Spring Q&A Results!

Hey, guys! Thank you all so much for your awesome questions. I have this problem where I suck at coming up with Q&A questions, but all of yours are super creative. I have this other problem as well, where I suck at coming up with cool intros, so . . . let’s go!

My answers will be italicized. 

Jo’s Questions:

Q: So, is it perpetually cold and snowy in Alaska?

A: Actually, no. It’s more like perpetually rainy and cloudy. Other states, such as Minnesota, actually get WAY more snow than us. We are having a very wet and chilly spring, though. Hoping to break 60 degrees within the next week. 

Q: What’s the best thing about living in Alaska?

A: Definitely all of the nature and wildlife! You can’t get the Alaskan experience anywhere else. Everywhere you look there are mountains and beautiful trees and . . . moose and bears, too. It’s awesome!

Q: Um… and your favorite doll? 😛

A: Well, out of my dolls, probably Crystal, Grace, or Tessa. Out of all AG dolls . . . oh, it’s so hard. Out of all AG dolls ever . . . Well, I love Truly Me #24!

Ur Texan Pen Pal, A’s Questions:

Q: If you could have a superpower (such as reading minds, walking through walls, understanding any language, exedra) what would it be and what would you use it for?

A: Understand any language would be awesome . . . but then again, so would flying.

Emma’s Questions: 

Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A: Same as above.

Q: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Q: If new Beforever dolls had movies, which one would you give a movie to?

A: Ooooh, yes! Okay . . . I think Julie! I know she has a short film, but a real movie would be awesome. Rebecca would be fun, too, though!

Q: Is there a doll AG sells that you dislike?

A: Um, yeah – let’s just say all the boy dolls. Well, except for Logan. He’s okay. It’s not the actual dolls I’m against, it’s just that I think American GIRL should stick to GIRL dolls. If you have a boy doll, that’s great! I’m just not a fan of the boy dolls. From the actual girl dolls, I guess I’m not a huge fan of Nanea . . . 

Q: If everything in the AG store was free for one minute, what would you grab?

A: Hmm. Probably Luciana and her clothes/accessories.

Chachel’s Questions:

Q: How long have you been collecting dolls?

A: Since 2010! Long time, IKR?

Q: What’s your bunnies name?

A: Well, I actually have three. Moe is my mini rex/Holland lop/ Jersey wooley. Penelope is Moe’s mom, and I think she’s a rex/lop mix. Molly is a bunny we adopted (off of Facebook, actually) and she looks like Penny’s twin. We aren’t sure what she is, though.

Q: Is it really really really cold in Alaska?

A:  Yes, pretty much. Actually, this year it has been a lot colder than usual. For example,  it was 54 degrees Fahrenheit today (Wednesday).

Q: What’s your favorite AG doll that you have?

A: Argh!! Why do you people always ask me these things??? Just kidding, probably Tessa.

Q: What would you name your boat if you had one?

A: Interesting question! What about “The Lady Sunset?” Since boats are girls. 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I’m not a sports fan, but I like this quote.

Kaylyn’s Questions:

Q: If you could get another doll, which one would you get?

A: Luciana Vega.

Q: What is your favorite doll that AG has released?

A: I think McKenna. I was OBSESSED with AG in 2014, and there is a lot of sentimental value attached to McKenna for me. She got me into gymnastics, and I was a gymnast until 2016. So yeah, McKenna.

Q: What is your favorite doll etsy shop?

A: DafodilDollclothes, or Mixiepixie7’s shop!

Q: If you could only wear one outfit for a whole week without washing it or changing out of it, what would it look like?

A: First of all, that is gross and I would never do that, but if I had to . . .

Q: If you could visit anywhere on earth, where would you go?


AAG’s Questions:

Q: What’s it like being in Alaska?

A: Not surprisingly, I get this question a lot. 🙂 Alaska is awesome. It’s so naturey up here, (yes that is definitely a word), with lots of trees and pure, fresh air. The moose and bears are awesome as well. It’s a unique place, and I get a lot of comments from people in other states if I mention I live in Alaska. It’s sad thought, only 8% of Alaskans are Christians. 😦

Q: Do you have siblings?

A: Yes, I have a brother. You can read this post featuring him. 🙂 If you dare . . .

Q: Do you like Disney?

A: Not really. I am not pleased with some of the political agendas they have, and I’ve never been obsessed with the princesses either. But if you are, that’s great!

Q: Have you seen Black Panther? (WAKANDA FOREVER!)

A: Nope! And . . . not sure what Wakanda means. 🙂

Mary E.’s Questions: 

Q: What is your favorite holiday?

A: Christmas!

Q: What is your favorite doll related thing you have?

A: McKenna’s gymnastics set.

Q: What is something in yourself your proud of?

A: I am great with kids! I think that comes from having a loving heart, which is inside me, so . .  .

Q: Do you like Milk?

A: Not really! (I drink it with ice cubes though . . . have any of you ever done that?)

Jaguar’s Questions:

Q: Um…Do you have any stuffed animals? (Optional)

A: I do! I keep them on my top shelf, above my dolls.

Q: If you have brothers, how do you survive?

A: I do! And I don’t. 🙂

Q: How did you convince your mother to let you have eight dolls and not have her tell you afterwards ‘it’s time’?

A: Actually, she doesn’t mind! She thinks my hobby is great, and I have bought 6/8 of the dolls with my own money.

Q: Are any of your dolls personality’s like yours?

A: Absolutely! I am a lot like Morgan and Grace. Morgan and I have compassionate hearts, and I have Grace’s sense of humor and sometimes crazy attitude. 🙂

Q: How long do you plan on blogging? (Don’t end any time soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

A: I’m not sure, maybe when I go to college?

Q: What is your favorite book of all time?

A: The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, in particular #6!

Q: What is a question that you want people to ask but they never do? (Answer the question as well)

A: Thought-provoking question .  .  . I know I have thought this way before, but I can’t think of the question. Sometimes I will hint at a story and people don’t realize I would love an invitation to tell it.

Q: What is the funniest thing a little kid has said to you?

A: Well . . . I was babysitting the other day and the little kid had his iPad at my house. He wanted to play a game on it, but didn’t know the password.  🙂 I know, right? He said, “My grandpa left this for me to play with!” I said, “But you don’t know the password.” He said, “I know, my grandpa’s a tricky guy!” He’s a preschooler, BTW.

I died. Or maybe the time he pointed to my math book and said, “Why is this here?” I replied, “Because I was doing math.” He said, “Why?”

My thought exactly, kid!


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