Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Hey, guys. I know it’s Friday and not one of my usual posting days, but I have an important message I want to share with all of you.

Did you know that today is Good Friday? Or, more importantly, do you know what Good Friday means?

A looooooooooooong time ago, on this day, Jesus died. He died for you, and He died for me. For all of us.

The great thing about this gift if that no matter what you have ever done, and no matter what you will ever do, Jesus loves you anyway! You need His gift of forgiveness. 

The most amazing this is that this gift is totally free. It’s like when someone gives you a present on your birthday. They aren’t expecting anything in return. This gift is like that, too. Jesus doesn’t expect you to give Him a bunch of things in return – all He asks is that you ask Him for forgiveness (accepting His gift) and admit that you believe He is the Son of God. It’s that simple!

So today, take a minute to pause and thank Jesus for His gift. Put aside your blogging, text conversations, and even your schoolwork. Just for a minute. Thank Jesus for dying for you!

Because what better gift could there be?

I hope all of have an amazing Easter/Resurrection Sunday!


AGs in Alaska

P.S. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me!



The Custom Doll Tag!

Hey, everybody! Are y’all excited for Easter? I know I am! Plus, the next day I will release the very last part of The Trials of Tessa, so . . . yippee!

In the meantime, Jenna from An AG Life tagged me for her new tag, The Custom Doll Tag. Thank you so much, Jenna!


This is such a fun tag! Here are Jenna’s rules:

1. Thank the person that tagged you.

2. Give a description and photos of your dream doll. Such as name, hair, eye color, and etc.

3. Tag 3 new people to do this tag.

Lets get started! My dream doll:

Description: My dream doll would have the Mermaid Song wig from Beautifully Custom, as shown in the picture below. I would like her to have green eyes as well. Or maybe blue, but I do have a lot of blue-eyed dolls already. Maybe Mia’s face?

Interests: I feel like she would be into horses . . . or just animals in general, like Morgan.

Name: I think Bree . . . but that could change. I was going to call Tessa Bree at first.



So, what do you guys think of my dream custom. I kind of already have mine (Tessa), but this would be another. I have another dream custom idea in my mind as well . . . maybe later? I don’t think I’ll ever buy a new AG doll, just customize them!

I tag:

Madi (I know you won’t do this for a while)



If you guys can’t do it, it’s fine! Just let me know in the comments. See y’all on Sunday for my Easter photostory!

AGs in Alaska



Collab with Elysium!

Collab with elysium!

Hello, everybody! Today is a very special day – I am doing my first collaborative post ever with the very special Elysium from An Author’s Odyssey! As you um, may have guessed from the title? In case you have never checked out Elysium’s blog – um, hello, WHYAREYOUSTILLHERE????? Go check it out and follow! Her blog is all about writing and she posts writing prompts every Sunday, as well as an example short story every Tuesday. I really look forward to her prompts, and I know you will too! So check it out here and be sure to follow!

The way our collab works is Elysium and I agreed on a prompt and my dolls are each writing a short story to go along with it! The prompt we chose is “Worst Fears.” And without further ado . . . here are the stories!

Crystal’s Story

“I cannot wait for the dance tomorrow!” Jess giggles excitedly.

“Me neither,” I tell her, swinging my bundle of shopping bags. Jess and I are at the mall, shopping for Spring Formal. We’re both freshmen, so this is our first one. My best friend and I both love clothes, so we’re downtown at the mall today, picking out the perfect dresses.

We head into the cooking store, where my mom is looking for new cake pans. “Ready to go?” she asks, setting down a tree-shaped pan. Jess and I nod, and we all head out to the parking garage.

As we reach our car, I can tell that something is completely wrong with the car. The windshield is cracked, and there’s glass all over the front seat.

Mom gasps. “Oh, my goodness.”

“What do we do, Mom?” I ask her.

“Well, I’ll have to call Safelite and have someone sent over to replace the windshield,” she says.

She pulls out her phone and makes the call. Jess and I set our bags down while we wait near the entrance to the parking garage.

The Safelite repairman shows up and has the windshield replaced in no time flat. We load the bags into the backseat and set off for home.

Fifteen minutes later, Jess and I head into my room to put on our dresses for my mom, who’s dying to know what they look like.

I reach into my bag and feel something sitting on top of my dress. It’s fluffy and prickly at the same time. I peer into the bag. Staring up at me is a giant orange and black tarantula.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shriek. Jess leaps off my bed, and I can hear Mom pounding up the stairs.

“What is it?” my BFF asks, looking panicked.

“Tarantula . . . in my . . . bag,” I stammer.

“WHAT?” Jess gasps. “There’s a tarantula in your bag?”

“What on earth is going on in here?” Mom asks, bursting into my room.

“Get rid of it,” I hiss. “Someone get rid of it.”

Jess explains the situation to Mom, who says, “He must have crawled into your bag while we were waiting for the auto repairman. Calm down, Lacy. We’ll just take him outside and let him go.”

Mom calmly picks up the bag and takes it downstairs, where she opens the front door and walks into the road. She places it on the ground and tips it over carefully. The tarantula crawls right out and heads off down the street.

“You know, Jess,” I say. “I think I’m going to have to return that dress.”

“I agree,” Jess replies. “I don’t think I could wear a dress a tarantula had nested in, either.”

We look at each other and burst out laughing.

Lindsey’s Story

“Are you ready, Chelsea?” asks Kayla, the stage manager.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I reply. I smooth out my tutu and paste a smile on my face.

“Nervous?” Tommi, one of the other ballerinas, asks.

“No,” I say truthfully. “I’m fine. I’ve done this millions of times.”

“Right,” she says, as the music swells and the curtain goes up.

Don’t trip, I think to myself. Falling flat on my face would not be a good start to the Christmas performance for my ballet company.

The music sweeps me up and I twirl across the stage, pointing my toes and fingers and smiling at the audience. Perfect. No mistakes . . . so far.

And then, a little while later, it happens.

Halfway through the first act, while doing a double pirouette, I trip and fall backwards. The audience gasps.

“Are you okay, Chelsea?” Tommi asks out of the corner of her mouth as she twirls by me.

I manage a small nod as I get up. I’m ruining the ballet!

Unfortunately, the accident completely throws me off and I trip several more times during the play. By an act of grace, I don’t fall over again.

When the curtains finally close, I rush off the bathroom, humiliated. What an disaster!

McKenna’s Story

I race down the field, the crowd shouting my name. “An-na! An-na! An-na!”

A confident expression on my face, I pass the ball to one of my teammates. She dribbles it up the field and passes it back to me.

I near the goalie. She looks at me fearfully, not wanting to get hit in the face. I pull my leg back, preparing to kick the ball into the net.

All of a sudden, a tall girl swoops in from the right and steals the ball right from me. Before I can recover, she’s already out of reach, passing the ball back and forth to her teammates. They get the ball all the way over to the other side of the field, and the girl kicks the ball right into the net. Our goalie makes a desperate attempt to keep it out, but it fails miserably.

The girl’s team erupts in cheers, and half of the fans in the stadium get up on their feet and scream loudly.

I can’t believe it! They just won the game!

I kick the grass dejectedly, a few of my teammates coming over to tell me it wasn’t my fault. But, of course, it totally was.

No matter what they say, I can’t escape the truth. I just failed my team. We can’t go to state championships now.

Morgan’s Story

“Careful there, sweetie,” I tell my little sister, Beatrice. “You don’t want to fall.”

“I’ll be caweful,” Bea lisps. She carefully climbs onto the roof of the shed, about eight feet off the ground. I follow her up.

We perch on the black roof, heated from the sun. It’s a warm July day, perfect for being outside.

Beatrice stands on the edge of the shed and flaps her arms. “Look at me, Emma! I’m a biwd!”

“Beatrice,” I warn her. “Sit down, please.”

“But I’m being a biwd, Emma!” she insists. “Watch me!”

My eyes go wide as I realize what Beatrice is about to do. “Bea, no!” I shriek, reaching out to grab her pink cardigan. My hand brushes the soft fabric an instant too late. She’s already plummeting to the ground.

“Beatrice!” I cry, sliding down the side of the roof. I race up to my little sister. “Beatrice, can you hear me?” I tap her arm.

There’s no answer. “Bea, can you hear me?”

Still no reply. I whip out my cellphone and dial 911.

*three hours later*

“It’s okay, Emma,” Mom says, wrapping me in her arms. She smells of cinnamon and lavender.

“But it’s my fault she broke her neck,” I sob.

“The doctor says Bea will be fine,” Mom tells me. “Would you like to go see her?”

I nod and stand up, smoothing out my skirt. A nurse leads me and Mom to Beatrice’s hospital room.

The nurse opens the door, and my eyes are instantly drawn to Beatrice’s pale face, a start contrast to the bright blue sheets she’s lying on.

“Hi, Emma,” Bea whispers softly, her eyelids fluttering open.

“Hi, sweetie,” I say, touching her hand lightly. “How are you feeling?”

“Bettew, now that you’we hewe,” she saying, gripping my pinky.

I smile. “I love you, Bea.”

“I love you too, Emma,” Bea replies before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

Emily’s Story

“And our next speech will be presented by Gia Ross. Gia?”

Legs shaking, I walk up to the podium. “Um . . . thank you, Mr. Roy.”

I take the microphone from the principal. I turn to face the audience – 300 strange faces – and gulp. “Um, hello.”

Dead silence in the crowd.

“I’m Gemma Ross, and I’m an eight grader at Jordan Middle School,” I begin. “Erm . . my presentation is on water pollination.”

Snickers from the audience. Several kids elbow each other and point to me.

“Sorry,” I say with a blush. “I mean water pollution.”

More snickers.

“Millions of animals live in our polluted oceans,” I say, clearing my throat. “Fortunately, many people do not realize the effect littering has on these creatures.”

I look out at the audience, who give me confused looks in return.

What did I say? I think. I play back my last sentence in my mind. I start to get dizzy. Imagine them as underpants, I think.

Underpants. I suddenly imagine Captain Underpants flying across the audience. My head starts spinning.

And then everything goes dark.

I wake up a few hours later in my bed. “What happened?” I mumble to no one in particular.

“Gia?” a soft voice says. “It’s me, Mom. You blacked out. Something about underpants?”

Molly’s Story

“Three, two, one. Begin, please.”

I flip my history test over and write Elizabeth Thompson and the date at the top before looking at Question 1.

Which pharaoh unified Upper and Lower Egypt?

A) Cleopatra

B) Menes

C) Narmer

D) Pepi II

I circle B) Menes without hesitating. Easy-peasy.

Nefertiti was the goddess of:

A) Cats

B) Water

C) Fertility

D) Livestock

I pause. Cats? No, that’s Bastet. Water?

The more I think, the more confused I get. Five minutes passes before I realize, so I decide to move on to the next question.

Egypt was known to the Ancient Egyptians as:

A) Memphis

B) Kemet

C) Nile

D) Lemer

I know it’s not Memphis – an Egyptian city – or Nile – the famous Egyptian river – so I have it narrowed down to B and D.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember my history class ever going over the old name for Egypt, so I’m lost.

I glance up at the clock. Thirty minutes left . . . and I have thirty questions left.

I hurry through the rest of the test, only confidently knowing a few of the answers. I take an educated guess at some, but lots of them I don’t remember ever studying.

The next day, my history teacher passes back our tests. A big fat D- glares at me from the top of the page. I cringe. This is the worst grade I’ve ever gotten.

Grace’s Story

Diced tomatoes. Olives. Black beans.

I mix the ingredients into a simmering pot, humming to myself. This is going to be my best chili yet!

Hola, Angelina,” Tí­a Sofí­a greets me. “Is my lovely sombrina making chili again?”

“You got it, Ti­a,” I confirm. “A new recipe, too!

“Ah, I am so proud of you,” Tí­a Sofí­a tells me. “There has never been a better chili maker in the family than my little sombrina.

The timer on the stove dings. “Ah, Tí­a! Time to see if the customers like my new recipe.”

“I know they will, Angelina,” Tí­a tells me. “I know they will!”

I dish the chili into bowls, passing them off to my older sister, Alejandra. She swoops out of the kitchen to deliver the chili to our customers.

I start working on a batch of cookies for my little brother’s birthday fiesta tonight. Fifteen minutes in, Alejandra swoops back into the kitchen. “Angelina. What did you put in the chili?”

“Just some beans and olives and stuff,” I reply. “What’s wrong with it?”

“What spices did you use?” she demands.

I go to the cupboard and pull out a few packets of chili powder. “Just this stuff.”

Alejandra’s eyes go wide. “Angelina! This is chili powder from before you were born!”

“Uh-oh,” I say. “What do I do?”

Alejandra grimaces. “You’re just going to have to go out there and apologize to everyone I just served chili too.”

I sigh, but know she’s right. “Okay.”

Humiliated, I follow Alejandra to the front of the restaurant and apologize for the awful chili to everybody Alejandra served it to.

As soon as I say sorry to the last chili eater, I rush upstairs to our living quarters. “Tía! I ruined the chili!”

Tía Sofía chuckles. “So I heard.”

“It’s not funny,” I grumble.

Tía gives me a look. “You cannot become good at anything without making a few mistakes along the way, sombrina.”

“I know,” I say with a sigh. “Can you help me this time?”

Tía Sofía nods. “Of course, sombrina. But this time, let’s make something other than chili, alright?”

We laugh. “Sure, Tía. Something other than chili.”

Tessa’s Story

“Are you excited for your new pottery class?” Grandpa asks, pulling into the community center’s parking lot.

“Yep!” I reply eagerly. “New friends, new dishes to put in the cupboards at home . . . what could be better?”

“Well, have fun,” he says. I kiss him on the cheek and race inside the community center.

After checking in at the front desk, the receptionist leads me to the room my class will be in. “Here ya go, sweetie.”

“Thanks,” I reply, opening the door.

“You must be Cara,” a tall, elegant Japanese woman greets me. “Welcome to Intro to Pottery! I’m Mrs. Wong.”

“Hello,” I say. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You’ll be working in Group B,” Mrs. Wong informs me, leading me over to a table filled with girls my age. Perfect. New friends!

I take a seat next to one of the girls, who has a long blonde ponytail. “Hi, I’m Cara.”

“Um, hi,” the girl replies, raising an eyebrow in the direction of the girl sitting next to her. They both roll their eyes.

Okay . . . so maybe they aren’t the friendliest girls in class. Whatever.

A little while later, while we’re working with fresh clay, I try again. “Hi, I’m Cara,” I say to  a girl across the table.

“Hey, wassup?” she replies in a bored tone, looking up for only half a second before returning to her work.

I sigh, feeling dejected. This isn’t working out.

After class, I pack up my stuff and thank Mrs. Wong, telling her I’ll see her next week. I head out of the classroom and down the hall to lobby.

I check out at the front desk and walk through the sliding glass doors. As I’m walking down the path to. the parking lot, I hear giggles in the bushes next to me. Through the tall plants, I see several blonde ponytails. The girls from class.

“Did you, like, see her? Talking to Alexa?” one of them giggles.

“What a dork,” her friend replies.

“I cannot believe she actually tried to talk to me!” a third voice exclaims.

More giggling.

Tears filling my eyes, I race down the pavement and out to Grandpa’s car.

“How was it, Cara?” Grandpa asks.

“Horrible!” I exclaim. “I think I’m going to drop out of class.”

“What?” he asks. “Why?”

“It’s . . . complicated. Can we go home, please?”

Grandpa pulls out of the parking lot. I take one last look at the community center, determined to never come back.

Which story did you like the best? Are you going to check out Elysium’s blog? Based on their stories, can you guess which fear each doll has? Do you like writing short stories? If so, check out An Author’s Odyssey!

AGs in Alaska

A Few Random Announcements . . .

Hey, guys! This is going to be a weird post – I don’t have a photostory or anything prepared. I am working on a VERY special post that is going to come out on Monday, so I did not have time to take pictures or anything. But I do have three BIG announcements.

First of all, I have reached 1,000 likes on American Girls in Alaska!


Congratulations on getting 1,000 total likes on American Girls in Alaska.
Your current tally is 1,008.
Thank you to EVERYONE who supports my blog, comments, follows, and likes all of my posts – you guys mean the world to me!
I also wanted to let you know that I have reached 80 followers! (I currently have 82.) YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Lastly . . .


3 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
This is kind of sentimental for me – I have been blogging for three years now???  If you are new to my blog, I have been doing American Girls in Alaska for only 10 months, but I had a blog before this one that I started a few years ago and finished last year.

So . . . why am I posting all of this, besides the fact that I have nothing else to share today? Because this isn’t really about ME, guys, it’s about YOU! I could not have done this without your amazing support and help along the way. However sappy it may sound, you are really the ones who make American Girls in Alaska . . . um . . . American Girls in Alaska!


AGs in Alaska

A Day in The Life of Morgan Noel

Hey, friends! It’s Morgan Noel. You usually see my here on the blog when I’m doing The Dog Blog, but today I am taking a turn at Day in The Life. I have a pretty busy schedule, what with training Chocolate Chip for Junior Regional Dog Agility Championships, but I managed to take notes throughout the day of what I did – so here you go!

8:00 AM: Time to get up! Chocolate Chip wakes me by licking my face and rubbing my arms with his paws. If I’m lucky, I can take a quick shower before Crystal demands the bathroom for one two three hours. Chocolate Chip sits next to the shower the entire time.

8:30 AM: I feed CC his breakfast – dry dog food – and then feed myself – granola with coconut milk, since I’m lactose intolerant. After Chocolate gobbles down his food, he lays down at my feet and looks up at me expectantly. Unfortunately, granola is not the most nutritious food for canines, so I feed him a small doggie bone while I wash my dishes.

9:00: Before I start school, I take CC on his morning walk. He sniffs every stop sign and bush along the way, informing all of the neighborhood dogs that he’s passed through here today.

9:30 AM: Schoolwork time! I usually start with history. Today I read aloud to Chocolate about Aztec kingdoms. He stares up at me the entire time, listening intently.

12:30 PM: After three hours of schoolwork, CC and I head out on our noontime walk. This time, we go to the neighborhood park, which is occupied by several parents and their not-yet-old-enough-for-school children. Chocolate Chip is always a big hit when we come here. Little kids really like animals, that’s for sure.

1:00 PM: Back to the schoolwork grind. I finish up a report I’m doing on modern-day service dog training, as well as taking a math test. Finally, I can get to the fun part of my afternoon!

2:00 PM: Chocolate and I head out to the backyard, where CC’s agility course is waiting. To get warmed up, we review basic commands such as sit, stay, speak, and heel. Then, Chip and I practice the A-frame obstacle. Chocolate Chip always gets a bit nervous when he goes on it, so we practice until he can make it up and down without balking at the top.

4:30 PM: It’s my day to cook dinner. Crystal, Lindsey, McKenna, Emily, Molly, Tessa, and I take turns making dinner every day of the week. We don’t trust Grace with sharp knives, so she’s relegated to making dessert every day.

5:30 PM: I serve dinner and we all discuss what we did during the day. Emily, Tessa, and Lindsey went for a hike. Crystal forced McKenna to go to the mall with her (poor McKenna!) Grace and Molly practiced their French together. After dinner, Graces serves us raspberry and kiwi tarte tatin. 

7:00 PM: I feed CC dinner and then we go on our evening walk. I bring Tessa with me – I’m trying to get her used to dogs. She didn’t have one back in Alabama. After the agility fiasco last week, I don’t think she really wants to hang out with CC and me anymore. She still has a small bruise on her forehead.

8:00 PM: I enlist McKenna and Grace to help me give Chip a bath. They’re the two most dog-friendly girls in the AGIA family. Chocolate is a fan of getting wet, but he’s so big that it takes forever for one person to bathe him. The girls and I rub him down with buttermilk doggie shampoo, and then rinse him off. CC keeps barking at the water coming out of the showerhead.

9:00 PM: Chocolate Chip and I get ready for bed. I pull on my pajamas, brush my teeth, and wash my face, and then CC and I climb into bed. Chip puts his head on my pillow and falls fast asleep. I stay up for a little while longer and read a chapter of my new book on agility training before turning off the lights. See y’all in the morning!


My Opinion on New AG Items!


Molly: How does one taste the weekend, AGs in Alaska?

One who is suffering from schoolwork overload can taste it, Molly.

Molly: That’s not a real condition, you know.

For a twelve year old who is studying for her SATs, maybe not.

Molly: *sigh*

Okay . . . yeah, she’s gone. Back to business!

AG has released many new springtime items, and I am very excited to share with you what I think about them!


First up is Maryellen’s Airstream® Travel Trailer! My grandparents have an Airsteam®, and my grandma was the one to tell  about this new item. I think the colors are adorable, and I love how the outside is silver, just like a real Airstream®. Knowing AG you would think they would make it pink . . . but of course, it wouldn’t be a real Airstream® then, would it now?

The couch cushion fabric is super cute, and the floor is very retro 50’s. The little designs like the curtains and cooking accessories are perfect, but I wish the clock looked less plasticky. The minifridge and oven look like part of the Our Generation kitchen set, though. If you watch the video on the AG website, you can see that the table folds up and the couch folds down to save space/make a bed, which is exactly like a real camper. The awning also rolls down, which is perfect. The lights in the trailer work as well, which is awesome.

The trailer also comes with a button to make nine different camping sounds, which I think is hilarious.


Next up we have Maryellen’s Campfire Cooking Set. I have good and bad things to say about this product. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teakettle, plates, cup, and cooking pot. The pancake box looks very fitting for Maryellen’s time. However, the actual fire looks extremely cheap, as well as the food. Very plastic. I do like the holders for the pots and thingy that goes over the fire (it has a name, but I cannot think of it at the moment.)


This next set is Maryellen’s Hiking Accessories. The brochure and campground guide are super adorable, and according to the AG website that lunchbox/camera thing is a 1950’s falashlight? Okay . . . it apparently glows, again, according to the AG site. It does not look super well-made, like it could easily break. The satchel seems to be of nice quality, but I don’t particularly care for the way it looks. That’s just a personal preference, though.



Those are Maryellen’s new accessories, so now it’s Nanea’s turn. This first item is her shaved ice stand, obviously. I love the colors and THE AWNING IS ADORABLE. IT LOOKS SO REAL. The little chalkboard is a super cute touch and I also love the light on the side. The handle actually turns on the shaved ice machine, which is authentic to the 1940’s and is adorable. AND THE SCOOPER. THE SCOOPER IS AMAZING. I really like the syrup bottles too but the shaved ice looks ridiculously plasticky! The old AG quality is turning into something that looks like it’s from a cheaper brand. The cool thing about the cones is that AG dolls can hold them, though, so that’s neat.


Nanea’s Birthday Accessories are pretty cool. I freaked out when I saw the doll-sized Nancy Drew book. It’s my favorite thing about this set. The pineapple skirt for Nanea’ dog Mele is amazing. The purse is interesting but looks like something from the 40’s, so . . . okay. Apparently Nanea’s and her friends are called “The Three Kittens,” so that’s why there are cats on it. The Kodak™ camera looks very cool, except that you can see it’s plastic. I love the black-and-white photos of Nanea and Mele that go with it.


Not a whole lot to say about Nanea’s 1940’s radio, except that it looks incredibly plasticky. The cord looks real, though. Not a great product, in my opinion.



This one is Maryellen’s Vacation Playsuit! I think the fabric and the style are adorable, except for the problem that the outfit is entirely too immodest. If the skirt part went down to her knees, it would be fine. The sandals are super cute, and the gingham handkerchief goes great with Ellie’s hair.



Nanea’ Tropical Birthday Outfit is, needless to say, pineapple-y amazing. The sailor top is beautiful and the skirt is too much! It matches her eyes PERFECTLY. And the sandals are, again, amazing. I really love these new AG outfits. I’m not a huge fan on Nanea’s other outfits, but I really love this one.



Like Maryellen’s new outfit, Nanea’s Palaka Outfit is too immodest. It would make a cute one-piece, maybe with a belt or bow at the waist instead? Love the sandals and the flower, though.


There are a couple of new Truly Me outfits out too – this one is the Sunny Day Dress. I like the embroidery and cinched waist, as well as the sandals – but the headband doesn’t seem to really go with the outfit. I think it would be cute plain. It does match the sandals, though. I’m not really liking this outfit too much.


The Explore the Outdoors Outfit is pretty cute. I love the jacket, very cute and good color. The shirt and skirt are nice, too, cool designs and color (the shorts could stand to be a bit longer). The sandals are okay. I prefer the outdoorsy outfit the Create Your Own dolls come with better. I don’t think AG did a very good job with these new Truly Me outfits.



AHHHHHH A MOLLY MINI DOLL! Aside from the ridiculous cost of $24.99 for a teeny-tiny doll, she’s perfect. The outfit is adorable, and I assume this will be the one the 18-inch Molly will wear when she comes out. The glasses are perfect. She’s just so cute!!! Sorry, I’m a Molly fan, in case you couldn’t tell . . .

Okay, that’s all for my opinions!

What do you think of these new AG items? Which one is your favorite? Are you getting Molly when she returns to the AG collection? Do you like Maryellen’s or Nanea’s collection better? Let’s talk in the comments below!


AGs in Alaska





The Trials of Tessa, Part 2

Ahh! Finally! Part 2! I am so sorry it took me this long to get the photostory together – especially because it took like 15 minutes to take the photos and I was kinda putting it off because I wasn’t sure what to do. I got a lot of requests for specific dolls you wanted Tessa to “shadow.” I decided Tessa would shadow Morgan for Part 2, but since Morgan is only into dogs I wasn’t sure how to make this work . . . please tell me what you think about Part 2 in the comments!


“Hey, Morgan,” I say, walking up to what looks like an obstacle course. Morgan and her Labrador retriever, Chocolate Chip, have been down here all afternoon. “What are y’all up to?”


“Chocolate Chip and I are doing agility training,” Morgan explains. “Would you like to help?”


“Uh . . . sure,” I say. I’m not a huge dog person – not that I would ever tell Morgan that – but it’s not like I have anything better to do.


“Great!” Morgan cheers. “Watch me.”


“Weave,” Morgan commands Chocolate Chip. He begins to weave in and out of the plastic cones.


“Good boy,” Morgan praises him.


“Balance,” she says next, as CC hops up on a beam.


“Jump,” Morgan instructs.


Chocolate Chip jumps up and over the beam.


“Good boy!” Morgan cheers. “Who’s a good doggie? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!” She pats CC on the head. “Do you want to have a turn leading him, Tessa?”


“I guess so,” I say, leading CC over to the cones. “Weave,” I tell him.


The dog just stands there, looking confused.


“You have to be more direct,” Morgan explains. “Try a firmer tone.”


“Weave,” I say a bit louder.


Chocolate Chip weaves through one cone and comes to a complete halt.


“You have to lead him. He won’t do it by himself yet,” Morgan informs me.


“Right,” I say. I lead Chocolate to the other side of the line of cones.


I stand behind the beam, trying to remember what the command was. “Uh . . . beam?”


“Balance,” Morgan corrects me gently.


Chocolate Chip, hearing the voice of his usual handler, hops up onto the beam and walks across.


I stand behind the jump, confindent I can do this the right way. “Jump,” I say in a strong voice.


“Um, Tessa, you might want to-”




Out of the Office

Moe here, your friendly neighborhood rabbit. AGs in Alaska is out of the office today (something about preparing for a cross-country ski lesson and French tutoring and Part 2 of The Trials of Tessa), so she asked me to write a little blurb. The only problem is, she failed to give me adequate notice, so I have nothing doll-related to post about. So instead, I have decided to post pictures of my utter adorableness.

You’re welcome.

DSC_0881 (1)


Should I apologize that the carrot is in focus? Because I see no reason too. MMM, CARROTS.


How To Start Your Own AG Doll Blog

How To Start

So. You’ve been reading doll blogs for years, marveling at other blogger’s cute blog designs, glossy pictures, and creative posts. Maybe I could do something like that, you think. And here’s the answer:

Yes. You can.

I’m going to give you tips and tricks I have picked up in my three years of blogging (remember, I didn’t start out with a doll blog, I had a different one for a couple of years). Hopefully, I can give you the know-how and inspiration to hop online and create your own AG doll blog.

(You could use this tutorial for setting up any type of blog, not just AG, if you would like.)

Step 1) Get your parents’ permissionThis is one of the most crucial steps in starting a blog of any kind. If you don’t have your parents’ permission, but start a blog anyway, don’t think they won’t find out. (Trust me, they will.) Creating a blog without permission will get you grounded, and your parents won’t trust you to ever have a blog, even in the future. So ask politely. If your parents say no, politely ask why. Don’t whine or beg. Are they worried you’ll run into cyberbullies or creepy guys on the Internet? Tell them that you can create a private or password-protcted blog. Are they concerned that you will spend all your time blogging? Ask them to help you set up a schedule. If they need time to think about it, give them time (without interrupting). If they still won’t agree, leave it be and ask again in a few months.

Step 2) If you got a “yes” from your parents, it’s time to pick out your blogging platform. I have only ever used WordPress, so that will of course be my recommendation. However, there are other sites such as Blogger, Weebly, TypePad . . . the list goes on and on.

Step 3) Look through and decide which plan you will use. A “plan” is basically the type of service you will get through your blogging platform. I’m not sure how it works with other platforms, but WordPress has several plans to choose from – the free plan gets you several different blog designs to pick from, a few gigabytes of storage space, etc. More expensive plans will get your more (or even unlimited storage), and hundreds more designs. Before paying for an expensive plan, ask your parents if it is okay first. You don’t need an expensive plan to blog – I have been using WordPress’ free plan for three years, and it works great.

Step 4) Pick your blog’s theme. Look through your platforms’ blog theme choices and pick the one that you think best suits your blog. Remember, you can always change your theme in the future, so don’t think you will be stuck with your chosen one forever. However, don’t change yours every week, it may annoy your followers.

Step 5) Customize your blog! This is the fun part about blogging, and the good news is, you can re-customize your blog design many times, just as you can change your theme. Set up a header picture, add widgets, etc. Make it 100% you. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to do this for your specific blogging platform on the Internet. (I may do a customization tutorial in a future blog post.)

Step 6) Now that you have set up your blog, start posting. This is harder than it sounds – but it is also a lot of fun. Get inspiration from other peoples’ blogs (however, do not copy posts/blog designs.) The great thing about AG blogging is that there are so many different types of posts you can do! Photostories, photoshoots, photoseries, craft/hair tutorials, create/participate in tags/awards, etc. You can also create something that is unique to your blog. I created The Dog Blog a few months ago, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet.

Step 7) Make friends while blogging. I have become really good friends with my followers – some of us even email and write letters to each other. I have mentioned this before, but friends was not something that even crossed my mind when I set up American Girls in Alaska. My previous blog was password protected, so the only people who read it were people I already knew. Start chatting in the comments on other people’s blog. You can ask someone to check out your blog, but don’t add a follow-up comment saying something like, “did you check out my blog yet?” That can be annoying. If you want to subtly invite someone to your blog, sign your comment with your name/username and underneath, add your blog’s URL. I have followed many people who have given me their URL and didn’t even ask me to check out their blog.

Step 8) Be courteous, kind and respectful. No one likes a blogger who is rude, swears, etc. You catch a lot more followers with honey than with vinegar, that’s for sure.

Step 9) Just have fun! Don’t worry about your follower count. There are bloggers who have been blogging for a year and have 40 followers, and there are bloggers who have been blogging for a year and have 300 followers. The little number on the screen means nothing. I have been blogging for eight months and I have 69 followers. Compared to other blogs, that may seem like a tiny little number, but to me, it means a lot. When I think about all the people who I have made smile while reading my blog, it makes me really happy (as sappy as that sounds.)

Did you enjoy the post? Would you like to see more blogging tutorials in the future? Do you have any tips to share? Did I completely forget something? Comment below, I would love to chat!

AGs in Alaska