The Glide Kip (A Photostory)


I skip briskly down the sidewalk, excited to be going to gymnatics practice.


“Slow down!” Grace pants behind me. “I’m not wearing my running shoes!”


“Do you even own running shoes?” I ask her, turning around. “Sorry, I’m just excited to be heading to practice. Coach Isabelle promised me she’d help me with my glide kips today. You know, to prepare me for regionals.”


“That’s exciting,” Emily says in her quiet British accent. “Though I haven’t a clue what a glide kip is.”

Fifteen minutes later, we arrive at Shooting Star Gymnastics. Crystal and Emily leave for the viewing area, and I head to the locker room to get changed.

Today is a private practice with just Coach Isabelle and me. We’re mainly going to be working on my bar routine.


“Hi, Coach,” I say, stepping out onto the floor.


“Hi, McKenna. Ready to get to work?” Coach Isabelle asks. I nod.


Coach Isabelle demonstrates a front kip for me and then helps me try it. I pull with all my strength, and with Coach’s help, manage to get myself up onto the bar!




“Why don’t you try it by yourself?” Coach asks.


I step up to the bar, swing my arms, and leap.


My arms make contact with the bar and I swing my feet forward. I use my stomach, arm, and leg muscles to bring my legs up to the bar, but . . .


I crash down. Ouch.


Coach Isabelle leans over me. “Are you alright?”


“Yep,” I squeak.


“Try again, then.”

I try the kip again and again and again. Finally, on what seems like my millionth try . . .


I get my legs all the way up to the bar!


“That’s one step closer!” Coach exclaims. “Keep working at it, McKenna.”


I try the kip again. My legs touch the bar. I pull, and pull, and pull with all my might. Finally . . .


I pull myself all the way up!


“Great job, McKenna!” Coach Isabelle exclaims. “You did it!”

Crystal and Emily clap from the viewing area. I curtsy. “Thanks.”



“With just a little more practice, you’ll be ready for regionals,” Coach Isabelle tells me. “Do you want to take your water break now?”


“Nah,” I tell her. “I think I’ll keep on working.”

I leap forward and attack the bar.

What do you guys think of that photostory? Sorry some of the pictures were blurry. I didn’t know they were until I uploaded them. I played around with a different flash setting, since the lighting in the room I took these pictures made the dolls look super weird. Please let me know what you think about this in the comments. I hope y’all are having an excellent week!

-AGs in Alaska-


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