buildings? You would think SOMEONE lives there.

That’s all for the Q&A plus bonus facts/stereotypes about Alaska! If you have any more questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

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