The Glide Kip (A Photostory)


I skip briskly down the sidewalk, excited to be going to gymnatics practice.


“Slow down!” Grace pants behind me. “I’m not wearing my running shoes!”


“Do you even own running shoes?” I ask her, turning around. “Sorry, I’m just excited to be heading to practice. Coach Isabelle promised me she’d help me with my glide kips today. You know, to prepare me for regionals.”


“That’s exciting,” Emily says in her quiet British accent. “Though I haven’t a clue what a glide kip is.”

Fifteen minutes later, we arrive at Shooting Star Gymnastics. Crystal and Emily leave for the viewing area, and I head to the locker room to get changed.

Today is a private practice with just Coach Isabelle and me. We’re mainly going to be working on my bar routine.


“Hi, Coach,” I say, stepping out onto the floor.


“Hi, McKenna. Ready to get to work?” Coach Isabelle asks. I nod.


Coach Isabelle demonstrates a front kip for me and then helps me try it. I pull with all my strength, and with Coach’s help, manage to get myself up onto the bar!




“Why don’t you try it by yourself?” Coach asks.


I step up to the bar, swing my arms, and leap.


My arms make contact with the bar and I swing my feet forward. I use my stomach, arm, and leg muscles to bring my legs up to the bar, but . . .


I crash down. Ouch.


Coach Isabelle leans over me. “Are you alright?”


“Yep,” I squeak.


“Try again, then.”

I try the kip again and again and again. Finally, on what seems like my millionth try . . .


I get my legs all the way up to the bar!


“That’s one step closer!” Coach exclaims. “Keep working at it, McKenna.”


I try the kip again. My legs touch the bar. I pull, and pull, and pull with all my might. Finally . . .


I pull myself all the way up!


“Great job, McKenna!” Coach Isabelle exclaims. “You did it!”

Crystal and Emily clap from the viewing area. I curtsy. “Thanks.”



“With just a little more practice, you’ll be ready for regionals,” Coach Isabelle tells me. “Do you want to take your water break now?”


“Nah,” I tell her. “I think I’ll keep on working.”

I leap forward and attack the bar.

What do you guys think of that photostory? Sorry some of the pictures were blurry. I didn’t know they were until I uploaded them. I played around with a different flash setting, since the lighting in the room I took these pictures made the dolls look super weird. Please let me know what you think about this in the comments. I hope y’all are having an excellent week!

-AGs in Alaska-


Alone (A Photoshoot)


Sometimes it’s nice to be alone

Just the wind, breath, and heartbeats


In the middle of a crazy life

It’s nice to be alone


Just me, all alone

It’s . . . calm


Just sitting here

Not having to do anything


The noise around me

Is my noise


Alone, all alone

The wind rustles the grass, the leaves, the flowers

And me


Standing alone

Not always a bad thing


Me, myself, and I

Not always a bad thing


Just me

All alone

Hey guys, I hope you liked that photoshoot. I wrote all the words to go with it hoping they won’t sound stupid. Also, Grace’s dress was a really quick DIY I did a while back (around the time I took the pictures – they aren’t new either.) Are any of you interested in a tutorial?

-AGs in Alaska-

A BIG Announcement + The Blue Sky Tag

First off all, let me explain why I’m breaking my own rule and posting on a Sunday. I have a very good explanation – I have a BIG announcement.

It’s that time of year again!

(Waits for applause) Why is no one clapping?

Seriously, guys, start clapping. It’s almost NOVEMBERRRRRRRR!!!!!! Which means NANOWRIMOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, if you’ve never heard of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo (or just NaNo), it’s a worldwide event that happens from November 1-30. Writers from all around the world commit to writing 50k words starting at the stroke of midnight on November 1 to the final seconds of November 30. It’s a really, really huge deal. I did NaNo last year and didn’t get to 50k, but I learned A LOT. After NaNo was over, I took a break for a few months, but then realized that my novel was not done. Not done at all, friends. Last spring, I worked for hours and hours and now that very same novel is almost 70k.

This year, I’m writing the sequel!

So, what does this all have to do with why I’m posting on a Sunday?

I’ve committed to posting twice a week, as usual, during November – though I will be noveling at the same time. In order to do this, I’ve been working very hard on writing/photographing ALL of my posts for November and scheduling them – and all of October while I was at it. Oh, and don’t worry, guys. I won’t be gone from the Web entirely – I will still read your posts and comment and reply to comments. I’ll just have less time to do that because of NaNo.

It took me a lot of time to figure out what posts I was going to publish when, so when Jenna from The Blog Dolly tagged me for the Blue Sky Tag, I had a slight moment of panic. All of my posts were ready to go for October and November – when and where could I fit the Blue Sky Tag in? I decided to do a random Sunday post and work it into my announcement.

So, without further ado, I bring you . . . The Blue Sky Tag!

The amazing Jenna nominated er, tagged me (why do I keep writing nominated???).

The rules for the tag are as follows:

1.Thank the person who tagged you

2. Answer their 11 questions

3. Tag 11 people

4. Give them 11 questions to answer

She is asking me these questions:

1. What is the current color of your bed comforter?

It’s orange, white, and hot pink. It’s brand-new, actually. My main comforter that I picked out two years ago is turquoise and purple, my fave colors. But it needs to be washed and that’s why it’s not on my bed.

2. What is the coolest craft you have ever made?

I have these letters that spell out my name that are hanging above my closet.

3. How many times have you tried out a sport then decided you hated it?

Oh, goodness. First off all, I would have to say soccer. This was when I was about five and I DESPISED it. It was always FREEZING where I played. I wanted to be a cheerleader when I was five, so I would always go off the field and cheer for my teammates instead of actually PLAYING soccer. Then, when I was about eleven, my parents forced me to take karate lessons. The instructor was the meanest person I have ever met in my entire life. He was a big believer in corporal punishment. He ripped a stripe off of someone’s belt (an eight year old, I believe) just because he couldn’t do this one move exactly perfectly. Then, when I was twelve, my mom wanted me to do swim team, which took me a long time to get used to but I actually wound up liking it (after a lot of complaining, though . . .)

4. What is the current scent of your body wash and what brand? ( Don’t know why I asked told one guess I just couldn’t think of anything else!😝)

I just use soap but my shampoo is from Garnier Fructis and it’s called “Curl Nourish.” It is made with coconut, jojoba, and macadamia oils. It smells really good and makes my hair very soft. I love it!

5. What was your first word as a baby?


6. How often do you change your favorite item/ theme? Right now mine pineapples!!! 🍍

I don’t really have one. I kind of like the Eiffel Tower though. It’s been the Eiffel Tower for a couple of years now.

7. How often do you change the look of your hair? 💇

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I used to wish I could just brush it out and put in a ponytail (which I actually did), but my mom said not to because it’s curly. I was a ponytail girl for years, but now I wear it parted on the left side and just finger-comb it.

8. If any, how many AG dolls do you have?

I have seven: Crystal, Lindsey, McKenna, Morgan, Emily, Molly, and Grace. I always list them in that order because that’s the order I got them in. Just in case you were wondering.

9. How many times have you tried at the movie theater or any movie? And what movie was it?

I think only once or twice, and I can’t remember the movies.

10. What is the current weather condition where you live?

Right now it’s 34 and partly cloudy.

11. How many times have you done a tag? This is my first, so I am super excited!

Hmm, this is my fourth time.

I am tagging . . .

Samantha @ AG Doll Awesome

Ava @ Ava’s Pokémon Blog

Emma @ Dazzling Dollies

Okay, people. Seriously. I can only think of three bloggers who I haven’t recently tagged. Not eleven. Sorry!

Their questions are . . 

What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite article of clothing?

Do you like doing laundry? (This is a really random questions, but I love doing laundry.)

What are you going to be for Halloween? (If you do celebrate Halloween, that is. I don’t.)

Does it snow where you live?

What is your favorite blog post you have ever written?

When did you start blogging?

Do you prefer baths or showers? (Another random question.)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Do you like bunnies?

Which one of your features do you like the most? (Hair, nails, eyes, etc.)

Okay, that’s about it for now! I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow. Sorry for all the confusion. Oh, wait wait wait wait wait. I have a request to make. I really hope I don’t sound rude, but could you please not tag me until December? Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate it when people tag me, but I have nowhere to fit tags in for the next month and a half. I LOVE  it when people tag me. They are super fun to do, but I just won’t have the time to do tags – or write any posts in general this month. It’s going to get a little crazy!

Bye for now!

-AGs in Alaska-






The Double Craft Tag!

Hi everybody! Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World Blog was super sweet and tagged me for The Craft Tag she created! If you’ve never heard of Kaylyn, go check her blog out. It is super cool. Now, here’s the thing. Kaylyn also tagged Avaroo2003, who tagged Natalie, who tagged me! So . . . I get to do this tag TWICE!!! 🙂

Here are the rules for the tag:

1. Answer all of the questions.

2. Create 5 or more new questions.

3. Tag however many people you want.

Kaylyn is asking these questions:

1. What crafts do you enjoy doing the most?

2. Have you made AG doll clothes?

3. What is your favorite craft that you have done so far?

4. Have you ever gotten a craft kit?

5. What is your favorite craft kit that you have ever gotten?

6. What is a craft you could never do?

7. What is your dream craft project?

Here are my answers:

  1. I enjoy crafts that already have pieces ready to be assembled. I am not very good at crafting, so this is helpful for me.
  2. I have made AG doll clothes before, yes. Check out this post if you want to see an example.
  3. My favorite craft I have ever done would probably have to be the letters spelling out my name that hang in my room. I did each one differently. One is covered in buttons, one in glitter, one in stickers, one in washi tape, and one in 3-D butterflies.
  4. Yes.
  5. I got a craft kit for making a cute wooden owl that you cover in scrapbooking paper and then glue eyeballs and a nose on. I have two of them.
  6. A craft I could never do . . . anything involving a Cricut. Waaaay too complicated.
  7. Hmm. Oh, I know! I have a corkboard for my bedroom that I really want to cover in fabric and then string stretchy ribbon across so I can slip in pictures. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

Natalie is asking these questions:

  1. What is your favorite craft to do?
  2. Knitting or sewing?
  3. Painting or sculpting?
  4. Favorite kind of paint?
  5. Favorite type of fabric (felt, cotton, knits)?
  6. How often do you craft?

Here are my answers:

  1. Crafts with ready-to-go pieces.
  2. Sewing.
  3. Painting.
  4. Acrylic.
  5. Minky.
  6. Not a whole lot. When I see something I really, really want to make, I’ll do it.

Here are the questions I’m asking:

  1. Are you good at crafting?
  2. Do you ever get frustrated when crafting?
  3. What type of crafting do you enjoy the most?
  4. Do you know how to use a sewing machine?
  5. Have you ever used a latchhook kit?
  6. Are you good at whipping up crafts out of thin air, or do you need specific instructions?
  7. Have you sewed doll clothes before?
  8. Have you ever sewed a stuffed animal?

I am nominating:

Madison @ Delightful World of Dolls

Emmie @ Pheonix American Girl World

The AG Homeschooler @ AG’s Wondrous World

Thanks again, Kaylyn, for nominating me! Everyone have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

Oh, and one more quick thing: I have received over 100 likes on my blog!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 This makes me so happy – thank you to everyone who supports my blogging efforts! You are amazing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

-AGs in Alaska-

I Should Be Doing Homework . . . (A Photostory)

“The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” – Henry Beston


I walk slowly across the front yard, admiring the brilliant leaves scattered across the dying grass. It’s so peaceful . . .


Scratch that.


“Molly! Hey, Molly!”

Hmm. Maybe if I turn around and go inside, McKenna will think I didn’t hear her.

“Molly! Come play in the leaves with me!”


“I can’t,” I say to my boisterous older sister. “I should be doing homework.”

“You can’t ALWAYS be doing homework,” McKenna tells me.

“I’m not always doing homework,” I protest.

“Yes, you are.”

I sigh. “I have to go inside, Kenna.”


I see it happen too late. McKenna picks up a pile of leaves and aims for my head.

I shriek.


“McKenna Marie!”

McKenna grins. “Oops.”

There’s only one thing to do. I race for the leaf pile McKenna is situated on and grab my own pile.


We face off.


We throw leaves in each other’s faces for ten minutes. Finally, McKenna and I collapse on top of the leaf pile, covered in dirt and leaves.




McKenna and I decide to bury each other in leaves. McKenna goes first and covers me from head to toe.


I spring out of the pile and tackle McKenna, covering her in leaves.


We laugh.


I cartwheel through the leaves, even though that’s more of McKenna’s thing – and I’m wearing a skirt.


McKenna twirls in a circle.


We toss leaves into the air and lie down, letting them fall on top of us.


“Aren’t you glad I made you come outside?” McKenna asks me.

I smile. “Yeah. I did need a break. Thanks, sis.”


Hey y’all! I hope you enjoyed that photostory! I hope you noticed that picture quality was a lot better . . . I managed to make the out-of-comission camera work! It can’t do super up-close pictures, but if I’m a foot away from the dolls and use the zoom-in, I can make it work. No more iPad!

Do you like McKenna’s kuspuk? In case you don’t know, a kuspuk is an Alaska native parka that is used in the warmer months and over warmer parkas in the colder months. My grandma gave me this one for Christmas. I love the aurora pattern!

Have you guys ever seen an aurora? I have! It’s incredible.

Happy Monday, and see you in a few days! Oh, and happy Columbus Day!

-AGs in Alaska-


Hey guys. Right now, I’m really not happy with myself. I accidentally published a post that was supposed to be scheduled for the 12th. Instead, it published immediately, so I have a random Saturday post on my blog.

It was an accident, I promise!!!!!!!!!

-AGs in Alaska-

The Dog Blog: Coconut

Morgan: Hi, everybody! I know, I know, it took me FOREVER to get back to you with a new dog blog interview. I sure I was really missed. Anywho, I’m back! This time around, I’m interviewing Coconut, who is Crystal’s West Highland terrier. Welcome to the show, Coconut!

Coconut: Hello, Morgan.

Morgan: I just love that Scottish accent, Coconut. It’s very dignified.

Coconut: Thank you, Morgan. I do so like to think so.

Morgan: Coconut, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about you. Can you tell us about yourself?

Coconut: Well, I was adopted by Crystal on Christmas six years ago, and I’ve been living the good life ever since. Frequent trips to the groomers, gourmet dog food, a cozy spot on the couch . . . I have it all.

Morgan: Is there an activity you really enjoy doing?

Coconut: I enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice with Crystal on the television. It’s a long-time favorite of ours.

Morgan: Can you describe yourself to our readers in a couple of words?

Coconut: Those would have to be “foodie” and “dignified.” I love gourmet dog food, especially if it’s barbecue chicken flavored. Oh, and feel free to send me Milkbones. I also like to think of myself as dignified because instead of playing rough-and-tumble games with Chocolate Chip and Cooper, I sit on the couch and watch the world go by. It’s much more fitting for a dog like me . . . plus, my hair is simply impossible for Crystal to comb out after rolling around in the dirt.

Morgan: Speaking of Chocolate Chip and Cooper, they’re the best of friends . . . oops, I wasn’t supposed to let that slip. Anyways, do you have a good canine friend in the AGIA family?

Coconut: Not particularly. My only real friend is Crystal. She appreciates my true need for love and a grooming brush.

Morgan: Crystal is the oldest girl in the AGIA family, and you’re the oldest dog, correct?

Coconut: That is accurate, Morgan.

Morgan: Is that a big responsibility? Do you like being the oldest?

Coconut: It doesn’t really matter to me, since the other dogs and I never really socialize unless we’re going for a walk together. But being the oldest does have it’s perks – I can bark at Yank and Bennett to get off the couch.

Morgan: A hierarchy, eh? Now, Coconut, you’ve mentioned that you enjoy going to the groomer’s. Does your fur require lots of work?

Coconut: It does indeed, Morgan. To keep it looking the way it does now, I have to visit Princella Paws, my groomer, at least once a week.

Morgan: Once a week? Sounds luxurious. Do you consider yourself spoiled?

Coconut: Spoiled? Of course not. I’m appreciated, like I should be. Crystal is very lucky to have me as her pet.

Morgan: One last question for you, Coconut. How do you feel about Crystal? Is she a good owner?

Coconut: She’s an excellent owner. She understands my unique and individual needs . . . well, she sometimes buys the cheap food instead of the gourmet, but I give her grace and overlook that. Everybody makes mistakes. Except for me, of course.

Morgan: Er, okay. Thank you for joining me today, Coconut. That’s all for the Dog Blog, folks. See you next time!